i'm clearly not here to judge anyone


Well yeah. Here you guys go. My two DBZ OCs I guess? The left is Yamato, and the right is Spider Mom. Reason why she is called Spider Mom is because no one knows her true name. She doesn’t fight at all because she doesn’t know how to. But she is really an understanding lady and have judges anyone for what they done to others. She listens all the way through and clearly respectful. Though I need to redraw her outfit but anywho.

Yamato doesn’t really talk much to anyone. He’s a child that is silent and aloof. He doesn’t really trust much peolpe because they are strangers. But don’t be fooled by his looks. He can snap just like that and become something…more.

But they both aren’t humans, saiyans, or anything. Understand that. I literally try to think outside when it comes to species. Yamato may look human but he’s not. Spider Mom is well you guessed it, an arachnid.