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I know we're all dead but can we talk about how cute it was that he said thank you when she took her top off? And how intimate that moment was when he just took a second to look at her, to breathe her in, to confirm that this was really happening? Cause of death: Olicity.

Oliver was the perfect gentleman throughout that entire scene. 

Starting from the beginning, he was… everything. He was a man who was clearly still in love with this woman, but he’d also heard her last season when she said she was, for all intents and purposes, done. He was a man who was willing to get every tiny scrap of her natural sunlight, no matter what the cost for himself. Y’all are lying to yourselves if Felicity wasn’t doing exactly what Curtis suggested when the idea of her trying the salmon ladder came about. She’s all cute and flirty and doing something that shows a lot of skin, and yet, the entire time, Oliver was just so sweet. He didn’t push it, he didn’t take what are pretty obvious signs, he didn’t do anything without her explicit permission and direction. They went through two bottles of wine, my friends, they were quite a few sheets to the wind and still, he was the perfect gentleman. Even when she asked him to help her down, when he grabbed her waist, when he held her close, letting her down gently, cradling her like she’s the most important thing in his entire world (she is)…


He was just… 


… so Oliver and so respectful and I loved it so much.

But then it gets better.

Felicity finally makes the first move, she kisses him and remember the way he responded? 


(wow they kiss really well like damn well done a+)

He gives it his all because that’s all he wants to give her. He messed up so much in the past, and while the source of those issues are deeply buried and require a fucking bulldozer to unearth, it doesn’t change that it effectively ruined the best thing in his life. But now, now he has her back and it’s everything. Yes, the wine has stripped their inhibitions, but it just scratched off the surface, revealing what they’ve always, always wanted.



(This was cute af, anon, I so agree. He’s so totally getting swept up in the sensation of having her in his arms again, of kissing her, tasting her, feeling her, and it’s intoxicating. It takes over everything, leaving no room for anything but continuing to feel those wonderful things. We see that in the way he suddenly spins her, with so much intent, so much purpose - I know I’m not the only one who thought that was going somewhere else - but then he’s so painfully gentle with her. He could absolutely rip her sweater to pieces if he wanted to and he knew she probably wouldn’t complain one bit until later, but he didn’t, because remember, this is the Oliver who has been in love with this woman forever and he lost her and he’s been respecting her wishes in not pursuing a relationship and suddenly she’s here and she’s with him, but that doesn’t change where they are mentally, where he’s at mentally. (Wow, tangent.) It’s marked with that soft, adorable smile of his - that happy smile of his - and the way he says, “Thank you.” It’s really as if he’s thanking her for giving them this chance again.)

And then…


The passion is back, brimming over, all-consuming, burning them from the insides out, taking over everything, pulling them together like the magnets that they are…

But that’s not all it’s about, not quite. It’s about that, oh yes, but it’s also about connecting again, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, with their very souls. This isn’t just physical for Oliver, nor is it for Felicity, which is what he needs to double check, he needs to see, to make sure that… 

Well, that this is happening, that it’s what he thinks it is, that she’s on the same page, that she wants this, that she wants it as badly as he does, that she’s doing it for the same reasons, that… 


(the way he whispers her name, a gasp, a breathless plea… a prayer…)

He has to make sure. He has to. One, because it’s Oliver and when it comes to Felicity, there’s never been a halfway. 

Which is so very interesting considering what happened tonight - thinking about it from Oliver’s perspective, he honestly thought he was giving Felicity everything he could. He didn’t know at the time that he was only giving half of himself, only giving her the pieces he felt worthy of her, not realizing that he was hiding things from her, all under the guise of trying to protect her, in his own warped way. He has been broken, in his mind, for so long, but it’s only when he’s whole within himself that he can finally be with her, which we’re finally seeing, thank goodness.

He’s all in or he’s all out and he needs to know that Felicity is there with him.


But not a simple “Are you sure this is what you want,” no, it’s more than that.


It’s about them, and their love for each other.


And there it is. She’s right there with him, her love for him shining through, bathing him in its purity, a cleansing feeling that shines light in the darkest corners of his being (even if he doesn’t recognize it until much much much later). 

Cause of death: Olicity 

Indeed, anon. Indeed.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog! Do you have any fic recs?

oh gosh thanks! i do have a few fic recs. these are just ones i have read or are currently reading.

(sorry they aren’t categorized)

The Inevitable Love Story Between Two Oblivious Idiots by Bgtea (this is the first bagginshield fic i’ve read and it’s one of my favorites!)

Burned To A Cinder by ferretbaby

Prayers To Broken Stone by Avelera

Discovering Mr. Baggins by Eareniel

Sansûhk by determamfidd

Nothing Gold Can Stay by perkynurples

See The Stars by FeathersInTheBasement

Watch Me Grow by RainiDayz

Far From Home by Tristripe

To Everything There is a Season by badskippy

An Expected Journey by MarieJacquelyn

Clarity of Vision by mithen

The Road Delivered Us Home by keelywolfe

Thorin Oakenshield’s Majestic Diary by Fruitsie

A Home for my Heart by Moonrose91

A Shot in the Dark by Silver_pup

edit: i realize that most of these are widely known in the fandom, but i just took these from the bookmarks i have on AO3. i will make a proper fic rec post in the near future.

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Fuck BRE. I'm still fried from Olicity overload. Instead of tidbits all season we've been overdosed with it all IN ONE EP!! #deathtoolicityfandom >>---> I do have a question tho, and it's about that last scene. Felicity said she understood why Oliver lied about William, and I know it has to do with Helix, but how does she understand? Felicity didn't lie to Oliver. She trusted him. he doesn't trust her not with Helix and not with William. So still not comprehending that last scene totally

the olicity was so real, girl, so real and intense and amazing wow

(Before I even attempt to answer this, I have to link to this post and this post by @cogentranting that absolutely nailed my exact thoughts on what happened.)

This is such a layered question only because it’s a layered issue, one that’s been churning and boiling for years now. It’s something that was set in motion way before Olicity even got together, one that is reflected in both Oliver and Felicity as stand-alone characters.

When Felicity said she understood, it wasn’t about the actual decision that Oliver made. What she understood better after last night was Oliver himself.


She does know now, or at the very least she’s starting to, and it is just that understanding that let her see things oh so differently, that let her look back and see things from how Oliver’s POV. It has finally given her a level of understanding that she never, ever had before. 


(god his face, look at him, he’s so vulnerable, but he’s also so cleansed)

It isn’t as simple as trust by itself, that was what last night was about. The problem (and the one that got them to the point where Oliver didn’t tell Felicity about William) is that Oliver doesn’t trust himself, and that was the driving force behind so, so, so many of his past actions.

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My Olicity heart is so alive right now.

It’s not just the promo (that’s a vicious damn lie and I hit the keys on my keyboard very aggressively as I typed ‘that’s a vicious damn lie’) but it was also how they each saw things in 5x19, as separate individuals outside of Olicity:


We always knew they were going to walk in each other’s shoes, that it was what they both needed to do in order to understand each other better, but I didn’t fully grasp just how much of their own personal experience they’d be bringing to the table. Of course Felicity thinks Oliver should be on her side, should understand her sacrifice and why she’s doing this. That’s all he’s done, that’s all he’s ever done and it’s only him who can see the price, not the people outside of it, including Felicity. And of course Oliver should be trying to stop her, because he knows what that sacrifice entails, because he knows it’s not worth it, not if it means the price of your soul.

It’s so beautiful, and so Olicity, and I’m just… 

Originally posted by forbeautifulpeopletv

They need to understand each other before they can come back together and tonight was a giant explosion on everything they haven’t been facing or talking about, not just as a couple, but as friends, as partners, as individuals.

I can’t wait for next week. This was the perfect primer for all of the cropped up issues we’ve all known were there and that both Oliver and Felicity have been ignoring and they are going to be forced into a life-or-death situation, with no choice to hide, no choice to run.

It’s going to be so glorious!

My Olicity heart is so full right now.

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honestly I’m just going to accept that my og url is iconic and Imma just change my heading based on my moom

but like Heather Chandler was a mythic bitch who deserved to die by drinking drain cleaner mixed with stuff to cover the taste and Veronica and JD are fucking Breana and marcus if it weren’t for my alternate canon where Marcus isn’t evil.


why do we never talk about the fact that Race has a technically unlit cigar between his teeth for, like, 80% of the entire show


“It’s a metapher, see.
A metapher.

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A request to all Olicity blogs: after that post-non-Olicity sex scene, I believe all Olicity blogs should re-blog 3x20 gifs to help expunge that from our memory banks. Please. Maybe a few drabbles to help, too, dear wonderful fic writer? Or a Blood Hands tease? (see what I did there?)

Sneaky anon! I won’t be giving anything Blood Hands away, but… 

I can insist we all think about Oliver leaving hickeys on Felicity’s neck. 

It’s not a conscious thought on his part, he doesn’t actively go out of his way to do it (at first), he just likes tasting her, teasing her, hearing her gasps when he drags his tongue over pulse point and the way she quakes when he sucks on her skin, the groan she gives him when he drags his teeth over the now sensitive spot. It was all so innocent at first, with Felicity chastising him from the bathroom as she covered it with makeup, but as he apologized and went into the bathroom to watch her remove any visible mark of his from her body, he realizes he doesn’t want her to. He wants to see those marks and he wants everyone to see them, too. It’s a primal need to mark her, a way to show the world that she is his and only his. He ignores the need for a while, making sure he only gives her hickeys on places she can cover, but that doesn’t last long. The little thrill he gets when he sees her first thing in the morning - her hair tangled from his hands and sleep, her lips swollen from his kisses, small burns from his beard decorating her chin and complete satisfaction filling her gorgeous, heavy-lidded eyes, all topped off with a deep, dark hickey on her neck… oh, it’s addicting. And he keeps doing it and despite herself, despite how goddamn annoying it is at how much makeup she keeps having to put on and that she is not having to invest in more scarves than she ever thought she’d need, she never stops him. Because she likes wearing his mark.

And then let’s talk about Felicity’s marks on him, the scratches that start on his back and shoulders and slowly migrate to his neck and biceps, or when she bites him as she comes, using him to muffle her cries of pleasure because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the restaurant and Oliver has her shoved up against the wall in the ladies restroom, or small kisses that she drops here and there with specific lipstick, knowing she’s leaving small imprints of her lips that he won’t see unless he looks in a mirror… small imprints that she knows he won’t remove, because that thrill it gives her is exactly the same one he feels whenever he marks her.

Or… something like that.

Or maybe talk about how much passion can be conveyed in a few seconds, in a single kiss, in a moment where they are connected as they ever will be, where there is nothing left between them but each other and their love. 

It’s so damn beautiful.

Or we can talk about his gorgeous smile! Look how happy and content and beautiful he is here. This is a man who is completely and totally himself, who has let his walls down completely and knows right down to the very marrow in his bones that he is accepted and loved for exactly who he is.

Or what about this content moment? Yes, there were underlying bad things brewing, but holy god, look how content he is there. Oliver’s home is Felicity. His shelter is Felicity. The light in his life was sparked by Felicity.

And how can anyone forget about her face when she realized that Oliver remembered the color of the pen she was chewing on? The most inconsequential detail of ever and Oliver remembers it, and he’s so incredibly confident about that knowledge, because he memorized everything about her before he knew how important she was going to be to him. It shows that while she’s been fairly obvious about her attraction to him, she wasn’t the only one who has been there since the very, very beginning.

And what about 4x06, an episode of pure gold, when Oliver showed her how much he wanted to be there for her, how open he was to everything she was and is, and how Felicity conquered her fears for their love, because while they can very well get lost in each other, it’s only in each other that they found out who they truly are.

They have loved each other since they first met…


That is how you OTP.

I like how this post went from pure animal need to look how much they love each other. All this proves is that Olicity is capable of all of it and that is damn amazing.

It means that they have the highest highs…

And the lowest lows…

Because that’s how great passion works

And in the end the will make it, because…

Before I can even fully process that finale and that ending (I am shaking oh my god) I have to talk about Stephen Amell and Josh Segarra. 

They are so fucking incredible in every single scene they share and you know what it is? It’s the same reason why I love the scenes Amell shares with EBR - Josh Segarra brings his all to every single thing he does. Like that man commits and it’s amazing and Stephen responds to that so beautifully by reciprocating completely. The moments they shared tonight were fucking stellar, just fucking stellar. I was watching these two guys just completely let go and giving these character their absolute all and I’m…

It was amazing.

I feel so blessed that I got to see these guys opposite each other this season.

is there really any reason to have thorin hold the mithril shirt the way he did? you see him hold it in front of bilbo as if it were a groom holding a wedding veil:

these films are directed and edited in painstaking detail, and everything is done on purpose. so why would the filmmakers have this scene directed this way? thorin could have just handed the shirt to bilbo so he could put it on himself. rather, what actually happened was thorin holding it in front of him, telling him to undress, and helping him put it on. bagginshield conspiracy maybe?