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“Regarded as the world authority on magical creatures, Newt Scamander is the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which has been an approved textbook at Hogwarts since its publication in 1927 and can be found in most wizarding households.”

BBC Radio 1 just commented on IG, that Harry is basically switching place with The Killers on short notice cause they are trapped in the USA cause of the hurricane and can’t fly to London.
Don’t know if this means Harry will be in London for it or if it’s pre recorded, but that’s the confirmed reason for the schedule change ✨

shinee swaps bodies

a freaky-friday swap for you @jjonghugs, inspired by this video ! this is going to get confusing but i’m going to do it anyways, to signify the member in another member’s body; ex: onew speaking in minho’s body -> minho(onew)

onew -> minho: 

  • woke up, got up like …… “hm weird, i’m higher off the ground than usual” 
  • shrugs until he drags himself to the bathroom and looks in the mirror 
  • “aHH minho !!!” 
  • “?????? i’m minho?”
  • dibidibidi??
  • suddenly feels the need to do pushups (”WHY AM I DOING THIS”) 
  • looking at everyone ~charismatically~ (onew(taemin): fuq off / minho(onew): YOU CAN’T SAY THAT STUFF IN MY BODY) 
  • they’re honestly so lucky that they don’t have any schedules today 

jonghyun -> key: 

  • wearing hot pants
  • doing the kim wiggle   
  • and singing “i wear short shorts you wear t-shirts and i’m cheer captain and you’re on the bleachers~~~”
  • comme des and garcons are so confused bc they know something is not…. right but ???? (key(jong): come to appa babies~ come to appaaaaa~ / taemin(key): *picks them up* don’t talk to me or my sons ever again)
  • stroking his right eyebrow (taemin(key): omfg you psycho give me my body back) 

key -> taemin: 

  • lying on the floor 
  • “despair has entered my life” 
  • goes “hey taemin” (onew(taemin): wot) and slaps himself hard in the face (taemin: oMG / key: totally worth it) 
  • maybe if they hug really hard they’ll just switch and jjong could deal with being taemin???? (key(jong): kibum you’re going to break your own spine) 
  • also it’s super weird to hug yourself
  • after he calmed down he’s practicing makeup on his(jong’s) face and is pretty pleased with himself but when he tries to take a picture jong keeps making ugly faces 

minho -> jonghyun: 

  • rubbing his legs bc like dude isn’t it weird not having hair on your legs i feel like a damn dolphin (key(jong): waxing makes me more aerodynamic) 
  • can’t…..reach anything 
  • carrying a stepping stool everywhere (key(jong): WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT) 
  • trying to make jong’s michael jackson noises 
  • how does he do that 
  • stretching bc even at 28 maybe he could grow more 
  • you can thank him later hyung 

taemin -> onew:

  • HAHA
  • attempts to pop and lock 
  • everything hurts (onew: pls don’t break my body) 
  • he keeps cursing and onew’s like pls………. my face is kind-looking and soft, don’t ruin my image 
  • also probably not realizing that minho(onew) could fight him but then again he would just be fighting his own body 
  • technically he could fight key in taemin’s body but then key would get mad 
  • poor onew he just can’t win
  • taemin: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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i need an explanation immediately 

anonymous asked:

is there a way you guys are getting camp camp episodes a week earlier than on yt??


things i (and @smilingvernon) love ( 22-25/ ) : hansol vernon chwe



Mikleo to the rescue  ᕙ( •̀ ‸ •́ )ᕗ

Okay so… I initially thought that the girls were links between the boys, like they’ll help bangtan find one another again. Even tho namjoon saw what taehyung wrote but… in the end it’s just about love? between them and the girls? i’m a bit confused… the girls are beautiful and everything but their roles now seem to be diluted. If they were the bridges between the boys, that would mean their significance is pretty large, but now they are just… idk.. 


I’ve been enjoying taking high-resolution pics of this game and it makes me sad when the tumblr resizing algorithm eats them. If you wanna play with a stupidly highrez version of Helheim above (to edit or use as a wallpaper) you can find it here on imgur (and if you make something cool let me know!).