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I don't mean to be ignorant, but I am very confused about what is going on with Tapas? Why is everyone leaving all of a sudden? Thanks!

What I’ve gathered (correct me if I’m wrong!): 

-Tapas made a new rule in their ToS that by hosting your comic on their site (and I believe if you’re popular enough), if a company or another comic hosting website came to you askin to help you sell merch or make physical copies of your stuff, they’d have to negotiate with Tapas to see if Tapas is cool with it. 

-The time for this takes 30 days (not sure why a whole month, but it’d have given Tapas more time to offer you all kinds of ‘neato’ shit to keep you on their site instead).

-If you didn’t like the new rules, basically just delete your account cause they honestly would rather you did that (On several accounts Tapas’s conclusion to things you dont like about their site was basically ‘just leave’. 

-This lost the trust of many creators, fearing that Tapas was basically claiming some form of ownership over the comics that people posted. Creators have lost the rights to their comics many times before and it seems like Tapas wanted to avoid that but instead came off as basically BEING that. People feared that Tapas would claim ownership and the fear was justified cause this rule came out of nowhere. 

-The new rule is not null n void due to the huge backlash. Tapas has now cancelled that new rule so we don’t have to worry about it, but the damage has been done. 

Personally, I don’t feel too safe on Tapas myself, but I have no other place to host my comic besides here. I don’t wanna try Webtoon either and have no idea how I’d make my own website. As much as I feel weird about Tapas, I don’t feel the need to skip out just yet, but want to in the future… Either way, Tapas just came off as really shady and untrustworthy, and it doesn’t help one of their staff made a VERY condescending response to someone just asking a question (He was pretty fuckin rude about it like damn). They’re a growing site, but it’s taking really odd and upsetting turns here and there. :C 


Shout out to people who liked Hamilton before it was mainstream and remember these things:
  • How in the beginning, before it was released in the Public Theater in NY (like, several months before we even knew it was gonna be on Broadway) there was one solitary trailer for the show and it was the singular source for clips and music.
  • There was pretty much one or two news pages covering the show and you read the same couple of articles over and over again.
  • The only songs we somewhat knew were Alexander Hamilton from Lin’s White House performance and like thirty seconds of My Shot from that o n e trailer.
  • The two history nerds on Tumblr who got to see it had to describe it in riveting detail to the other (like five) history nerds on Tumblr who didn’t have the resources to go to the Public Theater.  (NO FOOTAGE OR SOUNDTRACK).
  • Two, maybe three people were drawing fanart.
  • Lin first getting his Tumblr account.
  • Staying up for hours to listen to the first ever official cast recording live.
  • And then only having that link and not the soundtrack to listen to, so you would have to memorize the points on the timelines where your favorite songs were and constantly tap/click back to those specific points.
  • Having nobody to talk to about it irl because nobody had heard of it imagine that.
  • Freaking out when it was announced that it would open on Broadway over the summer and that tickets would soon be on sale.
  • Trying to convince people that a musical conveyed through rap and hip hop music about the Founding Fathers portrayed by a mostly POC cast makes much more sense than you would initially think.
  • Frantically Googling pictures for visuals because NO FOOTAGE.
  • Excitedly hyper-analyzing the political and cultural implications of the show within the circle of the Ten Tumblr History Nerds™.
  • When there was no merch.
  • And then the only merch in the beginning was like two or three different shirts.
  • When the website first went up.
  • When that visual of Lin-as-Hamilton walked on the star and then pointed and then it froze and then thAT BECAME THE THING
  • When the “inspiration for the hit Broadway production” sticker first went on the Chernow books and instead of being the Hamilton Star Symbol™ it was just a black circle.
  • Watching in confused excitement as all of a sudden everybody started to love American history.  (”I mean I ALWAYS liked history.”)
  • Jamilton was once the only major ship in the “Found Fathers Fandom™ ” and the more relevant Hamilton became, the more it faded away.
  • Previously somewhat-unheard of/not-talked-about historical figures like Hercules Mulligan, James Madison, and John Laurens became extremely relevant.

There’s probably a lot more idk but wow things have changed in a couple short years

I literally am still mourning Captain Canary and then all of a sudden I get hit with these Time Canary feels??

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okay, I wanted to ask you cuz i'm not super into Zelda and all, but I like sidlink-- I've been seeing lots of people saying that Sidon finding link in the gerudo outfit attractive is transphobic and I just want to know why people are saying that all of a sudden? I'm just really confused. all I know about that outfit is he uses it to get into a city of women or something?? I'm confused.

I’ve seen these people complaining in the tags about how its apparently racist and promoting hertonormativity, which brought up the issue that by thinking it promotes heteronormativity; you’re assuming Link couldn’t possibly be a trans girl. 

I’m not personally offended by it but I’m also not a trans girl so my opinion on what should and should not offend them is of little importance. I think people just find any reason to bitch now a days, clothes are clothes, why do we need to police what other people dress their flesh prison in? Not to mention it’s fiction, who gives a shit who likes it, I don’t think someone’s kinks are anyone else’s business; you do you.

Not sure how racism ties into this considering they’re a fictional race, but the amount of reaching I’ve seen in posts people have made trying to say this is problematic was hilarious.

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I just saw your post on the markjin soulmate au where their first words are written on their arms and I'm legitimately laughing so hard?? Like, mark would be so confused? that would be such a confusing and weird thing for him??? I need this fic to exist so badly

shutupdsutpdsut im crying i kno like omg imagine its in canon verse nd he’s out getting food with w friends before hes moving to korea to start training nd all of a sudden his arm starts burning and everyone is freaking out and mark covers his arm bc hes so scared and excited bc its finally happening hes gonna see the 1st words his soulmate is gonna say to him nd he finally opens his eyes nd it says “my name is jyp” nd his heart literally deflates bc what…. the fuck… it cant be…. and 1 of his friends snatches mark’s arm to see it nd fucking dies laughing bc “ISNT THAT UR FUCKING CEO’S NAME I CANT BREATHE” nd mark smacks him to shut up nd he feels so shit for the rest of the week nd he moves to korea nd goes to the dorm to meet everyone nd he’s so nervous but everyone is rlly welcoming nd then the last trainee comes up to him all crinkly eyed smiles nd says “my name is jyp!” nd mark fucking freezes w his heart in his throat nd he doesnt kno what to say bc what??? what kinda fucking introduction is that what is happening?? is this a prank?? do they know??? nd then the trainee laughs nd says “im park jinyoung, same as pd-nim, funny right?” nd mark breathes out a laugh nd hasnt rlly started his korean language studies yet so introduces himself the only way he knows how and says “yo what’s up man!” and they all laugh abt it nd like a year later (bc soulmate marks all appear at different times), mark is sitting in his bedroom in the dorm when he hears a glass smash in the kitchen so he gets up nd runs in nd jinyoung is just standing at the sink silently staring down at his arm nd mark doesnt know what to fucking do bc they met ages ago he cant even rmr what he said what if its not him???? so many thoughts r running thru his head he doesnt even notice jinyoung lift his arm up nd show mark until mark snaps out of it nd sees “yo what’s up man” written across jinyoung’s arm nd jinyoung gives a wet laugh bc hes fucking crying nd says “i knew it” nd they hug nd r crying but also laughing nd the boys rip the shit out of them forever for their cringey 1st words fjdkslfjkdsf

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I'm so confused. I've ID'd as ace for years but all of a sudden I just feel so horny ALL THE TIME. I don't know where it's coming from and it's really messing with how I perceive myself. I'm sorry if this is TMI but I just wanted to talk to someone about it or get some input...

This is something I can’t really offer any insight on, so I’m gonna toss it out to the followers–can anyone give this lovely nonny some advice?


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I feel like I've missed something. Why the sudden talk about Eva and Sana? Not that I'm against it, I'm just confused.

hi there!! so basically @evenandsana attacked literally from nowhere with some eva x sana talk, and i was instantly sold because– well, first of all i’m gay– but second of all– IT’S GOLDEN?!??!?!! i love this concept.

julie andem – take notes.

I’m just confused because I’m so proud to be gay. I love who I am. Last summer, I felt like I was finally sure of my sexuality after attending Pride. I finally felt so comfortable with it. Then this guy comes along and all of a sudden I’m confused?

This happened once before with a guy. I’d wear his hat all the time, text him all the time, hang out with him at his house and go out to eat with him and our friends. Nothing ever happened with us though.

I’m just so conflicted about everything :(. I honestly almost feel guilty for feeling this way.

a friend of mine straight up blocked me on twitter and removed me on everything else with no warning a bit ago and I’m not sure why??? like idk what I did to make him block me it was so sudden literally one day we’re like best friends and the next I’m blocked not a single word? I didn’t know I was Actually Blocked until today I just thought he like deleted all of his social media suddenly and im big anxiety now this feels bad lol what’d I do

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Can I have a ikon reaction to their gf having diverse personality. 1 sec she'll be cute & whiny (doing aegyo, etc) then she'll be sassy & then all of a sudden she'll be seductive. This is me😂 1 min I'm giggly & the next I'll be grilling you so bad😂

(Thank you for the request sweetheart!!!)

Jinhwan: *stares at you while trying to understand your personality*

Yunhyeong: “Really? 3 moods? I am so confused…”

Bobby: “Oh seductive you is here! I love that mood, babe.”

B.I: *stares at you wondering what is going on.*

Donghyuk: “Is there any reason for those mood swings or it’s the way you are?”

Junhoe: “Oh no! You can’t be sassier then me, sweetheart. Go to another mood.”

Chanwoo: “But you were being so cute just now…Why are you angry?”

(note: gifs are not mine.)

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Please what's the story behind the shirt because I'm so confused

(sorry to everyone who is tired of hearing about the shirt)

basically in 2012 i was photographing the MSI tour in Europe and as a thank you for everything + for Christmas i then sent Linds a big package with presents for her and Bandit and Gerard (tbh it was mostly stuff for Lindsey & Bandit but i felt bad for not including Gerard so lol) anyway, i sent Gerard this shirt

and i never saw him wear it but i thought hey he has like millions of shirts probably but then all of a sudden in 2014/2015 he started wearing it a lot like he was wearing it on tour for a whole month. he started wearing it inside out bc everyone was commenting about how he never changed his shirt bc that was so noticeable with the print and all (but i could still tell bc the print was coming through) lol but hes worn it in a couple of interviews like THIS ONE and then in THIS INTERVIEW the guy asked him about the shirt he was wearing (and tbh that never happens but for some reason it happened) and he talked about the shirt and well…hes been wearing it again, he wore it 3 weeks ago when i saw him and it warms my lil cold heart bc I GAVE IT TO HIM. and i just love seeing people that are important to be loving my gifts. i also gave him a Totoro artbook in 2014 which is on his bookshelf and i get excited about that too bc im a nerd lol

anyway heres basically my collection of G wearing my shirt and me being emo about it