i'm bored and not tired yet

I was bored, so I went and looked up Bulgarian armor and HOT DAMN, in that moment I knew I had to draw him in it…for historical reasons of course! 

It really doesn’t fit into my headcanon, as I think Bulgaria was a child during this period, but I just wanted to draw him as an adult here for fun ;)


a nico di angelo (&will solace) sketch I made a few weeks ago and didn’t really feel like finishing properly (╥_╥) [with a bunch of close ups cause tumblr and big canvases don’t exactly get along]

[featuring nico raising the dead with mcdonalds cause he’s bored and wants to chat, nico fighting in the last olympian battle, a bunch of faces, will bringing nico back to camp after he got tired shadow traveling and fell asleep in the woods, a bunch of objects owned by nico through the series and what I imagine nico would look like when he’s older and visits his dad cause he has to maintain his ghost king / prince of the underworld rep so he needs regal intimidating clothes with skulls idk??? ]