i'm bored and i love this movie... i'm sorry

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I watched the prequels first and loved them. i didn't know which were made first I just looked at the numbers and watched. I loved the Prequels and the originals equally. I think most of the hate to the prequels is because of the phantom menace it's not awful or anything but now when i watch it i find it pretty boring just because compared to the other not much happens. I think the movie is important to understand Anakin but i just think people went in expecting more of the originals

not to go all boston tea party on everyone’s asses here but i personally think anh and esb are much more boring than tpm, frankly

but you’re definitely right that people expected more of the originals so then they got mad when the prequels were totally different which imo is stupid because how silly would it be if a direct rehashing of a new hope was more critically acclaimed than a trilogy of completely new and unique films. oh wait.

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(I'm gonna start an AU~ not zombies but just sick people that kill everyone... Don't ask I'm bored..) Will walks around with nothing but a black tank top, skinny jeans, and converse. He had a small limp to his walk and he had a bloody surgical mask on to keep from getting the virus that was making everyone crazy. He held his knife tightly as blood from a previous injury trickled down his arm along with sweat from running so much. He wondered if his loved ones were still alive.

Sorry, I went to watch a movie >A< and this reminds me of the movie, The Crazies and I may be a bit on replying because I’m trying to meet a deadline for a design o3o

Helen wore his usual outfit of a blue button up and jeans with boots, using his mask to help prevent infection to him, though having a surgical mask under it for added protection. He held his knife tightly in his hand, wandering around in the shadows, watching his surroundings to make sure he wasn’t the next victim in the slaughter.