i'm clapping with one hand

i know no one cares but i’ve just recently started stimming wholeheartedly after years of repressing it, even while alone, and it feels so good i could cry

“I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.”
“Will you.. *drops to one knee, presents bottle* share a coke with me?”

happy birthday my king @disgruntledstirfrynoodles–please send him birthday wishes!!! just please don’t give him too much alcohol for his twentyfirst, hehe.

mahal–thank you for being here. thank you for not giving up and staying. and i don’t just mean our relationship. you’ve been through so much, more than i’ll ever know, but you haven’t given up no matter how crushing it gets. i’m so proud of you. i’m so proud that i’m yours. i love you.