i'm convinced one does not exist

Fuck it. They cancelled a show that was important to a fucking lot of kids out there not only bc of lgbtq rep but also bc they had people of color doing great things. KIDS of color doing great things, getting their life together and building a future in spite of a society that was against them. Do they have a freaking hold of how important a message like this for teenagers and young adults is? Do they realize they just showed us that we were right and you have to be white to actually have someone listen to your voice? Which is the fucking contrary of the message The Get Down was trying to get thru. Do they fucking realize they disappointed deeply so many people? Cause really this is not just about caring for characters that were written and portrayed beautifully but also seeing someone like you succeeding in life, so you can have the motivation to think “hey, if they did it, I can do that too”. I’m really tired of watching all the whites have the good endings. I’m tired. Like, on the verge of losing my shit tired. What do I have to do to someone to put out there something I can relate to. Give me a fucking clean explanation about how a show that promotes positivity and originality doesn’t get a fucking second season but 13 Reasons Why does. Explain it to me. I need Netflix to come clean on this cause no one is convincing me this is not the result of racism.
Fuck Netflix I hope all the company together with all their mayo series flop and they delete themselves from existence.

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What is your stance on abortion? A lot of libertarians argue that denying a woman her bodily autonomy is a violation of the NAP, but other libertarians say the baby is an innocent third party and killing it is also a violation of the NAP. Both positions seem logical to me. Which one is more convincing? It really seems to depend on one's view of when life officially begins. I'm pretty conflicted, tbh.

Even if life begins at conception, which I’m willing to accept that it does, an unwanted fetus is still trespassing and can be physically removed from the womb at any time. It is only when a mother carries a child to term that an agreement is made to care for the child. The agreement cannot have been made at conception, because the child did not exist in any form whatsoever when the woman participated in or was coerced into sex with the father.

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So I didn't hate young Amara coming onto Dean for a few reasons. 1.) she is portraying a raging teen with hormones. Rebellion, discovering sexuality, all of that is part of growing up. 2.) Dean does not reciprocate. In no way does he mirror back her lusting, he is simply unable to kill her. 3.) DEAN WINCHESTER IS GODS GREATEST FUCKIN G CREATION, fight me on this. Every evil gets lusty with him and super handsy, Angels fall for him, he is just that beautiful. I understand you but I'm good with it

Okay, so I’m posting this publicly because I have a lot to say:

Yes, she is totally acting like a teen. Definitely. We know she likes rebellion, and I’m convinced she’s Chaos because her entire existence is entropic. The thing is, though… she’s not human. Sure, she’s acting like one because she’s ‘growing up’ in a society where she’s being treated like a teenage girl, but do not forget that she is not human. Just like angels and demons and gods, she does not have raging hormones because she does not have a human body. Amara is literally older than dirt. And while that could be used as evidence to support the argument that there is nothing wrong with her hitting on Dean, I’d counter that with the fact that the age of the body she’s in matters, and the age of the person she’s hitting on matters.

Now, you can say that she was using Dean as a means to an end here and trying to distract him–which is honestly what I think she was doing. Remember: everything Amara has learnt about our world, she’s learned through media, and what does media tell young girls? Sex sells. No matter how old you are, being seductive in any way, shape, or form (if you do it right) is not only a great way to catch the eye of a man, but to manipulate him (because men are often portrayed as being sex-obsessed). Sex can therefore be a weapon. 

The problem with this? It’s a totally unhealthy way to view sex, and it plays DIRECTLY into the sexualization of teenage girls that runs rampant throughout our current media. And in conversation with that, say what you want about the canonverse of the show, but it’s still a show, and it’s a show made for popular consumption; aka: this scene has been added to the plethora of media that sexualizes teenage girls.

Now, Dean: no, Dean didn’t make a move on her (thank God), but am I supposed to applaud the writers for that? He didn’t move away. He didn’t tell her to stop. He stood there. He stood there and looked at her and didn’t appear to be uncomfortable or disgusted in any way (contrast this with when Abaddon touched him). There was more going on there than just ‘I can’t kill her’. 

Finally, let’s talk about Dean being beautiful. He is, for sure. But there’s a difference between Cas Falling for him and antagonists getting handsy. Cas chose to Fall for Dean’s soul and Dean’s cause and Dean’s mission… not because he’s pretty. Contrast this with the antagonists that use seductive touching in an aggressive context and setting and you’ve got the sexualization of violence and sexual harassment. Normally, this is made to be yucky, because Dean hates being touched like that. And who can blame him? Like you said, he’s constantly getting sexually harassed by the bad guys because he’s pretty (which is a whole other thing I won’t get into here, but shouldn’t be brushed off and treated like it’s nothing). The point, though, is that he didn’t look upset or disgusted or uncomfortable this time, and that made me feel uncomfortable. 

It’s great that you can be good with it, but I can’t.