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fydollaho  asked:

♥, ♣, ✦, ☮

♥ - Favorite character

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. 

♣ - Reason why you started watching CR

My boyfriend was talking about how he was going to watch a stream where video game voice actors played Dungeons and Dragons and mentioned how before they played Just Dance, it was funny and hey it might happen again. I was bored, had no clue what D&D was and decided why the hell not? He gave me the link, and I joined in Episode 8 when Percy rolled a Natural 20 HDYWTDT on the Abyssal Abomination and I’m pretty sure I fell in love immediately?? We marathoned all 8 episodes that came before then, and I’ve been watching live ever since!

✦ - Things you love about the show

Oh boy, here we go. Random stuff thrown into a list in no order

  • ‘Fuck it, this’ll be funny’ action surges
  • Sam Riegel making my listen with my own ears about how he is going to fist a dragon’s wound.
  • When Liam laughs so hard he disappears from view. (Or when Laura isn’t enough support and he has to reach for Travis)
  • Gern Blanston. 
  • Lady Kima. (Gals being pals.)
  • “Life needs things to live.” And the fact it wasn’t let go, it keeps coming back.
  • The Left Table when shit goes down and they cling to each other.
  • How invested the group is with the story. One of my favorite moments from the show is Marisha jumping up and shouting when she realizes it’s Ripley.
  • “CRITROLE” and oh have you ever heard about Loot Crate? Boy do I have a deal for you
  • Matt’s reaction when someone explains a thing they want to do. (”Okay. ….Okay. Okay. Okay!” I think about this reaction on a weekly basis and laugh every single time.)

um have some gifs of other things

☮ - Character you relate to the most

This post is so fucking long already and I’m sorry?? So quick answer to this one with a screenshot text post:

@ writers, cut the shit, your characters don’t “write themselves.” they’re figments of your imagination. you’re the one making decisions, whether actively or passively, about what they’re like. if all of your characters happen to be white, thin, straight, etc., think critically about why and change that.

Stupid Infomercial gifs

Why would you even think of doing that?

Uh, I don’t know about you guys, but this never happened to me…(Also is it just me or does that hamburger look raw???)

Try putting it in another container

1. What were you even reaching for? and 2. Why do you just sit there and watch it spill all over the place?

I think you’re doing it wrong…(Also what the hell even was that-y’know what? I don’t think I wanna know…)

Stop! Hammer time! (Try tapping the wall)

Ever heard of a spatula, or tongs?

“Yo! Ma! Wtf is this shit?” YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE-

Did you try putting the cup down first?

Because we all cut bread with a doorstop, right? Right.

Awww man, you spilled my Cheese Puffs!

That’s why you put it on your lap, and not try to balance it on your knees.

Y’know, maybe if you’re careful and don’t try to frickin smash it as hard as you can, maybe you won’t have this problem.

If this is how you eat a taco, then you don’t deserve to enjoy it.

There’s a bed right there! Sit on it!

And that’s why you don’t touch spaghetti that’s been cooking in boiling hot water.


“So Carm…What would you think it would happen if someone, Oh I don’t know, accidentally feeded the angry angler fish god? How bad would it be?”

“God dammit Laura, I’m coming!”

“Thanks! <3″

So…this is nonsense, but I was bored…and I haven’t sleep in waaaay too many hours so…yep. This happened :D.

talking to judgemental people is boring as hell honestly cos they’re just like “omg that girl over there worked at this place for two months and the knees of her uniform were already worn out lmaooo” and it’s just like ok…………. and