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If you had to describe Mads to a person who was blind, how would you describe him?

fig. 1

  • he looks kinda unusual which is part of his charm
  • he’s tallish and not small in most parts of the world but becomes a wee man in Scandinavia and likely has a huge complex about it
  • really high/protruding cheekbones and prominent brows with deep-set heavy lidded eyes, and contrary to popular belief he does have eyebrows
  • no but he can legit make you cry or shit yourself with a single glance from them eyes, so expressive, much feelings
  • his nose is a lil crooked because he broke it a bunch of times and there’s a cool scar across its bridge that they use as a cut in every movie where he’s beat up ever
  • thin-ish lips that people describe with “cupid’s bow” (lol), they can turn into duck lips in the blink of an eye
  • lots magical hair that can be anything resembling brown, blond or silver because he gives no damns and only dyes it whenever a role calls for it
  • a dancer’s bod - a little muscular but lean, long thin legs. a bit thick in the middle now because he likes beer so much (and he’s 50)
  • big shoulders and big tiddies, the latter which are always struggling to be freed from shirts
  • stubbly; sideburns
  • some people think he looks creepy or lizard-like but when he smiles or laughs it’s the sweetest thing

or I dunno, I can point them to one of several hilariously poetic descriptions drawn up by journalists and the like:

And trying to describe this face would be like trying to describe the sky or the amorphous play of water over a stone. His inkdrop eyes could easily be misconstrued as vehement or even sad. They seem to hold in them a certain indelible logic,
 a set of axioms left there by circumstance, like a scar.

But movies have always been about faces, and Mr. Mikkelsen’s is haunting: alpine cheekbones; the eyes of a mourner; a mouth that suggests both tenderness and cruelty. 

In Susanne Bier’s Efter brylluppet (After the wedding), his face is haunted in a way that recalls Max von Sydow’s, in The Seventh Seal. The three-quarter contour of his brow and cheekbone are reminiscent of an odalisque’s curvature, and his mouth is as sculpted as a Bernini bust. Overall, he looks as though he has just put down his prayerbook and stepped out of a Memling or a van Eyck. 

the last one is my fave - bernini and van eyck and bergman oh my

also I just saw @starkassembled‘s version and I’m fuckin laughing because here I am writing a semi-essay when there’s that much simpler route