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Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

As you all know, I am an endless well of knowledge and advice. Well it’s time to take some of my own advice and come clean about something very important. 

Legendaries don’t actually drop. It is a lie created by the Warcraft community bourgeois, like myself, in partnership with the Illuminati (AKA Blizzard Entertainment). Every player who claims to have a legendary is in on it and is lying to you in order to increase WoW subs. We are all on Blizzard’s payroll.

The payment is Legendaries.

Imagine Woozi helping you out when you’re doing chores because he knows how easily distracted you get when you’re cleaning.


I kinda redesigned Ko (the kitty bby) and Uni (panda bbbYYyY)

Unko is rlly tall ok- He’s the oldest CLEARLY, Ko is youngest, and Uni is the middle chiLDDD

Distribution and Habitat Ch. 9

Rating: E
Word Count: 4403
Chapters: 9/?
Summary:  The real storm in his life is across the country, waiting for Rhett to step back into his sticky web.
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, assassin!link, thief!rhett, death, blood, gun violence, disturbing themes, murder, gore, anal sex

Link to AO3

Get to know me!

*gets tagged by @wrathwritesthings and stumbles forward!* Eguh! *catches herself* Wait… we’re playing Tag now? FINE! GET BACK HERE! *chases!*

*stops, then blinks* Wait, you wanna know more about me? PFF. I’m not all that interesting.. 

Muse: *Gibbs slaps*
Me: OW! EXCUSE YOU! What the hell was that for..?
Muse: *eyes her, and makes her fill out said meme* They wouldn’t have asked if they thought you were boring, nimrod.
Me: Tch. I am not a nimrod… I’m a dork…[Sorry! …Not really…]

Anyhow! I’ll tag a couple of you dudes back cause, why the heckin not, I’m curious about all you and I guess this is a good way to break the ice. It sure as heck makes you truly learn what a goof I am, so… if you want to run away screaming, I take no offence. <3

Also, if I’m tagging you, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. No pressure!

Tagging: @itshaejinju @rubyphilomela @loraliah @rose-of-yonezawa @mageheart 

Nicknames: Manda, Mao, Mama Manda - and I am the type that will probably answer to anything you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner…..or lunch…. or snacks… >_>;

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: Five Feet Two inches! ….. with shoes on. I lose that inch when I take them off. BUT!  I am smol and fierce and I will glomphug you for days for no reason. 

Last thing you googled:  I actually had to look up my history, cause my work history search got in the way. *huff* I googled Yayoi Kunizuka. - Since I seem to share her personality, I needed a refresher on who she was from Psycho Pass, as it’s been awhile since I watched said Anime.

Favorite Music Artist: Oh, good lord. Why. Um…. Monstercat, Fat Rat, Pegboard Nerds, Daft Punk, then if we get away from electronica like music, we’ve got A-ha, Tears for Fears, David Bowie, and many others - my range of music is off the wall. 

Song Stuck in your head: Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind and it has been for dayyyys. 

Last movie you watched: Justice League Dark. 

What are you wearing right now: *GASP!* YOU PERV!…. Heh.  My usual attire for working in a heckin IT Help Desk job - Grey T-shirt that says classically trained with a nintendo controller on it, a red polar fleece pull over, jeans and tennis shoes. 

Why did you choose your URL: Mandakatt has been my nickname/gamertag for years. If you are looking for me on ANY sort of platform, you’ll find me by that name. 

Do you have any other blogs: Nope. 

What did your last relationship teach you: To not take abuse - verbal, or physical. For. Any. Reason. The trip to hospital for stitches on my forehead thanks to a punch, and the bruises on my arms made me realize that what I was in was not good.  Honestly though, it’s probably one of the reasons that that people think I’m so patient with others.

Religious or Spiritual: Spiritual. Definitely.

Favorite Color: Greens and Oranges

Average hours of sleep: *snorts* 2. On a GOOD day. 6.

Lucky Number: Hmm.. 78.

Favorite Characters:  Oh ballz Really?! *blinks* This list is HUGE. A-are you sure..? *huff* Alright then!  Everyone in FFXV, Everyone in Overwatch, Dante, Vergil [DMC], War, Death, Fury, Strife [Darksiders], Saitama and Genos [One Punch man], Nyanta [Log Horizon], Shiro, Lance, Keith, Coran, [Voltron - Legendary Defender], Rin Okumura, Ryuji Suguro [Blue Exorcist], Shouto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya [My Hero Academia] - nooooow Otome games I’ll do top 5 XD - Date Masamune, Jumin Han, Masashi Himuro, Eiuske Ichinomiya, Toshizo Hijikata.

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 - One that’s super soft and light weight, the other that’s a quilt that is made out of old snow suits. I NEVER. FREEZE. 

Dream Job: To win an obscene amount of money in the lottery and become everyone’s sugar mama. *sage nods* … What? What do you MEAN that’s not a job?!  Pfff. Hm. I suppose a Pilot of a Puddle jumper. It’d be awesome to fly people into places that aren’t normally traveled to - like places in Alaska for instance. 

anonymous asked:

is it just haikyuu!! you blog about? no yoi, cheer danshi, yowapeda, days, dna, free!, hajime no ippo or knb? nothing else just haikyuu? :o

Hahahahaha way to call me out anon!!! ;)

But, uh, yes! I’d say it’s about.. 95% Haikyuu!! I do reblog Kuroko no Basket as well (Aomine remains one of my all-time favourite anime characters ever), and I have reblogged some Free! but not very much and not in some time… While I enjoy these anime and will reblog them occasionally, it’s really only Haikyuu!! that I’m obsessed involved with, fandom-wise.


In The Celluloid Closet there’s a bit where they’re talking about The Boys In The Band (which I love, and is well worth watching), and one of the people said what he loved about it was the sense of camaraderie and belonging you got from the group in that movie. And like. Same. I mean, do you ever just have such a longing to have that sense of belonging and community with other gay people

I know there’s this misconception that if you were really into the First World War as a kid then you must be boring or only interested in the same thing as everyone else or whatever

But honestly there’s part of me that’s been emotional over it since I was reading boy’s historical fiction at 10 years old, and those people that think one must be boring for being into the First World War as opposed to other history really don’t grasp the magnitude of it and all the possible things there are to learn.

Or maybe it’s more exciting and interesting to me because, being Irish, it’s only in more recent times that the war is being talked about. For so long it was framed as a thing that happened to other people while we were trying to get independence, but there’s more light being shed now on the Irish that fought in it and on the war as a whole.

The First World War is more than the Western Front.

It’s more than any of us were taught in school.

It’s damned fascinating and as someone who’s read a lot about a lot of different history (and who has a history degree), I will Fight anyone who claims otherwise.

currentfrequency  asked:

(too bad! go gotta answer some too!) 18, 32, 50

<3 i don’t mind answering, i just assume that there’s probably not, you know, ~overhwhelming interest~ or anything, but i am overwhelmingly interested in asking y’all questions, so. 

18: What would perfect date be for you? i’m honestly basically the most boring person in the world, and my ideal date 99.9% of the time is me, my lovely wife, the sofa, netflix, the cat, and the delivery guy, who stops over for exactly as long as it takes to hand me the takeout that we’ve ordered. maybe once in a while we go out to a moderately nice restaurant–nice enough that it’s nice, you know, but not nice enough that i have to wear special clothes? anyhow, once in a while we go out somewhere that is moderately nice and we eat fancy things, and then we go back to our living room and/or bed, where we snuggle and watch netflix and i knit and we pet the cat. i am a HOT TICKET, lemme tell you. 

32: Have you ever fired a gun? If not, would you like to? nothing big? i think i’ve fired a rifle a couple times when i was a kid, stuff like that. i’m relatively indifferent to the idea now, but i don’t really hold with private gun ownership, so it’s not something that i’m likely to seek out. 

50: Who is your favourite historical figure? i…hrm. i’ve been sitting here for like five minutes, going um, what are historical figures? and honestly, i don’t know that i have one? history, in general, seems to have been kinda, idk, bad in a lot of ways for a lot of people? i grew up in an area with pretty shitty libraries, but i was that kid who’d sit on the floor and just read my way through a whole shelf, and if memory serves, i read the shelf on hellen keller quite a few times. i was also obsessed with shipwrecks in general and the titanic in specific, and read a ton of biographies of margaret brown. so potentially one of them?

tiny-robespierre  asked:

"Once you get this, please say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favourite followers (this is non negotiable!!!) Let's SPREAD POSITIVITY!!!!!!!"

1) I like my laugh because other people tell me that my laugh makes them want to laugh, so it must be pretty good. 

2) I love my friends cause they’re awesome, and beautiful, and perfect.

3) my lap because my cat always sits there, and I love my cat.

4) my sense of humor because I can always make me laugh.

5) I love my shins because not only do they alert me to where the table is at night they also help me trip over my cat ( cause she’s a fat little ball of lard).