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thehylianbatman  asked:

Do you have an OC for Miraculous? You should totally show them off! (I'm kickstarting this)

amazingly i actually do, i was doing the whole “imagine miraculous heroes for the place you live” thing way back before the show came out but i never really finished them up till literally right now

lion and unicorn, obviously taking care of london (for those who don’t know, those are the animals on the british royal coat of arms). 

i had a bunch of trouble trying not to make their outfits too fussy but in the end i just gave in. i have no idea what their names or miraculous items are though, those are taking their sweet time to come to me. also lion usually has his hair back in dreads but the transformation makes them explode into an afro no force in the world can tame

they’re both career dancers and often share practice studios, so they see one another a lot but don’t really know each other. their costumes are modeled on current london theatre/ballet productions too


@nanlicia I wanna write stuff but, like, the idea tree is fresh out of idea-vacado’s which may be (is definitely) due to me being too picky about what I write but you know what, if I have to write a Nagron coffee shop AU to put some stuff out there, then that’s just how it’s gonna have to be