i'm bored so i drew a thing


jojo doodles from the past week or so..! most of these are just pretty rough things


Anastasia AU because I had too when i saw @yaboybokuto do it 

I couldn’t take good screens so I didn’t do much and the quality is shit i’m sorry. I may do better ones later - Or put my grabby hands on another au instead -

Also Inko prob died young, that’s why I drew her like this 

So, tomorrow is Harry Potter day for band camp and I’m so pumped. I’m so pumped that I sorted each section into the different houses and I’m going to award them house points for every good thing they do tomorrow.

Aren’t I the best drum major?


Tiana Appreciation Week ♕ Day 5 - Favorite Personality Trait

~Princess Marble~

I drew this 2 days ago, but i procrastinate until now to post it. Sorry if the quality is bad, i drew this on my phone and i don’t know how to configure the size (aside that i dont know how anatomy works) (*ノ∀`*)

I love this AU so much! i wanted to draw Prince Carpet too, but i’m still not confident enough to put my Philly online (o^ ^o)

Thanks so much @phantheraglama for making another precious AU (*´▽`*)

btw… gender rolls are the worst kind of bread

“It's detachable, Cas!  I'm supposed to grab it.”

I just needed something cute right now.