i'm clearly not here to judge anyone

Said it somewhere else so I’m gonna repeat it here.

If you disagree that Jewish people are human beings, and you call for their eradication from the planet, then yes, you are a nazi. That’s not debatable or something you can have an opinion on, and if one is offended by me or anyone else saying it, then they clearly have some moral reevaluation, and some definition reading, to do.

I dare anyone who challenges such a statement to look a 90 year old Jewish woman, with a number tattooed on the inside of her left wrist, or a man with battle scars handicapped after his service, in the eyes, and tell them that they’re wrong for calling these people nazis. That the trauma they had to go through isn’t valid, that their experience and knowledge isn’t worth anything to you, that you seriously think that their labelling of bigotry and racism is comparable to the actions of people who killed their family members or friends.

Millions of people died. We’re not about to let this happen again, not even the rhetoric, because this is where it starts.