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Maybe there isn’t someone to tell you good night at the moment, but the moon will always be watching over you until someone does 🌙


this is an early munday photo, but my skywalker space gucci actually still fits and i’m ready to make my mom proud confuse people endlessly, walk the line between sith and jedi, and hang out with shelly next saturday.

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Re: your SKAM comment "man, either Norway is a much more sexually liberated place than the USA, or my friends in high school were all having a lot more sex than I realized" - I just realized you might have meant "hooking up" they're always mentioning? It can be anything from a single kiss, light petting, to full on sex. And the creator / producer / director of the show, Julie Andem, researched and interviewed teenagers for a long time in preparation for the show so it's pretty realistic. -TR

oh man, that makes season one make so much more sense

Eva kept talking about she had “hooked up” with Chris and I was like “…..did they not show us stuff? Because she and Chris kissed a few times and then she was like ‘nope, this is a terrible idea’” and so I was hella confused! I probably wouldn’t even consider that cheating, personally, she was tempted but she said no. I mean, that’s an issue on which everyone would have different opinions, but the way I interpreted her saying she had hooked up with Chris made her actions look so much worse to me. Like she had actively gone back to find him so she could have sex with him. Eva, I’m so sorry about all the terrible things I thought about you.

I woke up today and admired the patterns the sun had drawn across my covers in sunlight. I put on my favorite t-shirt and ate breakfast, spinach and scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast and orange juice. I put in a romantic comedy and watched it sprawled on the couch. I ate popcorn and wrapped myself in warm blankets. around noon, I took the dog for a walk. I watched as autumn left its temporary mark on the sidewalk, leaves of red and gold that swirled around my feet as if I could’ve been the queen of autumn. I watched as strangers glowing from the afternoon reached down to rub my dog between the ears and smile at me. I smiled back. I watched as the little girl who lived down the block shriek my name and come running towards me because I’m always babysitting her and I’m like an older sister. when we got home, I ate my favorite pizza and washed the dishes. I turned the volume all the way up and danced to my favorite playlist. I sat on the porch when a drizzle started to come in and wrote about how the rain was my favorite music. I curled up on the bed and read books in oversized sweaters. I breathed easily, smiled naturally, and thought calmly. and when night fell and everything was quiet, I realized that today was the first day in months when I could think about you, and still be happy.
—  I don’t need you the way I used to

Heyo bronuts - I’m taking commissions ! If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to drop me an email or message
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I’m about to be buried in college expenses and need all the help I can get. Thank you guys ♡♡♡


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art, art, art, arrrrrrt.  okay, i’m done.  except.  also.  y’know.  ART!

Lydia’s a study in disinterest.  Gaze stretching out across campus, lips pursed in judgment of the impromptu Frisbee match forming on the quad, position oriented to scarcely acknowledge that she’s standing with Stiles.

Stiles is tempted to tell her to drop the act because once obsession with someone has been coded into his DNA, there’s not so much as a micro-expression that he’s likely to miss.  He’s definitely already caught on to and catalogued the shrewdness that has been attacking her face all day.  She knows something but she doesn’t know what she knows and she’s been hawk-eyed and predatory ever since she figured out that much.

Stiles is not going to encourage any of that, thanks much.  Side note: why is everyone around him comparable to some type of bird?  Not that he’s thinking about hummingbirds, because he isn’t.  He could be, but he’s not, because he’s in control of his brain and he’s decided: no.  Crap.  Firstly, he’s totally thinking about hummingbirds.  Second-of-ly, what kind of bird would that make him?  Oh man, probably some kind of friggin’ goose.

He hates geese.

Now he knows it’s likely because he’s subconsciously recognized a kinship to them.

“If you had to pick a feathered representation for me, it wouldn’t be a goose, right?”

Years of following his bullet-speed trains of thought has led to Lydia taking that completely in stride.  She doesn’t even bother to look up at him, hand fishing in her purse for her phone to check the time.  “A seabird probably,” she offers, lighting up the screen, “they’re clumsy on land.”

“Well that’s a self-esteem boost I didn’t know I needed,” Stiles says dryly.  “You’re a true humanitarian, Lyds.  Also, the correct answer was secret option C) some kind of dinosaur.  I would’ve preferred stegosaurus, for the record.”

She brushes the hair out of her face, glances at him.  “I could have said a hoatzin.”

Stiles has legitimately no idea what that is.  “Th… anks?”  He thinks. Probably.

“More commonly known as stinkbirds.  You’re welcome,” she confirms.  Her gaze is less glancing, more stripping and Stiles pretends not to notice.  “Expert deflection, Stiles, truly.”  She golf claps mockingly and Stiles glares back at her.  “Now what are you deflecting?”

“If I tell you, they’ll revoke my ‘expert’ status,” Stiles points out smartly, “And rip up my ribbon.  I can’t have that, I’ve already put it in the family newsletter.”

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kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring!