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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

— Gérard de Nerval 

i just wanted to draw them in suits and holding flowers lol forgive meeehh




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Handsome Jack and Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands
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sooooo i saw this post-break up prompt list and this one sounded like it had an awful amount of fluff potential: "i found the ring when i was moving my stuff out of your apartment and now everything makes sense"

Hello, darling nonster! I was super inspired by this prompt鈥 I鈥檓 hoping that you enjoy the below installment of ANGST and REGRET and LOVE. <3

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You asked for this.

I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to make up for this one tbh. @veraandalyn @zenwisterias

The air was still. Quiet. Peaceful.

Wasn’t the calm supposed to come before the storm and not the other way around?

Alyn’s back felt the gentle warmth of the sun, his legs settled on soft dirt…or ash, he wasn’t sure which.
He was staring at the ground around him, a charred crater of nothing but death. No grass, no rocks or sticks, just…ashes.

A slight breeze picked up a sprinkle of black dust and coaxed it toward him. He felt the wind then, brushing past his face, cooling the twin streams on his cheeks. It ruffled her hair, wisping the silver strands across the black ground.

His thumb stroked her cheek gently, expression blank.


It wasn’t her voice.


It was, but it was his mind who heard it, not his ears. He closed his eyes, the memory playing like a nightmare across his vision.

“Alyn! Wait!”

He turned to look at her, arms pulled tightly against his chest, eyes wide and streaming tears. “Vera?” He shrank further in on himself, shaking his head. “No, you can’t be here…go! Leave!”

She had tears of her own, glistening like diamonds on her shimmering skin. “I’m not going anywhere, Alyn.”

He sobbed in frustration. “I can’t stop it, Vera! I can’t…I’m not in control!” Screaming, he fought the arcs of lightning that arched off his body. “Please! Just run!”

“We’ll figure this out…you’ll be okay.” She called, trying to ignore the smoking bodies lying nearby as she inched closer. “Just…listen to my voice.”

He cried out and clutched his head, rocking back and forth as he sobbed. “Please, please, please…I can’t- just, please!”

Her heart stopped in her chest as she caught sight of the chubby little tear streaked face, the wobbly legs that toddled closer. There was no time to react, no time to call out a warning, the child was too far away to shield.


Alyn’s head snapped around at the pitiful cry, his entire body going rigid as he screamed. “No!”

Vera lunged forward, not thinking, just reacting. She did something she never would have willingly. Reaching inside herself, she tapped into the swell of power and forced it to explode free.

She saw the Lightning leave his body, stretching out like angry fingers toward the terrified child. Then in one split second they twisted and snapped in her direction, drawn in by her gravity.

“I’m sorry, Alyn.”

The world was silent.

Alyn couldn’t hear his own screams, but he felt them, tearing his soul apart as his body shook. The tang of copper stung inside his mouth, the acrid smell of electricity and ash burning his nose and throat.

Sitting in the crater of destruction he had caused, he cradled Vera in his arms, one hand gently holding her head to his chest, the other pressed over the charred hole in her shirt, as if covering it up could make it disappear.

He wasn’t sure when the air had become silent, not even an insect would dare interrupt the stillness. He could feel the fresh scars on his legs, burning into the bottom of his feet with a soft hiss like an angry snake.

She had gone cold in his arms, the glow of her skin was gone, and her heart was silent.

Just like that, his world was gone. His reason for living, his everything had been snuffed out in a matter of seconds.

“Approach with caution! Target is considered extremely dangerous!”

The voice reached his ears distantly, as if he were under water.

He was a monster, Vera had been wrong.

“Lie down on the ground and put your hands on your head!”


“Do it now!”

There was nothing left.

“You have until the count of three and then we’ll be forced to shoot!”

He smoothed his hand delicately over her starlight locks.


Placing a soft kiss to her forehead, he gently settled her on the ground.


He slowly stood up, turning to face the soldiers.

What happens to monsters?

He spread his arms wide, and closed his eyes.


They get put down.

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B u t what if Shiro just CACKLES when he laughs. Like. This big thing that comes from the pit of his belly and just fuels his open and happy laughter I live for this

Speaking of Brick House Ridgeback gijinkas…. I’ve had this picture of Icnoyotl and Omeci on my computer for a little while.

Brick House Ridgebacks and Fluffy/Pudgy Coatls. Yes good.

you’re my partner.

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"Ah... A prince..?" the bunny robed man asked softly as he stepped into the castle, looking around from behind his hood. He's traveled plenty, and after finding an odd looking rip, had ended up in an extremely different Lorule. His was... beautiful, but this one? horrid, hideous. It bothered him greatly. "How did he manage this...?" he mumbled to himself. Stealing a few treasures was one thing... But a whole castle? That was insane.. So amazed by this, he hardly noticed anyone else in the room.

Meanwhile, the young prince was scrawling away in one of his ledgers, as he usually tried to find the time to do when he wasn’t running the charity drive.  He’d thought he’d put the sign on the door indicating that donations weren’t being taken at the moment, so when he hears footsteps and mumbling, he and Sheerow both startle.

“Wha!"  He turns around, making a big, ugly mark in the ledger with his pen in the process.  However, when he sees the outfit, he breaks into a big grin.

”…Oh!!  Well, what do you know, it’s another Ravio!  You must be, what, the fourth or fifth that’s waltzed in here lately?“  He stands, scooching his chair back and approaching the other with an amicable expression.  "You look kinda lost, buddy; don’t worry, though, this is the same Lorule Castle you’ve always known and loved!  Just, you know, nicer.  And with a lot more furniture.  And, uh, probably a couple of years in the future - for you, I mean.  It’s complicated.”

Of course, he could be wrong in assuming that he’d be similar to himself, but that was no reason not to be friendly!  …Right?