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Elsa was sure she could watch for hours and never once get tired of the sight before her. Seeing Tamora in such a peaceful state was, as far as she was concerned, the most lovely thing /anyone/ could wake to. Carefully resting on top of the blonde, fingers lightly tracing small patterns against her shoulders, the queen finally gave in to the tickling urge that had gnawed at her since waking. And so, with a smile on her lips, soft, feather light kisses peppered themselves upon Tammy's face.

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✬;; – The moment she felt the bed shift next to her, Tamora was pulled halfway in between being awake and asleep. She could feel Elsa stirring beside her  but, well, the arcade was closed for the day. Why would she want to even think about getting up early when she didn’t have to?

The weight continued to shift causing Tamora to be pulled more and more into the world of waking. Though she was having one of the most    f a n t a s t i c    dreams, waking up to her girlfriend beside her was far greater than anything her mind could come up with. It had been a long time since Tammy had that and she was going to be damned to let that go. 

It wasn’t until she felt Elsa’s weight settle on top of her that Calhoun was pulled completely into the waking world. Fortunately the Ice Queen had done so gradually enough not to be flung off Tamora in a panic. Instead curiosity took hold. Instead of opening her eyes and asking her what she was doing, Tamora kept her them closed…just to see what Elsa was going to do. 

The      g e n t l e     patterns her fingers were making caused goosebumps to raise on Cal’s skin, as if providing a trail to show where her fingers had been. The lightness of it almost     t i c k l e d    in some spots. How Tamora continued to feign sleep, even she didn’t know. And just when she didn’t think she could take anymore, the tracing stopped. What else was Elsa planning?

Tamora didn’t have long to wait as she felt gentle kisses peck at her face. What started out as one or two quickly turned into multiple. Even though her eyes were still closed, Tammy couldn’t stop the smile from      s p r e a d i n g     across her lips. Well, she was going to be busted sooner or later. 

Whether Elsa had noticed or not, Tamora eyes      f l u t t e r e d     open and just as Elsa dived in for another quick peck, Tamora’s blue eyes opened and her head turned hastily, resulting in Elsa’s kisses not going to Tam’s face, but to her own lips instead. Just as she’d planned. Those kisses on her face were nice, but nothing was better than Elsa’s lips on her own. Though still sleepy, she couldn’t help but meet the chill with her own fire. Twisting her body, Tamora’s arms wrapped up around Elsa before pulling her in close. 

Though the kiss had ended, the still slightly sleepy soldier buried her head into the other’s face, doing everything she could to be as close as physically possible. Letting her eyes flutter closed, Tamora let out a contented sigh.

Well. That is one hell of a way to wake me up. Not that I’m complaining