i'm coming for you babe

I want cuddling until we both fall asleep

I want sleepy kisses goodnight

I want late night walks

I want watching the sunrise together

I want cuddling with my dog in between us

I want holding your hand at random times because I want to show affection in some way

I want you.


Allow me to set the mood.

My arm is getting bigger, or something?


#TWOCYBMEME + WEEK FOUR → Couple Most Likely To End Up In Therapy

Ellie Connor and Theo Raeken (@roan-kom-azgeda)

Okay so Prince proposed to us in a hot air balloon and Bartender proposed out at sea underneath the stars.

If Business Guy doesn’t propose to us on a goddamn mountaintop I will be highly disappointed!

  • Cristina: I need a break from all this romance and family drama stuff. I know, traveling the world sounds fun, imma stop by LA first :D
  • *barely 3 months in the US*
  • Livia: Cristina and Julian would make a good couple *winks*
  • Emma: I love you Cristina. I want to marry you!
  • Diego: *comes to LA* *more shady than ever* Babe, I'm here for you.
  • Kieran: I swear fealty to you, Lady of Roses.
  • Mark: *hearteyes 24/7*
  • Julian: I'm in love with my parabatai, whoops. My uncle is a maniac, double whoops. And our local high warlock wants to resurrect my dead aunt, :p Too bad my sister's exiled or this mess wouldn't be happening. Oh hey Cristina, thanks for lending your hand in helping me here :'')
  • Cristina: *sighs* when I write about my life and I will...... I will NOT be kind.

supernatural meme: three relationships [2/3] → Dean & Ben

– You’re a liar, Dean.
– Excuse me?
– You say family’s so important, but what do you call people who care for you, who love you even when you’re a d*ck?”

anonymous asked:

You don't write any Snowing romance. They are never a couple; they are just co-parents. It's always Red and Snow romance. You ans jyst-an-outlaw should quit pretending you ship Snowing because you really ship Red Snow but want the Charming Family. Just free David to find someone who will love him romantically and not just as a coparent. It's so odd because canon Snowing are so affectionate and passionate. But not your stories. Maybe you're allergic to heterosexual pairings.

You know what thank you so much! I finally realised why I’m always getting ill! It’s cause I’m allergic to heterosexuals! Shit if only I had known this years ago, I could have told my doctors! Hey, you being an all knowing wise person, can you tell me if the heterosexuals caused me to be disabled? (I doubt you really care that you’re tryna cyberbully a disabled person cause you don’t seem to have much else to do…) 
Also is this something I have to put on a form when I list my allergies at the dentist or the doctors, I’m having surgery soon and I need to know if I could request only gay doctors and nurses? 

This actually gives me a perfect excuse not to read most of the novels I have to read at university, I can now say that it’s because they contain straight people, I am simply allergic to it so I cant possibly read them…. The only class I’ll be able to attend is my sexualities class as thats full of gay books and gay people so I won’t like break out in hives or whatever. 

Thank you so much for contributing to my life in such a positive way, I’ll be sure to let @just-an-outlaw and anyone else who may be suffering from being allergic to heterosexuals know that they should go to their doctor and get tablets or something. 

P.S I fear you may end up spending your time obsessing over my allergies, and I really don’t want that for you, you’ve already been so, so, helpful - so Imma block you- love you so much babes! xoxoxoxoxoxo