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it makes me so happy that tom, rupert and alex were willing to attend wales comic con to talk about merlin when they don’t have to at all. they’re still out there flying the flag for merlin and happy to meet fans and talk about a show that ended nearly 5 years ago and which they didn’t really get a lot to do, alex especially was only in one series and yet he still seems to enjoy talking about merlin. idk i’m just so grateful that the merlin fandom is still going strong and that the actors seem to still care about it too.


A Modern Mergana AU : After discovering that the agency he works for is corrupted, Merlin recruits his fiancée; Morgana into helping him to take it down. But before they manage to go through with their plan, Merlin’s intentions are discovered and soon, Arthur Pendragon - the head of the agency who’s ignorant to his sister’s involvement -wants him dead and he orders Morgana to do the job. So instead of following the direct orders, Morgana helps Merlin fake his death and together they resume their plan to take down Arthur and his agency.