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Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

As you all know, I am an endless well of knowledge and advice. Well it’s time to take some of my own advice and come clean about something very important. 

Legendaries don’t actually drop. It is a lie created by the Warcraft community bourgeois, like myself, in partnership with the Illuminati (AKA Blizzard Entertainment). Every player who claims to have a legendary is in on it and is lying to you in order to increase WoW subs. We are all on Blizzard’s payroll.

The payment is Legendaries.

mignonbonbon  asked:

I love how you write out thought processes. It never feels flat or boring or like filler-- it's meaningful, always, and it's always captivating to read. I love how in character your Bruce is, and I love how complicated his thoughts and feelings are. He's not flat and he isn't boring and you're lovely, writing with you is really something special. ily always ❤

[ Thank you so much! Ahhhh, I’m so glad that what I want to come through with his character does come through, oh man. Thank you so much! I love writing with you and I know we have a gazillion threads together and I love them all and I love you too <3 ! ]



i can’t believe kirby’s fucking dead.png

is this a pigeon.gif


ooc;; this has been your preview into the file-naming process of somari, thanks for coming,

haha okay yyaaay I finished iiit!!!
There are 344 frames in this sucker
It’s the longest animation I have made so far!
Ehh, I just hope you like it?
It’s okay, I wanted ‘you’ to have more movement but what do you expect, I’m an amateur animator hh
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Oh heyyy alsoo
This pretty much was @crowfry ’s idea, I thought it was adorable sooo here’s thiissss haha

Dva76 Shipping Week: Yeah.

When I heard there was a Dva76 shipping week coming (and I was actually in time for it) I got immediately over-excited and then my attempts to write… well, anything turned into this; a multi-chaptered, tonally eclectic and I-don’t-even-know fanfic about a coupla’ cinnamon rolls.

Title: Yeah.
Pairing: Soldier 76/Jack Morrison (stale cinnamon rol)/D.va/Hana Song (pure(ish) cinnamon rol)
Rating: T (to become M+)
Wordcount: 2500k (ish)
Chapters: 1/7 (plus any bonus shit I decide to write)
Prompt: Snow
Summary: Soldier 76, D.va, a Christmas Party that’s not a Christmas Party and some outrageous festively-themed socks. To say nothing of the horrors of war and crippling fear of death - not his of course, but he’s watched too many good soldiers die to let this hothead go without saying something. For all the good it does either of them.
Warnings: Terrible jokes, angsty old men, novelty socks, written accents, Tobjorn, creative grammar/formatting.

Link:  Hosted on my A03 because I am not even nearly shit-together enough to cross-platform post.

I’m going to assume very few of my followers (if I have those) are going to bat so much as an eyelid at this pairing, given my inclination towards May-December, old-man-sweats vs. spicy young lady ships, and this isn’t even nearly the most problematic thing I’ve written *waves at bully fandom* but Overwatch fandom has a little bit of a… reputation… and while I took a passing interest in this ship completely of my own volition, the sheer hilarious, misplaced vitriol of the hate directed towards it (in the tag no less) made me sit up and really want to sink my teeth into it. For the sake of dashboard mercy I’ll put the rest of the rant under the cut, but please, if you’re a hater, click through and read my disclaimer before forming an orderly line outside the ask box. I’ve got plenty of reaction gifs to go around.

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me at the first part of this new chapter:

i’m tired, release me from this h e l l



He is trustworthy and awesome

and the best, coolest person there is

this is exactly how i react to any nishinoya moment

same, hinata. same.

anyway that chapter did not have Tsukishima OR Yamaguchi (or even a cool Hinata moment!!! which we almost always have!!! wtf!!!), so I’m glad noya-san was there to save me from that hellscape

Just started watching The Missing and loving it. BBC tv shows are so damn good. Except for Apple tree yard. Apple tree yard is shit.