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things I laugh & then get sad about:

alicia and bob were both pretty prominent celebrities, so it’s very likely that her pregnancy was closely followed. I can’t even imagine all the jokes about the beautiful/perfect baby they would make, all the people reading every magazine article about the pregnancy. poring over every photo of alicia’s gorgeous maternity clothes. bad bob does about a million interviews about how excited he is, how ready he is to be a dad.

and then jack is born.

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I’ve always wanted to do something that the Warblers never ever let me do.
Wear another blazer?!

We’re still counting down to Mycroft’s death from “consumption”

This has probably been noticed. At the end of T6T (yes I’m rewatching for the first time, high fives please!), there’s a barely-there little call-back to the plum puddings scene in TAB where Mycroft is apparently eating himself to death:

It’s the Mycroft’s kitchen scene in T6T and…

1) He grabs the chinese menu with his right hand

2) And checks his pocket watch with his left hand

3) Then turns around and picks up the phone.

We assume he’s about to order the chinese. I mean, he doesn’t, he calls Sherrinford. But anyway…

He thinks about eating (plum puddings), then checks the time (tick tock tick tock), then picks up the phone (heart?).

mass effect graphics battle | vs. edenprimes

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“we looked out at the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of other stars.”

    ❝   I t   might please m’lord to    s t r a n g l e    you. That’s how I served my last whore. Do you think your master would object? Surely not. He has a hundred more like you, but no one else like me. ❞  This time, when he grinned, he got the fear he wanted.