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January 16, 2017 || 2:06pm
School didn’t start guys. How disappointing…

Anyhow, this is a mini-review?
Thing is there are already so many opinions on all these different fine liners that I feel like I wouldn’t change the volume of the ocean by adding mine. I’m just bored and exited to use my stuff. My favorite is definitely the light grey ❤❤❤ everyone else can just go home, idc! (jokes, turquoise is putting up a fight guys, so gorge). I will say tho, that the darker colours bleed but not too much (for me) and my hands are quite shaky so if I don’t write confidently it blotches or whatever. This is long for no reason. Sorry …

Just putting it out there, my blog isn’t a safe space, it’s just my place to post drawings, stupid shit and ramblings. I’m not concerned with being too PC or political. I don’t do trigger warnings and I have a colourful vocabulary.

My gender, race and sexuality is no ones business. I am just an artist on the internet who likes to talk about gaming and stupid shit.

I’m just here to have fun, I enjoy what I do, I’m not here to make a point or represent anyone, I am here for me, I share what I do because it makes me happy, That’s all.

>>> 30 Handwriting prompts

1. My Name
2. My URL
3. Your Name
4. Your URL
5. Any URL
6. Your OTP
7. Your NOTP
8. An Anime Title
9. A Manga Title
10. A fear
11. A like
12. Favourite colour
13. Favourite Food
14. A URL You Should Follow
15. My OTP
16. My NOTP
17. A Fandom I Consider Myself In
18. My Favourite Manga
19. My Favourite Anime
20. Favourite Band/Artist
21. Favourite Song/Album
22. Favourite Book/Series
23. Favourite TV show
24. Favourite Film
25. Favourite Musical
26. A Quote Of Your Choice
27. A Quote Of My Choice
28. My Kik/Skype
29. The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog
30. Anything You Want (SFW)

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So if this blog was like a cheeseburger or something, Minty's the buns and Nacho is the burger and cheese?

yes exactly, minty is the outside parts (the sketch and finish) and i am the tasty insides (the lineart and base colours). you can’t have the buns alone and the burger is boring without the buns. combined, though, we are a great and wholesome meal, kinda cheap and maybe not good to have every day, but two a week shouldn’t be too unhealthy. also, just like a cheeseburger, we are pretty hot.

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Purple is a stupid colour. Rainbow sorbet is disgusting. Pepsi is way better than coke. Cullen and his romance are boring. They should just take romances out and make Dragon Age a FPS like call of duty. I dip my pineapple pizza in milk.

them’s fightin’ words

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A tag

I was tagged by @starmadephan and @k-is-not-amused who are amazing and their blogs are great!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better.

Name: Mia
Nicknames: Donoman, nerd, Bear
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5'4-5'5
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Caribbean Irish(lost the accent)
Favourite Fruit: Grapes
Favourite Season: Winter
Favourite Book: Gone
Favourite Flowers: Roses
Favourite Scent: Rain
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Animal: Wolves
Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate: Tea, I hate coffee(sorry coffee lovers)
Average Sleep Hours: like 1-3 hours
Cat or dog person: dog definitely
Favourite Fictional Character: I have too many to choose from
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 Duvet
Ideal Trip: Tokyo, America, Australia, many places away from here

I tag: @phantasyprone @dino-rah @fabkawaaa @creamphilled @phanqueen17 @lionxllama @jaimewareham @talinof

I was tagged by @krizzy-palaad omg thank u! <3 we can totally be friends omg ;^;

gender: f
star sign: sagittarius (very typical one -_-)
height: 170cm (5’5?)
sexual orientation: straight (I’m extremely gay for hwasa tho)
hogwarts house: idk I never got into Harry Potter lol
favorite color: black, grey, blue, (rose) pink (that was legit one of my fave colours I’ve been even planning on dying my hair pink soon lmao)
favorite animal: I like turtles/turtouses and cats
average hours of sleep: around 6-8 usually
number of blankets: one (even if it’s cold I’d rather wear shit loads of sweaters and socks than add blankets)
spring/summer: spring, I’m always dying in summer
winter/fall: winter, I love snow
favorite band/singer: I listen to too much music to have a fave singer or band or even a musician tbh, but if kpop, it’s just btob, knk, mamamoo and beast. and some random kpop tracks but not a lot
dream trip: I wanna travel all around northern territories, but if I had to specify I really want to go to Faroe Islands at the moment
dream job: not sure tbh, but I want to work with immigrants or smth to do with immigration and immigration politics, idk

Tagging: @knkruinedmylife, @daidoushoui, @ekmhcshspnihsj7, @fluffyjihun
If you haven’t done it yet and only if you wanna do it of course :3

I got bored with working on it so it’s being dumped until I can get some refills for my pens. Or until I can bring myself to try and sort my photoshop settings to get smooth pen lines, and do real colour.