i'm clawing my eyes out

Imagine Taka hating Nahyuta whenever he comes around to hang out with Simon. 

Nahyuta isn’t used to it; animals usually love him and they’re usually drawn to him. 

But for some reason, Simon’s bird just doesn’t, no matter what Nahyuta tries to do. 

Whenever he goes to hold Simon’s hand, Taka is there pecking and scratching at him, and screeching to get Simon’s attention whenever Nahyuta moves to kiss him.  And it works every time because Simon is a huge birb dad. 

Nahyuta complains to Apollo about how Simon’s friend is always getting in between them and he’s not sure what to do and Apollo is just like 

“…are you talking about the hawk.”

And when Nahyuta asks for advice on how to get Taka to like him, Apollo just talks about how many times he’s been attacked by that bird.  Nahyuta figures he might ask Athena instead.