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Good news, I’ve got ALL* of the [new] cryptograms deciphered for you! In nice, easy-to-find categories, no less! (*With the exception of A) the Shape-Shifter’s page and the Blind Eye page, as there’s nothing new there to decipher. B) The seemingly random numeric values scattered on some of the pages. C) The possibly-morse-code(?) blocks.)

Naturally, there are SPOILERS FOR JOURNAL 3 below the break:

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Friendly reminder that

-Arryn Zech is openly bisexual
-Meg Turney is openly bisexual(and has actually discussed it in quite a few of her videos)
-Griffon Ramsey is openly bisexual and recognizes that there are more than two genders
-Kdin Jenzen is openly Pansexual
-Kdin’s romantic partner,Val,is openly genderfluid

-Ceaser (an environment artist on RWBY and RVB)is gay and currently in a gay relationship(as far as I’m aware)

-Ryan has acknowledged bigender people      

-Lindsay is a supporter of Trans* people                                                    

-Mica Burton is also openly bisexual                              

Yeah,seems to me like Roosterteeth is reaaaaal transphobic and homophobic

Stop accusing them of being anti-LGBT+ just because they make stupid jokes sometimes

And for the love of god,STOP saying shit like ‘well roosterteeth is homo/transphobic and you like them!!!!1!1’.Stop using them as an excuse or shield to hide your bigotry behind.

(If I have forgotten any other openly LGBT+ employees/friends of employees,please shoot me a message and I will fix this post right away!)

So, my RISD senior show is in two weeks! And this was the photoshoot me and my senior group did for the posters advertising our gallery show. The gallery title is, Beware the Ides of March. So we did a Ceasar theme. 

Fellow Risd followers interested in coming and seeing my work – the show is on March 15th at 6:00pm!