i'm childish i know

There’s always something happening with these kids: they’re always in the middle of something, always in trouble–Harry wants to do his own thing, Hermione tries to talk him out of it, and Ron is unsure and worried for his friends. I couldn’t love them all more.


Aesthetic: L Lawliet/Light Yagami

❝I think we were meant to be but we did it wrong.❞ [x]

The entire fandom: [insert character name] is Keith’s mom!!!!!! U can see the resemblance!!!

Me: *squinting at anime style* ….if u say so

Aesthetics: lawlight afterlife [MU] - L side

(the irony: we’re both trapped apart here and yet I can’t seem to stop myself, I’m looking for you)

  • Me [an adult]: yes! I'm finally over my childish crushes with famous actors! Now I know they're worlds apart from me and I can finally move on with my life!
  • Cole Sprouse: *shows up holding a camera, with dark hair and greenish, blue eyes; with cute cheeks and openly admitting himself to be an anime and Nintendo fanboy* nahh... I don't think so.
  • Me [an adult]: yeah... I didn't want to move on, anyway.

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Hello, so I've been wearing and loving lolita for about 5 years now. My fiance and I found out I was pregnant not to long ago, we are very happy and very excited about this news. The sad part is I've had local lolitas telling me I can no longer wear lolita because that would be to childish considering I'm going to be having one. I know wearing lolita while pregnant is going to be a challenge, but do you think I can still be a lolita after even though I'm going to be a mom? Thank you so much

First of all, congratulations!
Secondly, shame on your comm! Starting a family can mean a lot of changes but it doesn’t mean you have to throw away the things you love! It sounds to me like there’s some fishy business going on. Maybe your local Lolitas are worried that you’ll bring the baby to meetups and it would “inconvenience them”? Or maybe they’re afraid that your happiness will somehow impede on theirs? I don’t know what their reasoning could possibly be but saying something like “You can’t have a child and dress like one” is absurd on so many levels. Are they saying that Lolita is childish? Are they saying that they think they’re dressing like children? I’m so confused but whatever, I say forget them, keep wearing Lolita, and make them feel foolish for suggesting that you can’t or shouldn’t. Who are they to tell you how to live your life? 
Sorry, stuff like this gets me a bit fired up. I hate it when Lolitas try to tell people that they cant wear the fashion for whatever reason. 
But anyway! Maybe take a look at my Lolita moms tag. There isn’t much there but there are some tips for wearing Lolita while you’re pregnant and some pictures of other Lolitas with their little ones to prove your local comm wrong.

Music Tag

I was tagged by @dtchyeol to list my top 10 song I’ve been vibing to lately (thank you!), so there it is but I’m probably missing a few, it was hard to choose only 10 songs :)

1. Heyahae - ONE (try to say “heyahae” it’s so satisfying)

2. How can I say - Day6 (if you don’t know Day6 stop whatever you’re doing rn and go listen to them!)

3. I smile - Day6 (I smile every time I listen to this song)

4. Help - 10cm (this song hits me in the soul but I’m always listening)

5. Heaven - EXO (I go to heaven whenever I listen to this song)

6. Playboy - EXO (probably one of my favorites from exo)

7. It girl - Jason Derulo (I love this song so much it reminds me the good old days)

8. One and only - Adele (good vibes, awesome vibes)

9. Going crazy - EXO (I’ve been listening to this song repeatedly about weeks)

10. Peach - Lay (what can I say about this song ksskjsk it’s so good)

I tag @glitzyeol ,@christian-do ,@loeychateau ,@bias-yixing ,@nut4zyx ,@kyungsootrash120 @ilovpcy

And you don’t need to do if you don’t want to. That’s all folks.

I’m trying hard not to use a specific reference
But you’ll probably know that it’s you after the first sentence
—  The Longest Text Message - Childish Gambino
Things I forgot while rereading the Wings of Fire series

-Tsunami is probs still wearing the pearls her mom gave her
-Glory has a pet sloth
-Clay is immune to fire
-Glory is in love with a Nightwing
-Starflight has a sister
-Glory is snarky and sarcastic
-Sunny is a different color than most Sandwings
-Glory charmed an assassin out of killing her
-Tsunami doesn’t really speak Aquatic
-Glory tried for the Rainwing throne on like her second week of being there AND WON
-Glory is a powerful, young, female dragon who also happens to be the most beautiful amazing creature to walk the earth–oh wait just kidding i never forgot that

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I understand your desire to stay ignorant and racist as to not disrupt your position of power. I also understand my freedom to call you stupid. I know that's childish, but I feel like I'm talking to a child so I must use language you can understand. If you had common sense you would realize that everyone in America is not equal. But it's okay, POC will overcome this hurdle. The only reason I chose to be Anon is bc white people literally scare-sorry terrorize people who do not agree with them.

One does not complete a MA in Engineering by being stupid. The only hurdle POC need to overcome is themselves. And being anon is cowardly. Trust me my life has been threatened on tumblr any number of times, yet you will always find me standing up for my beliefs not hiding like a frightened mouse.