i'm cleaning out my drafts and apparently i forgot to post this

you squirm under fratboy!calum, his lips planted firmly in the crook of your neck as he sucks a bruise into your skin. most of your clothes have already been hastily discarded in his already messy room and while you were still in your bra and underwear, cal had taken the liberty to rid himself of all clothing. his skin was sweaty as he rutted against you, desperate and needy after a night of drinking and you weren’t fairing much better. “cal- cal go grab a condom” you are practically begging, pressing on his chest and running your hands down his biceps. he nods quickly, leaning over the edge of the bed so he can dig through his side table. you can hear his frantic searching and after a loud groan escape his swollen lips you knew what he had forgotten to do after the last time. you try to steady your erratic breathing as calum flops back on the bed, resting his entire body weight on you. he buries his face into your chest, and tangles his legs with yours. carding your fingers through his sweaty raven curls, you cradle his cheek with your other hand, “out of condoms?” you guess and cal lets out a less than dignified whine, confirming your suspicion with a disgruntled “yes” mumbled against your skin. he makes no move to get out of bed, cuddling in closer to you with his hard on still pressed into your thigh. as much you love to cuddle, you were really drunk and horny. “cal?” he hardly lifts up his head when you call his name. “yeah?” he sounds so pathetic you can’t help but laugh a little, “you live in a frat house…a frat house calum.” “so?” he pouts petulantly, still not cluing in. calum was prone to thinking with his wrong head most of the time so you break it down for him. “cal there is probably more condoms in this house than a fucking condom factory.”  cal’s head pops up at that, a smile lighting his face. “wait right here, i will be right back” he pecks your lips, once, twice, three times before shooting out of his room, not even bothering with clothes, despite the party still raging on downstairs and strangers having free roam of the frat house. you can here him run down the hall, banging on a door like his life depended on it, “mikey open up right now it’s a fucking emergency