i'm considering making a couple others too

When it comes to shipping non-canon gay ships, there are four levels:

DEFCON 1: that couple that rarely has any interaction and/or all their interaction is so ridiculously brief that you’ll take pretty much anything as a sign of their love for each other. 

DEFCON 2: that couple whose interactions are always strictly platonic but you’re so desperate for the ship to be real that you twist and turn it in every way to make it seem as though it were the most sexual and/or romantic act that was to ever exist.

DEFCON 3: that couple who just makes it too goddamn easy in that their every interaction is laced with so much subtext and sexual undertone that you’re 99.97% sure the writers are trying to fuck with you.

DEFCON 4: that couple that literally takes each other on dates, tell the other that they love them on a regular basis, keep pictures of each other in their apartments, and are legitimately married in alternate universes and you’re just sitting there trying to understand how and/or why this ship isn’t considered canon.

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I briefly flirted with the idea of samsteve after catws came out, but tbh so much of the samsteve/sambucky/samstevebucky content I see lately implies or outright states that Steve and Bucky aren't THAT important to each other, and... I'm tired of Sam getting sidelined/ignored in a lot of shitty fan/canon content too, but overcompensating by making him THE MOST IMPORTANT at the expense of s&b's obvious bond feels overcompensating and fake and tbh counterproductive because of it. y/n?

I just think people should consider this for a moment: 

stevebucky + samnat = dream team. 

no one needs to be sidelined, everyone is important to everyone as it so is in a friendship group, steve and bucky are boyfriends and have been since 1936, sam and nat are a couple and have been since 2014, all 4 would fight you for any of the other 3, and that’s just how it is. 

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Hey man, I just discovered your blog and I freaking love it. The thought of becoming a dumb jock turns me on like no other. The past couple of weeks I've been listening to hypnosis videos to become a dumb jock and I've been going to the gym a lot. I know quite a bit about weightlifting and bodybuilding considering I'm a beginner. I just have a couple questions? Are there other guys who are trying to become dumb jocks too? And can hypnosis really turn me into one? I want it to so bad.

wow how did I forget to answer this? by now those hypnosis files must’ve completely fried ur brain. What I learned from doing this Tumblr is that, yes, there are a ton of guys like us, in the process of jocking up. And tho I haven’t had real experience with hypnosis (hint to any hypnotist who wants to mindfuck a dude), it can only help make the changes u need in ur habits to change ur body and lifestyle.


Hi because I love my friends I’m making a big post because i am a mclovin boy

This fucking asshole had to deal with a solid 5 months of daily depression from yours truly and has for some reason still stuck with me and is the worst decision I’ve ever seen made but I fucking thank u for like saving my dumb life way too many times

UM THIS BITCH??? A sweetheart who is like the most funniest hoe I’ve ever met and also has had to deal with my dumb depression but they are an amazing friend the best I could ask for but like um this is my 🅱️oneless brother

One of my newer pals I’m honestly shocked that you followed me back and I’m sure you regret it but like for the short time I’ve know this dude she has been the fucking funniest little shit and nearly has all the same interest as me which is shocking but ur great ily

I hate your username because I keep forgetting it but OHHHHH BOY THIS DUDE IS A LONG TIME DUDE BRO he basically pulled me into the Hell of musicals and has been like a long time friend like almost 4 years holy shit but like the rest he is a funny dude like I love that we have the same comedic interests and we need to talk more than we do like cause bless u