i'm bragging here


Okay so I went to Chanyeol’s moms restaurant today, Viva Polo. A restaurant where I’ve been a regular for pretty much a year now. Now, my korean is not perfect, but a year ago I could barely speak any korean, so of course it’s improved, but still to this day I haven’t really had a real long conversation with Chanyeol’s mother, only the occational “did you enjoy the food?” and other small unimportant talk. But today I went to Viva Polo with my friend who speaks Korean. I had went to the concert venue after EXO’s concert on Sunday to take some pictures and had seen Youngmi exit the venue and greet the fans. So today when I come, my friend starts talking to her and notices that she’s really really kind. Now my friend is not an EXO fan, and doesn’t really even know the faces of the members. But after Youngmi had found us a place to sit, I tell her that it was Chanyeol’s mom that she had just talked to. When Youngmi returns to us, I ask her if the concert was fun, and tell her that I saw her on Sunday. And she says really happily that it was so much fun, and asks me if I went as well, and I tell her that I went on Friday, but I had wanted to see EXO exit on Sunday and had seen her then. She then laughs at me for just going to see them exit and then tells me to wait a moment. Then she returns with her phone and finds a picture that she took with Kyungsoo after the concert. So I tell her like “ahhhh sooo cute!”, and she’s like “nonono!! he doesn’t like being called cute”, so I’m like “ahh yea right!” and my friend says “so handsome” to correct, and we just laugh so much. So she goes on her phone again and finds a selfie she took with Suho, and we tell her that the pictures are so cute. So she finds another picture, this time of her and Chanyeol, and the picture was toooooo cute!!! So I’m like “ahhhhh so soooo cute”, and she’s wearing a flower crown in the picture so I point it out, and she explains “Chanyeol likes wearing the hat, but he received the flower crown from a fan at the concert and gave it to me when he put on his hat”. And I swear the picture is too cute!!!!! She looks at it so proudly as well. I tell her I’m going to the concert the coming Friday as well, so she’s like “wow you see them a lot”, so I say “I really really like Chanyeol a lot”, and she touches her heart and says “I also like Chanyeol a lot” and has such a cute sigh and break in her speech, and then says “my Chanyeol”. SO CUTE!!! A bit later my friend says that next week is my birthday so we will eat at this restaurant. And I tell her that last year as well I celebrated my birthday there, and she suddenly remembers and says “ahhh! you sang the birthday song right!!” and I can confirm that she remembered correctly!! So she tells me to make sure to make a reservation so that there is an available table there when we arrive! Then our two other friends food arrive, even though, which I forgot to mention, those friends came a bit later than us, so she comes to our table and laughs because their food had arrived first, but tell us to wait and still enjoy the food. Youngmi is always so sweet to me when I’m there though, she will always try to talk to me as much as possible even though she knows my korean is not perfect, and she always looks over at me and smiles at me while I’m eating. We finish eating and go over to pay for the food, and since we’re so many people we decide to just spilt it there so that one person doesn’t have to pay a huge amount. And Youngmi expresses like “ahh you’re making this stressful for me” really cutely and just laughs. And she asks me when my birthday is, so I say “Friday next week”, and she says “aren’t you going to the EXO concert that day?” and I explain like “ahh no concert is this week, my birthday is next week” and she’s like “ahh that’s right”, so I tell her the date of my birthday, and she asks for my phone number, and I tell her, and then my name, so I say “it’s Irene”, and she literally gasps and says “ahhh the name is so beautiful, your face is also so beautiful” and I thank her so much and I don’t know how I manage to be so calm because on the inside I’m screaming because CHANYEOL’S MOM THINKS I’M BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So she confirms my reservation and waves at us and smiles so much and says goodbye!!!! I went to Viva Polo so many times, and I know that Youngmi always really wanted to communicate better with me. I always go with friends, friends who even speak better korean than me, but she always turns to me whenever she speaks. She seemed really happy that we finally had a good conversation today!! And I’m learning more and more korean every day now so hopefully I’ll be able to talk even more to her from now on!!