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This doesn’t effect most of us personally, so why not listen to the several testimonials from people who work in the industry and….here’s a wild thought: not discount them?

If kj was tired, he shouldn’t have been driving, that’s clear. And yeah, he should be held to his actions—but the discussion is about work environments that exacerbate the conditions and oft too high of expectations put out on cast/crew.

I swear some of you just want this to be drama when it’s a serious incident highlighting dysfunctional work environments; ones that effect everyone involved. including your own favs—who are, according to the HR article, now requesting shuttle transport options and safer systems in production

Fandom really makes me mad sometimes I stg

okay so i haven’t played piano in a long time (because my nails are too long and i was too lazy rip) but i love too much to ask so I tried to play it on the piano. i didn’t use any tutorials and i didn’t have any notes or anything so this is probably really bad but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Morning Light (Sheith)

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Rated gay for happy, sleepy boys in love

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It’s been three years since they came back to earth, three years since they’d all handed over the proverbial keys to a new team of paladins. Four since they dismantled the Galra Empire, six since the whole wild adventure began.

Sometimes it’s still a bit strange to reflect on, like it was some manic fever dream because here they all are, living out their perfectly mundane human lives like nothing ever changed and everything has always been right in the world. A lot has changed, each of them bearing more than their fair share of physical evidence. A tangible catalog of every battle they lost and won.

Sometimes it’s just wasn’t cut and dried.

They’d been through so much together, too much maybe, depending on how strong they were feeling that day. It wasn’t just physical scars they brought home as trophies. Time helped though, and what time didn’t heal they still had each other for, and Keith had Shiro. Not some twisted illusion, or a clone, or an after image of everything he’d always been terrified of losing for good some day. This Shiro was here, palpable flesh and blood cloaked gently in charcoal sheets and highlighted with the barest sliver of sunlight creeping through the curtains.

This Shiro was his.

Creases on his cheeks, drool, pillow matted hair and all.

Keith remembers how strained he used to look while he slept, fighting through resurfaced memories when the night terrors didn’t wrack his entire body. At the end of it all, after everything they’d done under their paladin monikers Keith would get them too, chasing after Lance or Pidge or Hunk. Chasing after Shiro. Always chasing and never reaching. Those nights always felt the longest, clinging to Shiro as a solid reminder that it’s over that he’s safe. Sometimes it takes more, when the memories are at their worst and he needs to feel Shiro, be pulled back into a sense of security before the sobs will stop. These days it was easier, reaching out and tracing scars when his chest got a little too tight. Grounding himself.

He’s here. I’m here. We’re here, together.

Shiro shifts under Keith’s fingers, still waking easily. He grumbles, eyes squinting.

“Keith.” It’s almost a whine. “Fix the curtains.”

They stay in bed late now. No universe to save, no Garrison to report to, just the two of them, the shack, and the hoverbike. Shiro reaches out for him when Keith rolls back from the window, drawing him into his chest and pressing a kiss to Keith’s forehead.

“You ok, baby? It’s too early for you to be up.”

Keith gives into the embrace, fingers weaving between the notches of Shiro’s spine and ghosting over the map of scars he’s committed to memory.

He’s beautiful like this.

It had taken so long for Shiro to come to terms with his new physical reality, even longer to let Keith back into the aftermath.

Now Shiro smiles and hums contentedly, loving Keith loving him, even if he never ends up liking them himself.

Keith kisses him softly. That’s ok, Keith thinks. He knows he can love them enough for the both of them, and that Shiro will always do the same for him.

“Yeah, I’m good.”

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Pidge and keith comunicating with things other than words. Im tired is a slight lean on the other. Im hrre for you is rubbing hands entertwined fingers is i love you, thou at first nwither understood this.


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Not to mention subtle cheek brushing as to say “you’re beautiful / I adore your look” stroking each others hair “I’m comfortable with you”, kissing on the forehead “I trust you and I hope you trust me too”

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kinder eggs are the best thing in existence and honestly fuck america for denying their children of that joy

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not to start anything but i think people are allowed to interpret oliver in cmbyn as fully gay and in the closet rather than bisexual without being accused of “not giving bisexuals anything” considering the fact that neither him nor elio use words like gay or bisexual and the fact that everyone interprets behavior and a piece of literature differently. 

                    sooooo it’s mabon, everyone !! the autumn equinox, one of thorn’s absolute FAVORITE days of the year. to kick it off consider this a starter call for things taking place in old oakhaven/autumnfest. mutuals only, please.