i'm bored and not tired yet

can my mutuals please tag all aggressive hate towards miranda and cora with “i’m wrong” 

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Relationship status: single and too anxious to mingle yet craving romance wtf Emrys
Favourite colour: blue or purple
Pets: none ;^;
Wake up: honestly I’m never really awake at this point
Cats or dogs: cats
Coke or Pepsi: neither
Day or night: night (because the staaarss)
Text or call: text because phone calls give me the creeps
Chapstick or lipstick: neither but considering how bad my lips are I should probably start using chapstick
City or country: I’ve lived in the country all my life but I’m probably gonna move to the city next year so idk, both?
Last book I read: something for Dutch lit, god it’s been months since I read anything for pleasure and that hurts my book-loving heart
Last song I listened to: Sparkle by RADWIMPS (from the Kimi No Na Wa soundtrack)

Five facts about me: (oh fuck here I’m supposed to act like I’m actually interesting)
• I have a sister and she’s as much into anime as I am but only because I made her watch things >-<
• I like doing creative things like writing/drawing/painting but I either don’t have time or don’t make time for it
• I live and breathe music and by now I’m convinced I’m gonna die without it
(can you believe I’m actually struggling to think of things at this point) I’m a pro at procrastinating and wasting and I hate myself for it
• I don’t know anything else and I’m sorry I’m just not interesting enough for this

I’m not tagging anyone because I believe everyone has been tagged for this at this point but if you feel like doing this then feel free~

a guy I work with went off on a tangent about how the new star wars triology won’t be about the skywalker’s, because they become “boring” and that’s why rey is someone else.

then not even 10 seconds later, he goes into a rant about how the original triology is the greatest film series of all time and how rogue one will be amazing because darth vader is in it. 

now… darth vader…. isn’t he…. a skywalker????? and yet???? he’s not boring!!!!! and the originals…. they focus on LUKE SKYWALKER!!!!! i call fake fan 

Going back to this question

I might have been watching one of these tonight…

The Legend of Drunken Master
Starring Jackie Chan. A sequel to Drunken Master, oddly made 16 years later, even though the characters haven’t aged (in theory). Rather entertaining actually, I recommend if you like martial arts films.

Devil’s Dynamite
I haven’t watched this one yet, but assuming it’s like Robo Vampire (I got a double feature DVD), it’s a rather ridiculous story of drug smuggling and Chinese vampires. An odd USA/Hong Kong production. Cannot recommend.

City Hunter
Another Jackie Chan film. Based on the Japanese manga. Utterly ridiculous and filmed with cartoon level slapstick and SFX. Cannot recommend, although it’s perhaps worth seeing Jackie Chan as Chun Li.

Dudes wanna talk about “Yall bitches don’t know how to make a man happy. Yall just think giving up the pussy is all a man wants, yall boring.” But that’s all yall ask for? Yall treat us like nothing but sexual objects meant for your consumption then turn around and call us hoes for it. You treat relationships like a burden but we’re bitches if we don’t invest in one. How are women boring for giving yall pussy but we’re crazy and clingy if we actually show interest in starting a relationship??? Yall can’t even treat us like human beings but yet yall ask so fucking much from us?? Why must women constantly give 100% but yet get nothing is return? How can yall complain about us not doing what you want but then say all you want is pussy? When will cis straight men like… stop???