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Perfect Princess Moon vs. Actual Queen Moon Butterfly 

Yeah. When you write a character who is like yourself or someone you know, you don’t want it to be reduced down to something like, She’s crazy or She’s a bad mom, or She’s a good mom with a bad daughter. I wanted to write complex characters who sometimes do bad things. I wanted to put something on every page that was like, Just remember, they’re a human! There’s a paragraph that’s like, They’re doing the best they can, but sometimes the best you can do falls short. That’s the most terrifying part. But you fall in love with these people and you hope that you made them nuanced enough that people won’t reduce them down. Lynn Steger Strong 


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Will u be continuing the sav/iris fic? I'm loving it so far, it gives everything a different perceptive which flash writers aren't smart enough to try.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it :)

[Episode Coda 3.20]

It was intended as an episode coda (tail) so I don’t anticipate that I’ll be continuing it. Although depending on how the next few episodes go, I might feel inspired to follow-up with it.

I really do hope they give us a scene or three between Savitar and Iris. There’s so much weight to that relationship now that we’ve seen who is under that mask. I mean, the man she loves becomes a monster bent on killing her. There’s baggage there. 

I think it’s neat for Barry too, but for whatever reason, I bet he’s more able to separate “me” vs. “Savitar” in his head. Sure, Savitar is like a parasite who has his memories, but Barry feels present inside his own mind and body, and Savitar is a separate entity. I mean, identity issues abound and would be super exciting to explore, but he’s got to be doing his best to create a maintain a sense of psychological distance from this ‘person/thing/god/entity/villain’ that is willing to kill Iris. He’s got to be motivated to see Savitar as ‘other’.

To Iris (to everyone else), Barry is already a different person than herself (themselves), so now it’s more like there’s two Barrys, and one of them happens to be distorted into a killer. It’s a different perspective. How do you hate and kill someone who not only has the face of this person you love, but also has their memories, their identity, their everything - just… lost, somehow. How do you not grieve for what’s become (what can and will become) of this person you love? All the pain they’re going to go through to become this?

And yet of course you hate this person! They kill you! They’re trying to destroy you, selfishly, so that they can exist, even though they already exist - whole and happy and in love with you. Why can’t this monster just let you be, and die like you know he should prefer to (over killing you), if he’s still the man who loves you?

Anyway it’s just so interesting to me and I hope I’m not the only one who ends up exploring it with fic in some way :)


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