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Draco is definitely not gay, part six.  (Except that he really, really is.)
  • Draco, sneering: Heard about your breakup, Potter. I guess the she-Weasel wasn't quite *man* enough for you.
  • Harry: ...Not really, no.
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...So what are you doing tomorrow night?

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Gon or chocorobo-chan who's your bff,? =w=

Look, it should be clear that there’s a distinct difference between my best friend and the love of my life. Gon’s my best friend…

Also the best friend who happens to wear my clothes as pajamas and steal my pillow when he goes to sleep, I guess.

The Black Envelope: Married to the Cat

PART EIGHT of The Black Envelope series

OTHER PARTS: Sehun | Jongin | Joonmyeon | Kyungsoo | Chanyeol | Minseok | Baekhyun | | Yixing

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Kim Jongdae (Chen of EXO) x Reader

Genre: Fluffiest fluffidy fluff I’ve ever written; Arranged Marriage/Soulmate!AU

Summary: Become friends with the cat, she said. Become a cat, he said.

Word Count: 4,7K

As per usual, the author’s notes are hidden in the tags :)

In all of his life, to this particular day, Jongdae had never been this annoyed. Not because of Baekhyun who kept throwing his red boxers into the laundry machine whenever Jongdae tried to wash his white clothes; not because of his cousin eating all of his ice cream; and definitely not because of a cat.

“Could you stop glaring at Hufflepuff?” You asked him, petting your precious fluffy cat, “He finds it very uncomfortable.”

Jongdae huffed, sat down onto the couch and crossed his arms over his chest. Some situation he had found himself in.

“You know,” He started, “When you said that you were in love with your cat, I didn’t think you meant it literally!”

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Maybe there isn’t someone to tell you good night at the moment, but the moon will always be watching over you until someone does 🌙

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hi I know this might be a long shot but Backstrom was playing with Team Sweden when they won the gold medal today (!) and after the shootout ended Nicky cheesed at the camera and gave a little thumbs up. would it be possible to request a gif of that if you can find it? he scored the GWG and he was so happy!

I’ve clawed my way out of the impromptu hiatus borne out of utter darkness for this, anon. Nicky giveth and Nicky taketh away, I guess, and I found the cheese, so give me second!

I woke up today and admired the patterns the sun had drawn across my covers in sunlight. I put on my favorite t-shirt and ate breakfast, spinach and scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast and orange juice. I put in a romantic comedy and watched it sprawled on the couch. I ate popcorn and wrapped myself in warm blankets. around noon, I took the dog for a walk. I watched as autumn left its temporary mark on the sidewalk, leaves of red and gold that swirled around my feet as if I could’ve been the queen of autumn. I watched as strangers glowing from the afternoon reached down to rub my dog between the ears and smile at me. I smiled back. I watched as the little girl who lived down the block shriek my name and come running towards me because I’m always babysitting her and I’m like an older sister. when we got home, I ate my favorite pizza and washed the dishes. I turned the volume all the way up and danced to my favorite playlist. I sat on the porch when a drizzle started to come in and wrote about how the rain was my favorite music. I curled up on the bed and read books in oversized sweaters. I breathed easily, smiled naturally, and thought calmly. and when night fell and everything was quiet, I realized that today was the first day in months when I could think about you, and still be happy.
—  I don’t need you the way I used to