i'm considering making more of these


So consider this.

The first of my weird little ideas I’m trying out. I had said I would try pendulums in the past but I actually decided to go all the way and make a unique little mold for it. Something more angular and pointed screams “pendulum” to me than my gently tapered herbal molds.

This is just the prototype using a tiny Yarrow sprig. I’m working on a couple more using whatever sprigs of Mugwort I still have remaining from the summer - an herb highly associated with divination and clarity.

I’m thinking of trying to find something like a bead cap for the top, or even a fitted little bit of metal, if that’s possible.

So what do you think?


he/him, even with the hijab picture

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one of my favorite things about yoi is how yuuri slowly becomes more tactile with victor. at first it’s only victor who initiates contact between them, but as the series progresses we get to see yuuri becoming freer with his touches, less reserved. i hope he continues gaining confidence in this way so that somewhere down the line he’ll be the one who reaches for victor’s hand. he’ll be the one who slings his arm around victor’s shoulders, who’ll use him as a pillow and lean against him, who’ll wash his back and brush his hair and pull him into spontaneous bone-crushing hugs. 

Glitter Dystopia

So everyone talks about the genocide route and the pacifist route and then after that King Papyrus ending gets some very deserving attention but you know what ending really needs more attention? The ending that, I would argue, is the coolest playground for a sequel story?


I already think Mettaton gets shafted a lot when it comes to the fandom, coming across as more of the glam side character than the recurrent villainous role he actually plays. I could get into that a bit if I let myself, but instead, I just want to focus on this:

The King is dead, and he’s been replaced by a celebrity. A showman with a manipulative streak, ruthless ambition, and no actual management skills. A newly crowned king with a history of hiding his problems behind a sparkly hot pink facade. Everything’s a show. Everything’s a facsimile of what he thinks the surface might be like. 

Big changes come to the Underground, and with it, unrest.

Rumors of “brainwashing” and “disappearances” of discontents spread as the underground is only being held together by sequins, ribbon and glitter glue. It’s all falling apart into a classic dystopia, cyberpunk with old school Hollywood low-budget glam. Pink sparkle filters over literal garbage. Growing problems covered up by bigger, prettier things. Cake and circuses and plenty of statues.

Everything’s big, bright and falling apart. 

As far as anyone knows, the Underground is being run by a robot, an AI, who gained sentience and a soul. His creator is long gone, through mysterious circumstances. In an Underground with a varied level of technology (mostly cobbled together from garbage from the surface, how much more cyberpunk can you get) computers and robots and the like can almost seem like magic, but at least magic they understand. What is he actually capable of? Does it even matter, if he manages to entertain and distract them?

The king’s will is carried out by two brothers, his “agents,” who have no past or history. They seem friendly and cheerful enough… but skeletons always smile, don’t they? It’s hard to not be unsettled once you realize that.

Seriously I will take any of this you give me. Send me recommendations if you have any. I need this. 

Poe Party University AU: Mary

Mary Shelley the British lit professor, based on this post.

(Images courtesy of @shipwreckedcomedy@shirewalker, @cronusfallen, @wormwoodandhoney, and Google Stock.)

“What’re you drinking, friend?”


Things that break other things is one of my favorite episodes of wolf 359 so far ok jacobi’s a mess and i love him

I’m not sure if I ship Lapidot or not because, y’know, I still consider Peridot as my wife…and I’m okay with Amedot too so…urgh. Guess I should let her go. Good bye, my child. *go cry in a corner*

Anyway, these last days I’ve been reading @dement09‘s SU human AU comics and … I think I might like a girl irl, and these comics kinda make me more comfortable with myself.

So thank you Dem for your art and for using it so well, you’re a big inspiration to me! ~★

(I imagine Lapis calling Peridot almost everyday pretending she has problems with devices just to see her Peridork … that’s what I’d do actually. ˳⚆ɞ⚆˳)

my major at uni is multimedia so one of the things we’re learning is how to produce a movie and i keep thinking about Park Do Kyung from Another Miss Oh

one day, we had to learn how to record sounds and then, a few days after, i rewatched a random episode and i saw him with his recording stuff:

it reminded me so much of what we’ve done. this is nothing but it felt special to me, since that drama means a lot for me 

also, today, a professional came to talk about production and said that sound effects engineer was “a beautiful job”. i feel so happy that this drama succeeded in showing us how right she is. sounds and silence were a huge part of the story and i loved how beautiful that job was portrayed 


Left ear - Aoi Shouta performing Winter Blossom live during the Uta no Prince sama 3rd stage

Right ear - Aoi Shouta - Winter Blossom (CD audio)

Once again I am back with more audio panning ~

These are really fun (and also really stressful when you’re a perfectionist) to make so this time I’ve made a Winter Blossom mix! Winter Blossom is a really special song to me, it’s my favourite chara song of shouta’s and also the song that I consider the main cause for me falling HARD for him :’) Everything about this song is gorgeous, from the lyrics to shouta’s stunning vocals, so I thought an audio panning mix would be interesting. Shouta’s voice really is one of a kind, his talent never fails to amaze me (his live vocals in this sound almost indistinguishable to the original studio CD recording!)

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A Soapbox Episode: Kim Ravi, BOMB, & The Fandom Meltdown

I would put this under a Read More, but I’d like everyone to at least try and read without leaving it.

I had seriously considered not making a post about this because I’ve been avoiding all kinds of trouble on Twitter, but now that it’s on Tumblr and I have to see … stuff being said, I feel I can’t keep my big mouth shut.

Regarding the BOMB MV, I’m not sure people who are opposing the changes understand: in the music video, it straight up looked like Ravi was objectifying the women he was with. Was he actually? Maybe not, but many people, many K-Starlights saw it that way. I vaguely saw it that way at first but was still skeptical, and then moreso after reasoning.

The women were very passive, more like props for Ravi to move around and interact with, that’s exactly what it looked like. Did Ravi mean for it to look that way? No. He said it himself. But that’s not the point; it looked that way.

Some of you are saying that’s not a big deal, and if you’re a woman and it’s not, that’s fine! It’s your prerogative to say that wasn’t what it was or that it didn’t bother you—but what’s wrong here is that the very same group of you are shutting down other perspectives and other people’s feelings. This same exact things was occurring when the teaser photos of Ravi with the braids were wrong. A lot of you non-black fans were talking over black fans like their opinions didn’t matter.

We all know Ravi is a good person, there’s no contest about that. But again, just like before, Ravi made a mistake.

Yes, he has written lyrics that call out misogyny, and that’s wonderful! I’m so happy he supports women and doesn’t actively objectify them, but because of the imagery in the BOMB MV, he looked hypocritical. It was a horrible feeling when I watched it this morning.

The main problem I have now is that people are treating Ravi like he’s a complete angel who can do no wrong. Do you know how problematic that is in itself? Yall are dehumanizing him. Putting him on an untouchable pedestal. Like a trophy. Treating him like he’s an impervious, perfect god. Be sarcastic all you want, say ‘well … isn’t he?’ but that isn’t funny. Ravi is Kim Wonshik, a human who makes mistakes, just like the rest of us, and I can’t wrap my head around how many people don’t understand that.

Instead of saying, “It wasn’t that big a deal! People are so dramatic! Yall ruin everything!”, you should be saying/thinking, “I’m so proud of Ravi for hearing his hurt fans out and addressing the problem, being a responsible adult, and apologizing.” He recognized his mistake! He apologized! I don’t wanna applaud for basic behavior, but it makes me so happy he did that.

Of course I feel regret because Ravi might be hurt that his solo debut hasn’t started off in the fandom all that great, but because of what fans felt from some of the images in his BOMB MV, this was necessary.

I know Ravi didn’t mean to offend anyone, but it did happen and the rest of yall who didn’t feel offended just can’t write that off like these very valid feelings didn’t matter. Aren’t they just as valid as your feelings?

Ravi may have hurt feelings, but I’m glad he owned up to what happened and that changes will be made. He’s a grown man, responsible, talented, good-hearted, and he’s human. I know we all want to protect him, but please don’t begrudge him of growth as a human, of understanding and mending his mistakes.

why be anti when you can love and respect everyone in your fandom equally?

god i’m not even going to colorado until like 2 weeks after christmas but what if i just. put a bow on my head. have one of those gift tags/stickers on me that says “to: the love of m’life, from: me” for when my gf picks me up from the airport… me, the belated christmas gift.. i say this as if i’m not genuinely, deeply considering doing it.. as if i’m not more likely to do it than not… could even make a fake receipt and be like “you can return me for store credit if you want but you’ll only get like 62 cents” … still have no clue what to get her as a real, actually good gift though


Not so funny when it’s your position being  eyed on from teeny freshmen, is it Isei?

Ah haha, I hadn’t even noticed the way Isei looked the first time Gion announced that he was going for the position of Flanker.

But considering it’s a role that requires two people working together, it’s more than likely that these two will have start practicing with each other from now on and try to get on a synchronized level of Kanagawa’s best Flankers; which definitely isn’t easy considering they ‘are‘ twin brothers.

But considering their prior chemistry, I’m sure they’ll work out…sort of.

I got a case for my DS specifically to put stickers on because I am Super Adult and Extremely Grown Up thankyouverymuch. But now I’m torn. I very much want to put a Katsuki Yuri on here, but stickers seem to come in only HUGE sizes and Alistair and the sloth do actually embody my very obviously stoic and serious inner life. >.> I just don’t know, you guys, this is a very important decision.

Cuddle Date!

Title: Cuddle Date!

Author: Admin Kay

Artist: Jeno (NCT)

Genre: Fluff (lmao I don’t have the balls or heart to write angst, that’s admin hope’s after her finals are over)

Length: short n sweet

A/N: I do have the Jaemin request in my inbox, I plan on doing it tomorrow because I am playing with ideas for it, considering I’ve been taking a more comedic approach on that specific prompt because of the artists that were included, and I plan on making the Jaemin version a little sweeter! I also really needed some Jeno lmao.

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“Please come over, I miss you.” Jeno pouted over the phone, “With MAMA and exams I haven’t seen my princess’ face”.

“I’ll come over, but please note that I am currently half-zombie considering I have been living off of coffee for the past two days.” You replied. The bags on your eyes have gotten significantly darker since you’ve last seen him and lord knows the last time you’ve sat down with your members to have an actual meal. You hoped he wouldn’ t mind, knowing he’d be in the same boat as well. 

You knocked on the door of NCT’s dorm to see a half-dead Donghyuck open the door, only grunting a small greeting. Even though Donghyuck was your one of your closest friends, you didn’t even want to bother making conversation with Hyuck, knowing full and well he would rather be in the comfortable safety of his bed. Making your way to Jeno and Jaemin’s shared room, you passed a sleeping Mark, who had fallen asleep next to his cereal bowl.

Your knuckles wrapped lightly on Jeno’s shared room, “Jeno?” you whispered.

The door swung open to see your beautiful boyfriend, smiling as he pulled you in for a bear hug.

“I missed you.” He said, his voice hoarse.

“Baby, how much sleep have you gotten?” You asked, concerned.

“Not enough,” he whispered, “Let’s go to the couch.”.

He pulled you along, hand in hand. A light smile dancing on your lips and he sat on the couch, pulling you in. You both laid together, staring face to face, arms wrapped around each other. He was tired, his eyes fighting to stay open with every blink.

“Do your eyes burn when you blink, too?” you laughed.

His eyesmile returned, “yeah” he laughed.

“Do you just wanna cuddle and nap?” He asked.

“Yes please!” you answered, giving him a quick peck on lips before scooching closer towards him, resting your head on his broad shoulder and wrapping your arms around each other.

You each let out a content sigh, happy and safe in each other’s arms. You had decided nothing felt better than being wrapped up in Jeno’s muscular arms after a long tiring day, fueled only by coffee.

You woke up six hours later, well rested and happy in Jeno’s arms. You admired your sleeping boyfriend; the light breaths and soft heartbeats creating a soothing rhythm. This is paradise. 

Jeno woke up only five minutes after you, only to pull you closer and whispering “This is the best date we’ve ever had”, a smile dancing on his lips.

“I love you.” you both said simultaneously before chuckling. 

Request and ships are still open!

-admin kay

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The interesting thing about the Hogwarts Houses personality theory, from where I’m standing, is that it seems to be based on motivation, rather than what’s strictly considered by the academic world to be personality traits. (It’s interesting because motivation is considered fairly changeable by personality researchers, while traits are more fundamental/biologically based and hard to change. Makes Dumbledore’s I sometimes think we sort too soon that more plausible. And painful.)

Anyway, let me give this a go:

Gryffindors are motivated by what they believe is Right. They’ve got a very clear idea of justice, of the way things should be, and if that isn’t the case they are willing to fight for it. Gryffindors have principles. They will go to war over the things they believe in. But this also means they might just as well become fundamentalists. As someone put it, a gryffindor will happily fuck you up if they believe they’re doing the Right Thing.

Huffepuffs are motivated by loyalty. They put personal relationships above abstract ideas. Huffelpuffs will follow you into battle not because they believe in what you’re saying, but because they are your friend. On the other hand, this may also lead to a my master right or wrong kind of situations, where they stop thinking about moral principles and just trust the person they’ve chosen as a friend. 

Ravenclaws are motivated by rationality. They value cold logic and hard facts, and are unlikely to be swept along by passionate speeches or emotional pleas. They’re the type to consider the benefits and disadvantages for all when making decisions. Again, this can be potentially scary, because -for example- Ravenclaws would kill you without any hesitation if they believed it could prevent the death of others.

And finally, Slytherins are motivated by self-interest and ambition. They’re moral relativists, who don’t believe in the great Right or Wrong (the way Gryffindors very strongly do) and wouldn’t hesitate to do things others would consider morally wrong as long as it’s in their advantage. Sounds evil, but it isn’t necessarily so: it means just as much that a Slytherin can be charming and loyal - being hated and despised isn’t exactly a good thing, is it? It all depends on what kind of ambitions they have - and how smart they are, of course.

Seen like that, Ravenclaws and Slytherin are quite close to each other, both being cold rationalists, with the difference that Ravenclaws think firstly of the good of all, while Slytherins think firstly of the good for themselves. And Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are quite close too, both led by their emotions, but while Gryffindors are loyal to ideas of right and wrong, Hufflepuffs pledge their allegiance to people they believe to be worth following.

Put shortly: Gryffindor: belief in ideas; Hufflepuffs: belief in people; Ravenclaw: belief in rationality; Slytherin: belief in themselves.

Yknow I find it interesting that Inigo is doing both masculine and feminine flirting signals in this official art, specifically the hair twirl (considered a really obvious feminine flirting signals) and hand on belt (less obvious, but considered more masculine as it makes the person seem more tall and confident)

I do wonder why they chose to make him do a hair twirl in the official art, considering how that’s mostly not done by guys when they’re trying to flirt. Either this implies that he’s literally so good/bad at flirting with people he does the feminine techniques as well, implying something about his sexuality (but that’s a bit of a far stretch.) Or they just drew him in the pose because why the heck not. Who knows lol