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Arctic Monkeys Asks

1. What was the first Arctic Monkeys song you heard?
2. What was the first Arctic Monkeys album you brought?
3. What was the last Arctic Monkeys song you listened to?
4. Have you ever seen Arctic Monkeys live?
5. Have you ever met any of the members?
6. What do you think their next album will sound like?

Songs and Albums
Favourite Arctic Monkeys song?
8. Favourite Arctic Monkeys album?
9. Favourite album era?
10. Least favourite Arctic Monkeys song?
11. Least Favourite Arctic Monkeys album?
12. Least Favourite album era?

13. Favourite song off AM?
14. Least favourite song off AM?
15. Favourite song off Suck It And See?
16. Least favourite song off Suck It And See?
17. Favourite song off Humbug?
18. Least favourite song off Humbug?
19. Favourite song off Favourite Worst Nightmare?
20. Least favourite song off Favourite Worst Nightmare?
21. Favourite song off Whatever People Say I Am…?
22. Least favourite song off Whatever People Say I Am…?

23. Favourite album/ single artwork?
24. Favourite b-side?
25. Least favourite b-side?
26. Favourite music video?
27. Favourite lyric?
28. Song that always gets stuck in your head?

29. Favourite band member?
30. Favourite Alex hair style?
31. Favourite Jamie hair style?
32. Favourite Matt hair style?
33. Favourite Nick hair style?
34. Favourite Alex fashion/ outfit?
35. Favourite Jamie fashion/ outfit?
36. Favourite Matt fashion/ outfit?
37. Favourite Nick fashion/ outfit?

38. Funniest Arctic Monkeys moment?
39. Favourite live performance?
40. Favourite interview?
41. Are you a fan of The Last Shadow Puppets?
42. Do you ship Milex?
43. Do you have any other Arctic Monkeys ships?
44. Do you know how to play any Arctic Monkeys songs on any instruments?
45. Would you like the Arctic Monkeys to collab with anyone? who?

46. What other bands do you listen to?
47. Favourite non-Arctic Monkeys band?
48. Favourite non-Arctic Monkeys band member?
49. Favourite non-Arctic Monkeys song?

50(5). Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?


I wanted to give my intake at the whole “Lance with Keith jacket” so I did a little doodle of Lance, then I though about the possibility that the show follow, even if for a brief time, the old Voltron(so Keith became the black paladin, Lance the red ones and Allura the blue) and things … got sidetracked. 

And with that I mean “I’m inking, but there are four - or they were five? - minicomic and It’s a bit boring, but I’m drawing Pissed Keith, So Done Shiro, and Matt Meeting Lance, so whatever. I’m going to finish them, I hope”.


anonymous asked:

What's some langst ya read recently? If you read that. I need some recommendations, I'm immensely bored.

ohhh you know lio he love the langst. okay, here we go:

when i dream it happens in blue

is a langst fic i just read recently. the writing is amazing and the author is so nice and awesome.

All the stars in the universe

short but nice langst. please disregard the major character death tag i don’t think anyone actually dies

He sleeps in the Sky of Ice

19 chapters and completed :)

The Paladin or the Wheel?

i can’t remember much about it, but i do remember it being pretty good

Trembling Lips

this one was pretty awesome ngl i loved it. 6 chapters and completed.


also can’t remember much about this one but i remember being so… emotional after finishing it. trust me you wanna read this. 10 chapters complete.

These are my personal favorites :) also if you feel like sticking around, I have a langst fic im working on that you can find here. i’m 2 chapters in but there’s a lot more to go.

I spend about 80% of my time thinking about Kpop, and the other 20% of the time, I’m praying for someone else to bring it up so I can talk about it too.
—  When people ask me what I do for fun (totally a mean girls quote lol)
  • <p> <b>me:</b> maybe I'm NOT adhd<p/><b>me:</b> stays up till 5-6 because im restless<p/><b>me:</b> needs whitenoise and background stimulation constantly<p/><b>me:</b> needs to take a strict regimin of vitimins, tea, use lots of coping mechanisms to function the Minimum-MINIMUM Required Amount<p/><b>me:</b> can't sleep without a weighted blanket, constantly stims, when nervous shakes leg(s) for eternity<p/><b>me:</b> bored of things SOOOOOO FASStttt<p/><b>me:</b> emotional stability is not a thing<p/><b>me:</b> can't finish anything i'm not interested in, even some things I am interested in, or it takes an inane amount of time to finish them and several hundred distractions in between<p/><b>me:</b> forgets whole sentences and thoughts mid sentence, infodumps, clumsier than anyone in at least a couple miles radius of myeslf, forgets whole things and even dear friends exist when they're not hanging out with me, has had a lot of the comorbidities, and still some remain, spaces out when others are talking; will miss whole speaches<p/><b>me:</b> yeah... i just, idk maybe I'm like...faking?<p/></p>

That moment when you don’t sleep, get bored of working on your final projects and end up doodling at 3 AM in the morning… I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… But yeah,  Adrien learns Marinette likes… Adrien? what?

Oh god… I need to sleep. 

Someone take me away from the computer.


XD wish i had someone to go driving around with me at 3am, to sing loud music and talk about crazy shit, to laugh with me, to cuddle with and play video games with. to watch anime and argue about what to watch on Netflix. To tackle randomly with kisses, just be my best friend and love each other at the same time. why is that so hard to find?

Dialing Under the Influence
  • Shaw: Rooooot...oh...Roooooot
  • Root: Shaw are you okay?
  • Shaw: Nooooooooooooo....Nope. Not Shaw. It's Sameen. Sameen is never okay when you're gone. Why aren't you here with me? Or maybe I should be with you where you are. But I don't know where that is...because you never let me visit. Why is that Root? Do you have another girlfriend besides me?
  • Root: I didn't know we were girlfriends Sam. But no I don't have any girlfriends at the moment.
  • Shaw: Except me Roooot. Glad we straightened it out. I can't have you thinking you can go around kissing other people because then I'd have to punch them. But what about all the moments before this one? Or all the ones after?
  • Root: I haven't had a girlfriend in all the time you've known me sweetie.
  • Shaw: Except me.
  • Root: Sorry, yes, except you.
  • Root thinks although this is too cute for words, she should probably go find Shaw before she gets arrested and blows her cover. Shaw has drunk-dialed her before but this seems different. Her other calls have always been to discuss the logistics for a booty call. The important factors being whose place and time.
  • Shaw: What about before me?
  • Root: I had one other girlfriend but it wasn't the same. I was very young.
  • Shaw: Did you love her more than me? she whispers so that Root has to strain to hear her.
  • Root: Root's heart breaks a little for the vulnerability she hears in Shaw's voice and a little for the tragedy that befell Hanna. She sighs.
  • It can't be compared sweetie. When I met Hanna we were barely teenagers. She looked out for me and offered me her friendship even though everyone else thought I was weird.
  • Shaw: Root, you are weird, but that's why I love you.
  • Root: That's new. Shaw's never declared her love no matter how drunk she's gotten.
  • Where are you sweetie?
  • Shaw: At our place. Root...please come.
  • Root: Of course Sameen. Is anyone there with you?
  • Shaw: Just Bear, but *shshshhs* cuz he's sleeping.
  • Root: Okay, I'm coming so don't leave. You want to stay on the phone with me until I get there?
  • Shaw: Yes! I don't like talking on the telephone except to you Root. Other people are boring. John hardly talks - its like a perverted breather call. Finch just drones on and on until I'm sleeping. And when Fusco calls I change my number. But I like hearing your voice on the phone. I wish you'd call me more when you're away.
  • Root's breath hitches and she wonders how hard their next conversation will be when Shaw forgets everything she's saying now, but it still lives in Root's heart. She needs to hurry and get Shaw to bed before she proposes.
  • Root's headed to the bar Shaw calls their place, but the Machine sends her the address to Shaw's apartment.
  • Root: This is the address to Shaw's apartment not the bar she calls 'our place.'
  • TM: Asset Shaw has been in her apartment the entire time you've been speaking. Outside your presence she refers to the apartment with the possessive pronoun 'our.'
  • Root: Is that why my things seems to constantly end up there when I'm sure I've left them in the subway?
  • TM: Asset Shaw moves any belongings you leave at the subway, except weapons, to your apartment.
  • Root: Just when I think I have things between us figured out, she throws me for a loop.
  • TM: I can help bring clarity to your relationship with Asset Shaw. Do you want my help?
  • Root: Not right now, but I may take you up on it later.


ADA TEXTS:What if they were students? ft.Chuuya+Akutagawa
  • Atsushi: Have you guys studied for the exams?
  • Dazai: Wait,What?? There's an exam?When?Where?How?WHYYYYYY?!
  • Ranpo: It's tomorrow.
  • Yosano: I've already revised for weeks,I think I'm ready.
  • Fukuzawa: I didn't expect any less from you,future doctor.
  • Tanizaki: I'm still studying.
  • Dazai: Kunikida~ Please help meeeee!!!! MAYDAY!!
  • Akutagawa: *cough*Dazai-san*cough* I can help you.
  • Kunikida: Not again! Last time when I was teaching you,you dared to fall asleep!!
  • Dazai: *ignoring Akutagawa* But Kunikida without you what I'm gonna do!!!!!
  • Naomi: Yup,Dazai-san you also sleep-talked, I'd rather learn how to double-suicide,you said
  • Kenji: Dazai-san also said that it was boring!
  • Chuuya: Studying?Nah,more like students dying
  • Kyouka: What are you even doing here, you intruder!
  • Chuuya: I'm just here to laugh at Dazai
  • Dazai: I bet you didn't study either!
  • Chuuya: Nope I didn't 'cause I'm too fabulous for this sh*t!
  • Akutagawa: *cough* As I said earlier,I'm willing to help you.
  • Chuuya: Give up Akutagawa,he's not gonna respond,you need to face this cruel reality.
  • Akutagawa: But I- *his phone runs out of battery*
  • Naomi: Poor Him
  • Bonus(after that)
  • Akutagawa: (to himself)F*ck no way I wasted an opportunity again! why must you run out of battery now of all times??
  • Stupid phone,RASHOMON DESTROY THE PHONE!!!!Why didn't it go as planned!! I was going to show Dazai-san how smart I was!!Dazai-san notice me pls.
Imagine if...

It’s late at night. You finally get home from work and tired as all hell. You fumble with your keys out of tiredness and a need to get some sleep. You know that a certain someone is already asleep so you enter the house quietly and quickly. You get a quick drink of water before quietly walking up the stairs, sleep getting to you as you open the door. Not even changing into your pajamas because of the lack of energy, you lay down on the bed, too tired to realize this was Darkiplier’s room.

Dark wakes up to hear you flop down onto the bed, knowing you’re tired. He begins to speak only to stop and see you were already asleep, snoring lightly. He then wraps his arms around you in a protective embrace, and joins you in dreamland.

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I’m so tired right now.