i'm catching up on television

Hinowa, about Tsukuyo: She always tries to bear the burden alone. I’m always so worried. Protecting me and Yoshiwara for so long, when she’s only a woman… Yet she never tries to rely on other people when something happens. She’s so focused on protecting others that she doesn’t allow others to protect her. But it’s different with you people. When she’s with you, she’s able to relax. Able to face you on equal footing and ask for help or offer help. You people are a true marvel… Any heavy burden, any attempt to shun others feels stupid when we’re around you.

Otose, about Gintoki: Always seemed as though he were looking for something. Butting in where he wasn’t wanted and pitting his own body to protect the things that were important for other people. Almost like he was trying to atone for something. Meanwhile, he kept nothing for himself. Didn’t get close to anyone. He was always alone…But you know… There were other strays who were drawn to that idiot. Soon he could no longer stay alone. Maybe he just learned from them. That fatalism won’t make anyone happy. That’s life. Rough, isn’t it? But you know, when I see the expressions on those three faces, I start to feel that it’s not too bad.


What an excitement-filled day:

~ a blizzard-cum-sunshine-pendulum day

~ the realization that Director Kawaguchi-san and he are like lovers - going on both vacations together (current Iwate and Hawaii’s Ka-uai trips)

~ the highly-anticipated debut of Sho-san skiing on television bearing no fruit as not a single shot had [initially] been captured on film