i'm bringing this shit back

being home literally makes every single one of my 800 problems flare up and honestly? bless all of my friends that deal with me.

am so unstable! thanks mom! I can’t sleep!

I have trauma episodes almost nightly! I’m starting to split on my fav people for no fucking reason! and have nonverbal episodes! I am a fucking disaster mess!!

and I feel guilty for needing people so much. and then accidentally hurting them. fucking hell. get me out of here.


If I have to live with this image burned into my mind, then so does everyone else

I’m just going to openly try to murder and mess with @askstrawhatsanji and now his children have to be on guard all the time

What can I say except your welcome!

Sanji probably gonna woop my frickin ass!

Hey it’s okay, it’s okay you’re welcome

Snooj don’t kill me I’m a lady

arielthelionhearted  If AoS kills off Mack (and we lose Trip a SECOND…

// i wanna ask what happened but then i don’t because it sounds like a possibility they wanna bring ward back and why would they when they have TRIP as an option?

so far, his ass is stuck in the framework, but you know they are gonna do whatever they can to bring his wonderbread self back.  if they don’t save mack and bring trip back?  i’m gonna be beyond pissed.


I know a few months back I stuck me leggy outta this fandom hoping that I could wait out the storm that is the current Noblesse arc, b-but look how far we’ve come to date and it looks like the authors are (((SWEATS LOUDLY))) still taking their sweet time dragging out the inevitable and I’m like mmmmmMM BOI don’t play with me 👀

death!calum for a malum au i’m working on :o i don’t know if it will go anywhere or if i’ll write something or attempt a small comic but :-)

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‘sorry i didn’t text you back, i just got bored and forgot about you and your entire existence’ a novel by me