i'm childish and i don't care~

I find it so….. odd that I see people talking about discourse in fandoms because one: I’ve never seen any, and two: WHY ARE PEOPLE FIGHTING??? YOU’RE FANS OF THE SAME FUCKIN THING?????

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It's quite disgusting what you are doing, you are aware how many of us are looking for the 720 - 1080p version of TLJ to make screencaps or using it to our artworks and you are so fucking selfish and vain to keep it to yourself just to gain all the credits, like 6 yrs old. I have never thought there are your kind of childish pathetic people among the reylo fandom. Congrat :)

i’m not going to post a link to the leak on my blog publicly, dumbass. you could easily find it yourself. ever try google? or is that beyond your capability?

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Look, I don't care if you have a question, don't interrupt me while I'm clearly with another customer. That is rude, and quite frankly, rather childish as well. Act like a mature adult for once, and wait your turn. I promise I will be much more willing and likely to help if you do.

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I've heard people say that autistic people wouldn't be great with children, but I personally love playing with kids. Well behaved ones obviously, but when I respect their boundaries it's easy to help them respect mine and they're so fun and make a lot more sense than a lot of adults I know. Babysitting is the only job I can do well atm too cause I take it seriously looking after kids. I know I'm very autistic too but I don't get why people think we can't be good with kids?

I think part of it is because we’re seen as childish ourselves and people think we can’t take care of ourselves, so they think we can’t look after a child. This is largely false.

There’s also the fact that kids tend to be loud and chaotic, so there may be an issue there, but again it depends on the child.

Personally I helped raise my sister, have been a TA, and regularly volunteer with children, and know autistic parents on here. And have known a lot of allistic people who are terrible with kids. People are different but some, unfortunately, are ableist.

I think everyone at one point has disliked a pairing or a character for simple or maybe even childish reasons, and I think that’s okay. I don’t think you need some deep analysis as to why you don’t care for that couple/character. What’s not okay is to be a dick to other people that like that pairing/character. So don’t be a dick.

just my thoughts ‘cause my bff (who’s begun to be a bitch since she began to date this asshole) send me messages like “why u always alone ?” “try to find someone” “you will finish alone without anyone by your side”

and, well, i don’t think not being in a relationship at 19 will define the fact that i will never be :’) 

plus: i don’t need someone to love me, i don’t NEED a relationship, i just need someone to understand me, someone with i can joke on stupid things, with whom i can be childish H24. i actually need a real friend… (a second me ? :’)  )

‘cause, you know, there’s this thing : people always change, because they date someone, or because they become more like “i’m an adult now, i can’t do that anymore”. and all my friends began to be like that, and its scaring me, ‘cause i actually don’t want to be like that, loosing the child who’s in me, dating someone i don’t love ‘cause everybody else is doing so, stoping dreaming, or stoping acting crazy sometimes because there’re people around…. ‘cause i don’t care about what people think of me. but they do. and we don’t live in the same world anymore, ‘cause they’re becoming superficial and snob.

i forgot : THIS WORLD IS FUCKING FAKE. thank you.

and for all those who never date someone at 16 or 17 : don’t worry, you’re not missing something important :’)

sorry, just needed to write it down. (and sorry for the orthographe ) :)

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It's really nice to see people who are older than 25 in the fandom :) I'm 16 but I can't see myself becoming any less invested in fictional characters when I'm older lol... Also in general I love the fact that more and more adults are allowing themselves to be more "childish" in a lot of ways. Or maybe I just didn't see it when I was younger. Either way it's somehow reassuring to see adults who don't feel like they have to "act their age"


It’s so strange because at work (I have a high responsibility job in surgical care) I am often treated like the ‘baby’ at 29 and often get things mansplained *sigh* too as it is quite a male dominated industry. So I find it so intriguing to be in this forum where suddenly I’m some kind of granny?!

Thank you for saying so and I also agree that it is so reassuring to see many people just continuing to be who they are.

I had this funny thing this weekend where I went to a birthday party and, basically, everyone there was what would be considered a nerd at school. And my husband and I talked about how we had the BEST time because everyone was interesting, had interesting hobbies, NO-ONE talked about work or their flashy new car or whatever stuff we end up talking about with some people who were the ‘popular kids’ at school….. because nerds are actually way more interesting because people with interests are interesting! 

It doesn’t really matter what you are passionate about but I think it is good for everyone to have a few things they really care about and sometimes, if you are an obsessive person like I am, something you can be obsessive about in a healthy way though of course! Then it is fun to share this with others, to take an interest in what interests others, I talked about SPN and my last holiday, others talked to me about their interests in volleyball and politics for example….

And yeah of course this doesn’t die with age, I am so done with this whole ‘by the time you’re 30 you must have a responsible job and make lots of money and have a mortgage then as a woman you must give this up of course so you can spring out some babies and have no interests outside of posting a million pictures of said baby on facebook and drink wine every night in your oh god what did i do with my life stupor’, sorry, personal bad example shining through there.

Like, the important thing is that we all have the choice, I hope most people do and I am sorry for those who don’t, I am so grateful that I do. If someone wants to do the above, that is SO COOL and SO OK, but it isn’t for me right now. I definitely want kids but right now I want to be a big kid and meta about a fictional love story and emotional drama of two brothers, watch some cool movies and earn enough money to go on holiday.

I am so with you, age does NOT take away our interests, only WE do, if we choose to let this happen and I refuse, I think it’s so healthy to be each our own person with our own interests and values! 

I don't understand #triggered

If you don’t like the ship that’s completely fine I don’t care that much. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to put your hate out towards another ship that’s your notp. It’s childish and to be honest makes you look very stupid. Please, all I’m asking is just to stop hating, it’s pretty simple to do. Shut up and stay in your lane.

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Ok, so I just had the best idea (at least I think so lol)! I would like to request a song prompt/smut. The song is EXO's "My Answer" and the member is Baekhyun. "You" and him have been having some problems and he begs "you" to stay, then it leads to some super sweet love making because I'm a byuntae and I can't get enough of that shit. 😂 -Your Wooshin anon (I'll just be Wooshin anon from now on I guess. I don't have enough characters to rant about not being able to ask from a side blog.😅)


Baekhyun (Exo)
Rated S for Soft Smut

You slammed the door to Baekhyun’s apartment as hard as you could, not caring which of his neighbors you woke up in the process. You knew you were being childish, now, but the argument had gone too far for you to care.

It had gone so far that you didn’t even remember what it was about, in the first place.

There had been problems for months. You knew when you got together that it would be hard, that he’d always be gone and things might be uncertain, but it had worked between you for so long that when it finally started to crack, you weren’t expecting it.

So, you stormed out in the middle of him yelling and you yelling back, but you couldn’t bring yourself to actually leave. Instead, you sank down to the floor, leaning against the door with your head in your hands as the tears came again.

The seconds ticked by slow, slow enough that an eternity could have filled each one. Finally, you heard a small thump on the other side of the door, before what sounded like something sliding down to the carpet just inside Baekhyun’s place.

More long seconds passed.


The sound of Baekhyun’s voice, muffled by the door in between you, startled you out of your sad thoughts, and your head jerked up automatically, but you didn’t reply. Didn’t know how.

“I know you’re still out there.”

You made a face in the vague direction of the door, a don’t-be-a-smug-asshole-right-now-Baek face. You still gave him no answer.

Baekhyun sighed.

“Fine. If you won’t talk to me, I’ll talk to you.” he said softly. You were still facing away from the door, back up against it and your knees to your chin, when he went on.

“Look. I know…I know it’s been hard, and I’ve done a lot of things wrong. All the issues…they’ve mostly been my fault,” Baekhyun started.

ALL your fault, you snarked to yourself, but you didn’t say the words out loud, because you knew they weren’t true.

“I’m sorry,” Baekhyun said next, and just those two words made you pay attention. He hardly ever said them. Baekhyun always told you that I’m sorry could be the emptiest, most meaningless words in the world, so he didn’t say them unless he really, really meant them.

“I am. I’m sorry. I know I need to make some changes. Things need to be different. I just…I love you so much, jagiya. Everything I do…it’s for you. Every time I sing and every time I’m onstage, I’m singing to you. And if you weren’t sitting out there, listening to this right now, I would just have apologized the next time I knew you were watching me sing.”

You were resting your head against the door now, one palm pressed to the wood. You wanted so badly to go back inside, to throw yourself into Baekhyun’s arms. Your pride made you wait.

You heard the sounds of the door unlocking, and you backed up an inch or two, scowling a little that he wasn’t going to give you a choice.

The scowl faded when the door opened, just a crack. Baekhyun was sitting on the floor, like you were, one arm extended and resting on the doorknob. His eyes looked red-rimmed, and you realized he’d been crying, just like you had. He was just apparently way more subdued about it than you were. How unfair.

Either way, you melted instantly. “Baek…” you murmured, resting your head against the doorframe.

Baekhyun’s hand reached for yours, and you let it. Your fingers entwined, arms reaching from either side of the door. Baekhyun scooted back slowly, pulling you back into the apartment in the process, scoot by scoot, and it was kind of funny, so you both giggled, until you were all the way inside the door and leaning back against it to let it close and the minute it did, he was kissing you.

Baekhyun leaned forward on his elbows, letting his lips meet yours with a gentleness you only rarely saw in him. He was usually so excitable, so intense. You knew the argument must have worn him down just as much as it did you.

You kissed him back, cupping his face in your hands without a thought, and Baekhyun smiled into the kiss a little, making you do the same. Somehow, he managed to stand up without ever breaking the kiss, pulling you up with him, and the next thing you knew, his arms were around you tight, the sweetest hug while your tongues danced together.

You felt your back hit the door softly, and Baekhyun was still kissing you, still exploring your mouth with his tongue, still reading all the words you couldn’t say on your lips, when his hands started exploring elsewhere, running down your bare arms first until you were shivering, then just under the hem of your shirt on your waist, his fingers skating across your skin and pulling you even closer by your hips until you were a little breathless.

Baekhyun broke the kiss, then, if only for long enough to lead you to the bedroom, hand in hand. You followed, spellbound, so completely in love with your boyfriend that you hardly knew what to do.

It was hardly ever like this. You’d made love before, or your definition of it, but it was rare. Baekhyun was simply too energetic normally to think of doing it, and you didn’t really mind much, when the sex was as good as it was. He made his romantic feelings clear either way.

But this was different. He was undressing you slow, peeling off each layer of clothing like you were the best gift he’d ever received in his life, his eyes wide and awed as more and more of your skin was revealed, even though he’d seen this a hundred times. You loved that he never seemed to get tired of it. He always wanted more.

This kind of hunger was quieter. Baekhyun’s hands were soft as they traced across your belly while you stood in front of him, then they began to venture lower, and you spread your legs just enough to allow him access to what he wanted.

Baekhyun touched you slowly, gently, slipping one finger inside you as you gasped, then pumping it in and out carefully until you were ready for another. He used two fingers for a while, until you were in very real danger of falling over on top of him because you were getting so weak in the knees, and then he laid you down on your back on the bed.

In seconds, he was naked too, and crawling onto the bed between your legs. You opened them wider, desperate for his touch, his anything, and Baekhyun gave you the most dazzling smile just before he dipped his head down and began to lap at your juices.

Right away, your back was arching and your head was tilting back, because he was always so good at this. He licked at your walls sweetly, using his fingers again to make you cum, make you wet, give him as much honey as he wanted to lap up.

You were floating. You were dizzy, and floating, and in complete ecstasy. You could have stayed like that forever, just letting your handsome boyfriend go down on you until you were seeing stars, but fortunately, Baekhyun was still slightly more in his right mind, and he knew you both needed more.

You didn’t know how much time passed before he finally pulled away from the river flowing between your legs. You just knew the way he looked as you watched him lick his lips lazily, watched him through the fog in your mind and the spots in your vision that had been there since he ran his tongue over your favorite spot enough times to make you scream.

He looked half-wrecked, perfect and beautiful as he gasped for air, his hair falling in his eyes as he looked at you with purpose, with slightly darkened eyes, and suddenly all you wanted was to have him inside you.

“Baek…” you managed to whisper, reaching for him. “Baek, please…”

Baekhyun smiled, immediately sliding on top of you. “Yeah,” was all he said before he was inside you, and the stars you had seen before were shooting across the backs of your eyelids.

He filled you up perfectly, just pushing the limits of what you could take enough to make you completely crazy. You felt so full and happy as he started to move. Baekhyun hips rolled sinfully, angling his throb in ways that only he could do, and you were already whimpering and begging for more before the first thrusts were over.

His hands were in your hair, tilting your face up to meet his for more kisses. A few small traces of the passionate boyfriend you loved so much had returned. You could feel it in the way he held you tighter, gripped your hips while he made love to you. The way he kissed you harder. The way he looked at you like you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him. You felt the same way.

Baekhyun straightened up a little, positioning your legs on either of his shoulders, and then he pushed down into you from that angle, until he found one of the few spots that made you go completely insane, and then he didn’t let it go.

He heard you cry out his name, felt you cum, and then he smiled and kept going, kissing along your leg as he fucked into you slow, but steady, one of his hands going back down between your legs to play with your clit, thrumming it with just the right amount of pressure as he kept thrusting into your wet ache.

It was all so much, but it wasn’t nearly enough. You needed him to cum, too, needed to feel him splashing inside you, claiming you as his, protecting you. You moved your legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist instead, hooking your ankles together so he couldn’t move too far. You couldn’t have stood that, at this point.

Baekhyun smiled when he realized what you were doing, leaning over you again and carefully swiping his tongue against your lips until you opened for him. Every part of you was so open now, so vulnerable, and you knew from the look in his eyes, the way his hands were touching you, that he was going to take care of you no matter what.

You dug your heels into his backside a little, trying to get the hint across, but Baekhyun just kept thrusting at that maddeningly steady pace until you were completely exasperated, and finally you leaned back and he followed suit automatically, and you were just looking at each other as he still continued, your face frustrated and his slightly amused. As usual.

“I want you to cum,” you whispered, and Baekhyun’s smile faded into something darker, more laced with thick, hot desire.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he murmured, and then he was gone, letting go, shooting all his love into you as you came again in turn, both of you falling off the edge together and holding onto each other tight and kissing and kissing and kissing.

If you’d thought you were dizzy before, you were sadly mistaken. That was nothing compared to this, this feeling of complete weightlessness and warmth as you clung together, riding out your highs until Baekhyun collapsed on top of you, panting into the pillow your head rested on.

Neither of you spoke for a long time, while you recovered.

Finally, Baekhyun lifted his head, peering at you with one eye still closed.

“Are we okay?” he asked hesitantly, as if he was almost afraid of the answer.

You looked over at him, beautiful, worn out from making love to you and still obviously scared he’d screwed up beyond reason. You couldn’t watch him beat himself up over it anymore.

Leaning over, you kissed him just once, softly, letting it linger on longer than you knew he was expecting, until Baekhyun was smiling again, and you felt his cheeks blushing against yours. You pulled back finally, eyes searching his.

“There’s my answer.”

Usually I don’t do this but since I’ve already seen two people writing unnecessary Ward-related hate under my Skyeward edit I’ll do it anyway:

I’ve spent A LOT OF HOURS creating this poster. I did it for myself and for the other people who enjoy the ship like me. I would appreciate it if you not use it to spread your hate.

If you don’t like the ship then don’t reblog edits about them!

If you want to write hate make your own edits for it!

Spend HOURS, maybe even DAYS or WEEKS on creating edits and then you know how much work this it and how much it hurts to see your work, that was intented for people to enjoy, to be used for hating!!!

Kiss of Realization - Requested (Luke)

BIG requested by done (Hi!I was wondering if you could write something about y/n and Luke, where y/n is on tour with the guys and has feeling for luke but luke only thinks of her as a sister or close friend. but one day luke is comforting y/n bc of hate she’s getting, like being called a groupie, and she thanks him and tries to give him a kiss on his cheek but he moves his head and they accidentally kiss and he like freezes and y/n apologizes and leaves the room, but luke realizes he actually has feeling for her too.) ENJOY!!!!

You lock the door before pressing your back against it and sliding down until your bum touches the floor. You let the tears slide down your cheeks now you’re alone. A small sob escapes your lips but you bite your lip hoping to stay quite.

’(Y/N) open up’ you hear Luke’s voice, it’s soft, soothing but it only upsets you more, you’ve been avoiding him like the plague since you spilt your heart to him, but he rejected you, of course because your you, your nothing.

‘Leave me alone Luke’ you snap, you hear him sigh as you sniff. ’(Y/N) come on, you can’t avoid me forever’ he sighs a little; his words only making you feel more pathetic. 'Why are you crying?’ He asks, you hear shuffling and a scrap down the door and you assume he is sitting with his back to the other side of the door.

'Why do you care?’ You know you sound childish but you don’t care right now your hurt. 'Okay open this door, I’m serious (Y/N), open the fucking door’ he tells you, you can hear he is annoyed at what your said. You sigh reaching up you unlock the door and shuffle away a little so he can slip in and he does, closing the door and dropping down by your side.

'What’s up?’ He asks 'this isn’t about me right?’ He asks, you glance at him from the corner of your eyes. 'I hate you’ you mutter, you see the corner of his lips twitch with a smile, only making you glare harder.

‘They hate me, your fucking fans, hate me’ you tell him, he nods a little understanding and wraps an arm around your shoulders. You don’t relax into him like you normally would not for a moment anyway until he pulls you closer. ‘They call me a groupie; they make horrible rumours up about me. I hate it Luke, you guys are like my brothers, your all I have and they make me want to run away, get away from you guys. But your all I have and I never want to leave, but I don’t want to stay and I’m so confused Luke’ you cry into his chest, his large hand rubbing you back soothingly.

‘You don’t have to listen to them. I love our fans, we all do by they get weird some times and that’s just what happens. I’m sorry that they hurt you so much, I wish I could take the pain away’ he tells you, you sniff into his shirt trying to stop the tears but it’s doesn’t work, ‘And you know if you ever tried to leave us we would be following you around right?’ he chuckles a little and you let out a small scoff between your tears. ‘I’m serious, I dunno what we would do without you, and Michael wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed’ he laughs.

‘Seriously though, you’re our best friend…..my best friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You have been here through it all; you make sure we don’t turn into arseholes.’ You feel his lips against your head as he speaks. ‘And you are a groupie, but you’re the cute groupie that stands back while the others throw themselves on us, you’re the one that supports us and our music not just are fame status. You were are first groupie and you better get used to it because the only time you’re not gonna be a groupie is when we split up’ he chuckles and you do to, pulling away from his chest a little.

‘I love you (Y/N), your truly one of the most important people in my life and I never, never even want you to lock yourself away from me and cry again, and I never want you to even think about running away from us….away from me’ he tells you taking your face in his hands, you nod a little, his pale blue eyes boring into yours, as his thumbs brush over your cheeks whipping away the tears.

‘Thanks Luke’ you whispers, he nods dropping his hands and you move in to kiss his cheek like you always do, but as your about to press your lips to his cheeks he moves and your lips brush, its literally seconds but it sends a shock through your whole body, and you hate yourself for feeling it, so much so that you stand and pull the door open rushing out. Fuck, that’s shouldn’t have happened, that brush shouldn’t have done that to you.


Her lips brush mine for a millisecond before she stands rushing out of the door and I’m frozen, why did that happen, how could that have happened. Its shock, it has to be shock. But I’ve never felt that before, not just shock can do this, I was shocked when Ashton scared me but this, this wasn’t shock, it was something new altogether. And although dreading something before I know what it is my stomach drops and my chest tightens, so much so I panic, am I having a heart attack. But it sooths back to normal in only seconds, love, its love, I love her.

After everything I said the other day, and I love her, I can’t just tell her, I can’t do that, I put her through so much pain, so much embarrassment but I hadn’t given myself time to think it over, me and her, we were friends, best friends always have been since we were eleven and she was adopted by my next door neighbours. I never thought I loved her, well not like this anyway, I but I do, don’t I? I love her.



‘I love you’ your head flies up to the door where Luke is standing, looking as shocked as you feel, you hadn’t heard the door open to lost in thought over the accidental kiss, all these years, all these years you have wanted that kiss, the first one to mean something, but it didn’t, not to him and it hurt like hell. You don’t look at him for long, to embarrassed by what had happened you drop your head.

‘What I said the other day, it was bullshit….I didn’t know it was bullshit but it was….just then, when, when we kissed, I mean I know it wasn’t really a kiss but it was close enough….but it, it made me realise that I do…I do love you, not as a best friend….well of course as a best friend but more too. I think….no, no it’s not think, I know….I know I’m in love with you’ his words have caught you off guard, your eyes and piercing through your fingers, they have frozen entwines which each other, you can’t move, not sure your even breathing are you hearing right? Is this happening.

His large hands slide over yours, covering them and you take in a sharp breath at his touch, he gently pulls you up, tilting your chin a little, ‘(Y/N) (Y/L/N) I love you’ he whispers, but your shaking your head, ‘That was meant to be it Luke, our first kiss, I have been imagining it for two god damn years and it was nothing, a brush, an accident, it meant nothing’ you sigh, disappointed and over whelmed by his confessions, his eyes are soft as they hold you captivated, ‘It wasn’t nothing, it wasn’t meaningless, it was a kiss of realization’. 

From Chelsea