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✦ A romanticist at heart thanks to being fed on a steady diet of romance novels and movies since they were a child, the liaison’s love for love itself is perhaps their greatest asset during their tenure for the Lost Light. They admire the heroines from their favourite books and try their best to emulate the characters’ best virtues while growing up, becoming resilient and hardworking, cheerful and plucky. The liaison is a hit with the majority of the crew in the short amount of time they’re on the Lost Light.

✦ Doesn’t take them long to start becoming a matchmaker. They notice a lot of the crew members on the ship are lovesick, loveshy or just plain in love. Often for someone onboard who also shares their feelings back but these robots are so ridiculously emotionally constipated it hurts. It hurts to so much to see them not be happy when they could be happy and they want the best for their friends. Looks like it’s time for them to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

✦ Their matchmaking career is a smashing success thanks to their dogged determination and sensible plans + advice that they suggest but never pressure. They’ve managed to get several couples together, save a failing relationship from a mistake born from a silly misunderstanding, and even helped navigate a tricky Amica Endura to a happy Conjunx Endura. Pipes is an ongoing case of theirs, a tricky one too. He has very specific tastes for what he wants in his partner but he’s sweet and earnest and has a good heart. They’ll find a love interest for him in no time. (Though how the liaison doesn’t notice the way Pipes stares at them longingly while they hang out at Swerve’s is anyone’s guess.)

✦ They’re also an excellent couple’s therapist! They’re willing to listen to hours and hours of a ‘bot complaining about a partner to learn the heart of the problem before they speak up, seemingly always having the solution for the woes at hands. The fact they never judge the ‘bot or tell others what they’ve heard from these conversations makes them a popular option for a troubled partner to turn to if they don’t want their love woes to be the latest gossip at Swerve’s. Many a times they’ve been approached by Chromedome or Rewind or both at once to discuss issues they’re having with their Conjunx. Emphasis on many times, to the point they’ve more or less pencilled the arrival of one or both coming by their offices any day of the week to ensure they have time for them. Rung won’t say anything - it’ll be terribly rude to make comments on another person’s works - but he’s grateful he gets some respite from the drama.

✦ When they learn about the situation regarding Cyclonus and Tailgate, how they’ve been dancing around the topic of being in love with the other for a while, of course they decided to take it up. Those two are one of their dearest friends and if any couple deserves to be happy it’s those two. For some reason the others ranging from Rung to Chromedome look at them with pity when they mention their plans to help the two out? No one tells them to not intervene or stop. Just ominous well-wishes and good lucks said with grim finality. What’s that all about? Oh well it can’t be worse than that time they were helping Tiffany and Charlotte get back together. The liaison is confident that their friends will be a cute couple by the end of the work week.

✦ Months pass and the liaison is trying not to have a breakdown over what has to be their toughest case yet. How can they be so obtuse to the others feelings…? How can they miss so many chances to confess their feelings? How can this go on for so long with no progress being made?? The liaison has tried everything at their disposal: Gentle probing, sweet encouragement. Hell they’ve stooped low enough to start engineering social events and incidents where they have no choice but to admit their undying love for the other. Nothing. Nada. Zip. They find their feelings of frustrations shared with Whirl of all the ‘bots on the ship. He’s the number one shipper for the two and he wants them to be canon dammit.

✦ At this point Whirl and the liaison join forces as they’re both at their wits’ end with these two. Shoving them in an empty room and locking the door maybe considered trite and cliche but the liaison is getting desperate at this point. If this doesn’t work then Plan ‘Make the Two Think the Other Died a Horrible Death, Redux’ is going to be a go.

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'Real feminism'. Like... there's no such thing. Even if you managed to set a standard to which majority of people would agree with, what's the point given it would exclude majority of people that consider themselves feminists? But I'm just ranting. Have a nice day (:

You’re right, whenever somebody brings up the looong list of flaws with feminism, it’s almost a well-trained, automatic response for them to quickly say “that isn’t real feminism.” It’s kinda like Islam, all the bad parts “aren’t real Islam” even though no two Muslims can agree what real Islam is. The problem with joining and adhering to an ideology which has no head figure is there are no set rules, interpretations vary from person to person, what one believes is true Islam - or true feminism - another will call it wrong. That’s why Muslims are divided in the Middle East and feminists are divided in the United States. 

Feminists cannot agree on what real feminism is, so we see radfems, terfs, white feminists, black and intersectional feminists etc all catfighting each other as nobody can agree what real feminism is supposed to be. Though what do they all have in common? In one way or another, they have been indoctrinated by feminist theory, they have all chosen with their own free will join feminism so they don’t get to simply distance themselves and call it “not real” when uncomfortable truths about their belief system are brought up. 

I’ve had feminists try to make the argument to me that by generalizing the bad parts of feminism is no different to generalizing the bad parts of all men. The problem with this argument is you’re comparing one half of the human population who have not willingly chosen their sex to a small exclusive club who have chosen to join and adhere to a shared ideology. You’re saying if you can generalize a particular set of beliefs, you can generalize an entire gender. Men are not subscribed to a strict orthodoxy as feminists are, so a criticism of feminist theory and belief is in no way relatable to a criticism of all men. If we applied this tactic though, any time a man does something bad, then we can dismiss it as him being “not real a man” and never talk about his actions again.

Criticizing feminism is not criticizing each individual feminist, though it also doesn’t make it any less of a valid criticism of feminism just because a girl on tumblr tells you that “isn’t real feminism.” As I’ve asked them before, ‘who put you in charge of deciding what is and what isn’t real feminism?’ This is nothing but a dishonest and lazy way of avoiding the fact that feminism isn’t what feminists are trying to sell us. Any time we point out a flaw, they say it isn’t real. We point out a problem, it isn’t real. We point out a blemish, it isn’t real. We point out facts, it isn’t real. It’s only real when it can be paraded as cool and awesome. Don’t worry about ranting, that consists of 99% of my blog! Thanks for your message anon :) xx 

I’m tired and really sick and keep thinking of Tomas/Marcus fic ideas.

1. Fuck or die: a demon takes over Tomas and Marcus has to fuck it out of him (shut up)

2. Tomas has had dreams/visions of Marcus, what about the other way around?

3. Goddamn coffeshop!au

4. I just want to point out that Marcus drew not one but two pictures of Tomas. So stalking fic?

5. A demon made them do it. Basically #1 but without the possibility of death.

6. Jessica catches them.

7. Alter sex (i’m going to hell when i die who wants to join me?)

2014:SM Entertainment's Year of Controvery
  • December 31: YoonA and Lee Seung Gi dating confirmed
  • January 2: Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho dating confirmed
  • January 6: SMEnt lame and disgusting way of covering Leetuk's dad and grandparents' death by saying it's a car accident
  • April 1: Hyoyeon got reported to the police for being violent towards his "ex-boyfriend"
  • April 3: Tiffany and Nickhun goes public with their relationship of 4 months
  • May 14: Kris files lawsuit to nullify contracts against SM Entertainment
  • June 18: Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating
  • June 24: News of Dynamic Duo Choiza's wallet containing his and Sulli's photos
  • July 24: SM reveals that f(x) will stop Red Light promotions and Sulli going on hiatus of her public activities
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • seriously if we go back to each and every article regarding these things,we can see how poorly SM deals with them.it's more of if you can't deny it,just admit to it so it's done.somehow it does not dignify their artists and furthermore it causes distress to fans who have been following and supporting their artists for every activity they have.good if fans are happy,but we know how some of us gets overly involved with their idols.i don't know why dating is considered a scandal but i think it's nice that the members of SNSD are finding happiness,it shouldn't be a problem,after all they need more personal relationships outside the group and from the people from their label (except for Taeyeon of course).however,i feel troubled with the way SM deals with their other controversies,specially that of Leeteuk.they played fans with coming up with the car accident,i think if there is a company who gets chokes almost regularly for coming up with the most disturbing excuses,it would be SM.they come up with something,only to take it back to actually reveal the real deal (do they even?) and the matters with their lawsuits,kris' actions might have been somewhat unreasonable, (imo okay) specially that they're only on their second year,actually goes to show how SM really deals with their artists (and using other members to side with them);specially with projects that should be given to right people.it happened to Hangeng before,heck to JYJ the most,wherein cfs,dramas,ads and the likes are being turned down,being the reason of what?not earn more than they should?ridiculous!and let's not forget all their health-related issues.their artists goes on public sick because they can't say no (unless she's a favorite.oh come on).but what i'm more unhappy about is the most recent thing.yes,i can understand sulli of why she wants a break,but to halt f(x)'s promotions because one member couldn't join them?that's freaking unreasonable!remember when amber was undergoing treatment for her injury,f(x)'s activities went along even with the absence of amber.they promoted without her,even to the point where fans started doubting whether amber is leaving the group or not.they promoted despite all of that.why can't they do it with Red Light?/sigh/.i'm not trying to put it all on Sulli coz i know that she's having a hard time rn,but i wished they considered more of the other member's well-being as well.(last year,RPP was also cut short mainly for the reason that one member couldn't perform well with the others because she's sick.wow!ugh.)oh well.this is mainly my own opinion.but anyway,what ever happens,i'm still gonna support f(x) if that's what they want to do.i just wish all the SM artists to be happy and healthy and please SM,you better do good with SJ's comeback or else.