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Note for USAians who have access to the Starz apps

Starz releases its shows for users of the apps at midnight on the day of airing.

Basically, you’ll get American Gods 21 hours before it airs on the cable channel. 

Use this information wisely.


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything

Can’t stop thinking about a scenario in which Don Mancini is writing an ep for season 4. He’s been tasked with finally writing the all too important first ever Hannigram sex scene. He remembers a conversation with Bryan and feels it is important to note that in bed the two of them like to switch. He receives the script back on his desk the next day with a full page note from Bryan declaring FLIP! I SAID FLIP! in big red block letters. Don Mancini sighs and goes back to work.

Can it become a thing that everyone knows Riley?? Marcus and Abby return to camp: “RILEY??? Could it really be you??” King Roan sees Riley and is like “Riley, my main man! My main dude!” Random grounders in polis are like “eyyyyy it’s Riley! High five? Fist bump?” The radiation ending the world sees Riley and swerves around him,,, Lexa from inside the chip gives him finger guns,,

Why you should watch and support American Gods

As some of you may know, American Gods is premiering on Starz on April 30th. It is supposed to have 3 seasons, but if people don’t watch it I’m afraid it will be cancelled.

So, here are a few reasons why you should all watch this show:

- It’s the adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. He is mostly known for being the author of: the comic book Sandman; the novels Coraline and Stardust; the movie adaptation of the anime Princess Mononoke. He also wrote two episodes of Doctor Who: “The Doctor’s Wife” and “Nightmare in Silver”. Gaiman is also one of the executive producers of the show American Gods.

- Another executive producer and the developer of the series is Bryan Fuller. You may know him for being the executive producer and writer of the tv show Hannibal. That’s right.

- Moving on, let’s take a look of some of the main characters of the show:

This is just a taste. The book had characters coming from all over the world, representing a lot of different religions. Many of these characters were very secondary in the novel (or it would have become Lord of the Rings…), but they will have much more space in the tv show.

Also, there are at least 3 LGTB+ characters from the book that have been confirmed to have a more or less big role in the show. But since Bryan Fuller is involved, it’s highly probable that there will be more.

- I don’t want to say too much about the plot, but American Gods it’s a beautiful story, deep and full of twists, and the morals are not as easy to figure out as it will seem at first.

I am really excited about this, we should all give it a chance, I’m sure it will be amazing.


3 stanley cup rings, 2 stanley cups, 9 seasons, 135 points, countless pit bulls given homes, and 17 seconds later, #29 leaves the blackhawks. 

thank you, bryan bickell, for all you’ve done for and with the blackhawks. we’ll miss you and we wish you the best of luck in carolina.

Some Favorite RDC3 Memories

So many amazing things happened. Here’s a quick, far from exhaustive list of my favorites. 

  • Getting to pour Hugh Dancy a taste of whiskey
  • Aaron Abrams feeling up my flower crown
  • Bryan Fuller sharing American Gods images on his phone
  • Demore Barnes doing his impression of me asking my question
  • Getting Hugh to wear the pair of Will Graham glasses I own
  • Getting a Bryan hug
  • When we realized we were going to be the last table to get Bryan at the Meet and Greet and just settling in for the evening
  • Scott Thompson’s very sincere story about the origins of Buddy Cole
  • Hugh tearing up when Bryan said “It’s beautiful” was his favorite line because Hugh wrote it
  • The Fannibal musical
  • Getting to spend a fair amount of time with Ro
  • Getting to meet so many more fannibals
  • Bryan’s constant look of delight and wonder
  • Hugh being incredibly game for anything and totally into the whole experience
  • Bryan stopping signing long enough to come to the closing ceremony and then going back to signing to make sure everyone got through the line
  • Ellen
  • Scott and Aaron
  • Demore
  • Hugh
  • Bryan