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I'm sorry to say, but this ideas blog must make an introduction post.

Good introduction posts are like fair elections, reliable cell service, or Paris Hilton; that is to say, they do not exist. Regardless, they are a necessity to life as a member of this ever-growing mass of rpg-themed blogs. As such, it is my duty to extend salutations. Perhaps this will break the trend of boring introduction posts, but probably not.

probablysnicketrpgideas is the brainchild of a tired, bored autistic nonbinary individual who has not yet reached the age of 19. They try to emulate Mr. Lemony Snicket’s writing style, but fall short with just about every attempt. Regardless, they plow onwards–metaphorically, that is. They are not even licensed to drive a car, much less a tractor.

They would suggest keeping your distance from them, as misfortunate tends to befall them and those around them. Follow this blog at your own risk.

And now, tags. Not tags as in the little scratchy bits of plastic in the back of your clothes, but tags as in notification-triggering mentions of people online. If the author has missed any of their fellow blogs, they apologize profusely. If the author has tagged you, they also beg forgiveness. They are sorry in general.


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Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?

Usually Oxygen but no, not really.

What time of day do you usually write?

I used to write at night like really late at night but since I discovered that night time is meant for sleeping and I started using it for that, I write usually during afternoons or evenings or while the night is still young.

Where do you write?

On a bed. Anyone’s for that matter and not necessarily my own.

How often do you write a new thing?

As often as I want to.

Do you listen to music while you write?

I like to concentrate while writing, so, nope.

Paper or laptop?

My love and I have a connection which makes it easier for words to flow, so it’s always my dear laptop.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual?

Yeah like, umm…, oh wait, no I don’t.

What do you do to get into the writing?

It just happens, I guess.

Do you have a reward system for word counts?

Before this question, I‘ve never even thought about word count.

Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know about?

I use a secret word processor which the world does not know about yet but you know what I’ll reveal the secret today.
It’s called MS Word.

Now I think they know everything.

Tagging everyone who would like to do this. Please do tag me if you do this, I’d love to read your answers :)

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AHHHH someone else who hates drew karpshyn as much as I do, he's like Moffat where like he did a few things well early on but now people hail him as some sort of writing god and I'm just tired of it

I mean

I tried reading Revan and it was…boring.  Like I’ve said, I’m going to qualify my statement and admit I have yet to play KOTOR and KOTOR II, but I do understand people’s frustration with SWTOR’s Revan and the Exile.

I don’t understand why we NEEDED a canon Revan and Exile.  Like, if you look up the Barsen’thor on Wookieepedia, according to an old RPG, the Consular was apparently a male.  I don’t like it because my main, “canon” Consular is a woman with a Chinese face claim.  Apparently in KOTOR 2, when Atton is talking about Revan, you can choose their gender and alignment when responding to him.  And Tari Darkspanner refers to Revan in gender neutral terms during the Revanite quests on Dromund Kaas, with no reference to their alignment.  I mean, we could have not had the Foundry and Maelstrom Prison flashpoints, and just maybe some things referring to Revan and Co.  SOR could have easily been done without determining Revan’s gender: they could have made the voice androgynous, and the character could have chosen Revan’s alignment and gender.  IE: “I heard s/he was cruel and vengeful/kind and loving in my history class/during my training as a Jedi/Sith”.  They could have had this change the quests to the player’s preferences.

And furthermore, how does Revan go from going balanced to telling my Republic players “I’m not talking to Satele and Theron because Attachment Is Bad”?  Like, why does he transform into a stereotypical Jedi?  What the fuck?  And “Meetra” is also a fucking Jedi with her warnings of darkness et al, during Taral 5 and Maelstrom Prison.  This is why in the Kavi legacy, Revan becomes sort of a Force ghost cat, intentionally trolling Xenli just to get a rise out of her.

Oh, and IIRC, Karpyshyn also wrote Into the Void, where we can’t kill one of the evil bastards that participated in Vaylin’s torture.

I also tried reading the Bane trilogy and it was also boring.

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Sigh. I'm so tired of the bullshit. Did we really need to spend so many chapters focusing on a contrived romance for the sake of fanservice? Meanwhile Kaneki, the protagonist, could be replaced by a cardboard cutout and it would be more interesting. Where the fuck is the actual plot besides muh pregnancy and people acting crazy for no reason and having fake death flags YET AGAIN. It's the same lazy writing over and over again and the dumb fans eat it up. Mess.

the whole thing is boring and incoherent. :re is just another bad sequel.

Going back to this question

I might have been watching one of these tonight…

The Legend of Drunken Master
Starring Jackie Chan. A sequel to Drunken Master, oddly made 16 years later, even though the characters haven’t aged (in theory). Rather entertaining actually, I recommend if you like martial arts films.

Devil’s Dynamite
I haven’t watched this one yet, but assuming it’s like Robo Vampire (I got a double feature DVD), it’s a rather ridiculous story of drug smuggling and Chinese vampires. An odd USA/Hong Kong production. Cannot recommend.

City Hunter
Another Jackie Chan film. Based on the Japanese manga. Utterly ridiculous and filmed with cartoon level slapstick and SFX. Cannot recommend, although it’s perhaps worth seeing Jackie Chan as Chun Li.

a guy I work with went off on a tangent about how the new star wars triology won’t be about the skywalker’s, because they become “boring” and that’s why rey is someone else.

then not even 10 seconds later, he goes into a rant about how the original triology is the greatest film series of all time and how rogue one will be amazing because darth vader is in it. 

now… darth vader…. isn’t he…. a skywalker????? and yet???? he’s not boring!!!!! and the originals…. they focus on LUKE SKYWALKER!!!!! i call fake fan 

Dudes wanna talk about “Yall bitches don’t know how to make a man happy. Yall just think giving up the pussy is all a man wants, yall boring.” But that’s all yall ask for? Yall treat us like nothing but sexual objects meant for your consumption then turn around and call us hoes for it. You treat relationships like a burden but we’re bitches if we don’t invest in one. How are women boring for giving yall pussy but we’re crazy and clingy if we actually show interest in starting a relationship??? Yall can’t even treat us like human beings but yet yall ask so fucking much from us?? Why must women constantly give 100% but yet get nothing is return? How can yall complain about us not doing what you want but then say all you want is pussy? When will cis straight men like… stop???