i'm clawing my eyes out

Imagine Taka hating Nahyuta whenever he comes around to hang out with Simon. 

Nahyuta isn’t used to it; animals usually love him and they’re usually drawn to him. 

But for some reason, Simon’s bird just doesn’t, no matter what Nahyuta tries to do. 

Whenever he goes to hold Simon’s hand, Taka is there pecking and scratching at him, and screeching to get Simon’s attention whenever Nahyuta moves to kiss him.  And it works every time because Simon is a huge birb dad. 

Nahyuta complains to Apollo about how Simon’s friend is always getting in between them and he’s not sure what to do and Apollo is just like 

“…are you talking about the hawk.”

And when Nahyuta asks for advice on how to get Taka to like him, Apollo just talks about how many times he’s been attacked by that bird.  Nahyuta figures he might ask Athena instead.

anonymous asked:

I stg if I have to read one more comment about louis not being affected by closeting or ANY human emotion bcos he's a famous millionaire I'm gonna claw my eyes out.. the whole song to me was saying that being famous doesn't give him a free pass from pain. Losing his mother hurt just as badly as for a normal person, money didn't take away his heartbreak! Money&fame doesn't make closeting any less damaging! Honest to god these idiots are going to be responsible for my going blind...I'm suing Ily

LMAO i know. i mean — i’m critical of rich white men, obviously, but it’s so mind-boggling to me and such a clear ploy to just hate louis when people listen to this song that’s LITERALLY acknowledging that he does have it good and “cash and cars and glory,” but still hurts and hates the manufactured image he wears despite that… and then they respond with… “but you’re rich and famous” ????????? like yes. that’s. that’s what he said. it’s the most basic listening comprehension. and there’s so much nuance because of his situation that can’t just be, like, quantified, or glossed over in favor of just saying “this is the pinnacle of privilege,” like it’s black-and-white.

anyway the closet is a whole other issue and all i can say is the people who are constantly demonizing louis’s closet probably already have a deep-seated hatred for closeted ppl in general. i think you should unfollow if you see these things, i know how upsetting it can be to see attitudes like that :( i love you!

lesbianrunner5  asked:

Did you ever figure out how the hell Asami's company went from the verge of bankruptcy to thriving in like 2 weeks? because I'm ready to claw my eyes out trying to write my fic. Also, in an AU where Korra reclosed the spirit portals, what would Asami have ended up doing? Besides running around with Team Avatar? Would she maybe have ended up on a city planning council anyway? Something philanthropic?

Well, for the purposes of my own fic, I’ve just heavily headcanoned:

1. When Varrick bought a controlling interest in FI he made sales for Asami (the chili pepper convo), and even though her equipment was “stolen,” those sales still stabilized her company (I’m sure it was contractual so once the goods were recovered on that battleship, she was paid). This also explains why when Varrick said “who saved your company?” in 2x11, she made a face that suggested he was right.

2. When Varrick escaped jail is when a judge(?) ordered his shares to revert back to her, because she wouldn’t have been able any fiscal decisions otherwise. Keep in mind, Harmonic Convergence just happened, so Republic City was in shambles…i.e. in dire need of her technology. Taking away Varrick’s shares allowed FI to compete in the marketplace so there’d be more competition against like, Cabbage Corp., and it’d ultimately benefit the recovery efforts. I don’t think the shares reverted to her earlier, like when Varrick was arrested, because he was never found guilty. On the lamb is an entirely different story though.

3. I’d venture that most of FI’s tech was highly profitable in those two weeks. Especially things like new airships for the police department (which would explain why she built that luxury airship…to show the kind of quality her company produces), maybe even mech-suits for the vine-clearing, and certainly “Future Industries Forklifts.” So she actually profited both off of the war and off of Unavaatu’s attack, the latter of which ultimately allowed her to get that infrastructure contract. 

How the hell long did Book 3 last? Like 3 weeks? I’m wondering at what point Asami would have had to get back, but I guess they had the radios and she probably had a CFO and COO she trusted or something. At any rate, the more like, “military” tech (i.e. not Satomobiles) were probably enough to to put FI solidly in the black so that she could skip around the Earth Kingdom in Book 3 (still irritated we didn’t get any explanation there).

My fic is dealing with the time gap in-between Book 3 and 4. The “Sato” name is still tainted, so it’s all about her building back brand reputation. The way I think of it, she lands the infrastructure contract pretty early on (maybe a month after Korra leaves), and uses that as a jumping off-point for a major PR campaign. She distances herself from military tech and focuses on consumer products, including her updated Sato-mobliles (I’m head-canoning her as coming up with either the first power steering system or the first independent front suspension system…two auto innovations that occurred around the late 1920s). She does the air suits pro-bono, increasing exposure, and definitely distancing herself from her father’s Equalist ties.

An AU like that is tough because Zaheer wouldn’t have become an airbender, would he, so he wouldn’t have escaped prison. Would Korra still have gotten banished from RC? The butterfly effect on that one is NUTS. We do know Asami cares very much about keeping her company afloat based on S2, so if she turned FI around, I definitely see philanthropy being a key part of their mission statement.