i'm bored and he's so cute

i have some thoughts about this photo that is apparently from josh’s twitter. these are my thoughts: hunk looks terrified, lance looks overjoyed, and keith just looks bored?? what is going ON in that movie


And this is how “si tu eres mi bro, yo soy tu pisha” started:

Isco: Marco and I are good friends, he is my pisha and I’m his bro.

Marco: We had a discusion in a rondo, so I approached him and told him: Isco, if you are my bro, I am your pisha, so from then on we always say it. It’s very funny


I posted these on a different blog in an attempt to start a Pokemon Oneshot blog but I just, got bored instantly and it wasn’t really gaining any traction so I had no motivation to keep going. I’ll probably draw Espurr Niko more in the future tho, he cute.

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I got bored at work so I borrowed a pencil and did this. Side note: I felt like a creepy stalker/fangirl doodling my idol’s name in her notebook, @euclase I’m sorry I swear I don’t have three million photos of you on my wall or anything.

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hi there; can i request a 'studying with mx' scenario? i'm obsessed with your writing and you seem like the funniest, coolest person asdfhk thanks !!! ♡

aaa!!! i am so flattered thanks for the rq !!


• honestly he is completely lost but he tries to help u to the best of his ability
• “um……shakespeare is trying to convey……sadness……through these 5 pieces of bread”
• will sit right next to u and ruffle ur hair whenever u get a problem right or if he just finds u cute bc ur so concentrated
• might get sleepy/bored since it’s so quiet so he might doze off on the desk
• u begin to make up a game and see how many pencils u can stick in his hair before he wakes up


• he will try to pull some freaky shit at first like he’ll know ur studying and walk into the room wearing a button up and glasses and he smirks “class just started. call me mr. shin”
• and ur like “hoseok please i have a big test tomorrow i really need to study”
• he then totally understands and comes over to sit next to u. he keeps his hand on ur lap while u pore over a massive textbook
• if he can see that the stress is taking a toll on u, he’ll make little drawings on the corner of ur paper
• it’s all bunnies that have speech bubbles that say “u can do it (y/n)!!”


• tries to help u when u need it but really? he’s a distraction LMAO
• keeps talking about stuff unrelated to the subject ur studying
• “hm that diagram of a building reminds me of this one video i saw of this dude who spat-”
• “i don’t wanna know the end of this video minhyuk”
• attempts to balance a pencil on his nose while u look through ur physics notes
• “(y/n) look!! (Y/N) LOOK BEFORE IT FALLS”
• “minhyuk i love u but for the love of-”
• u have to kick him out and he’ll pout as he has to go entertain himself


• says to call him if u need any help and leaves the room with a cute little “good luck!”
• comes back 5 minutes later with tea even though his name hasn’t left ur lips since he left. “i just thought u might need something to calm ur nerves” he says
• is really intelligent and can help u with most things, he just jokes around a lot and always does stuff like
• “if u get this problem right……u get a kiss”
• he cringes at himself and punches ur desk in embarrassment
• u have to get a new desk


• is actually really helpful when he’s awake
• knows a lot of random information that comes in handy when u have questions
• even if he doesn’t completely know the information he can draw a conclusion based off the context of the text this dude’s insightful
• has the most shocked reactions when he reads something mortifying in ur textbook
• “the egyptians pulled mummies’ brains through their noses???!!!”
• he just mindlessly skims through ur textbook with u while keeping his hand on top of urs
• yea he might doze off on top of ur papers and u just sigh and lay ur head next to his and take a power nap


• honestly does not want to study, he wants to go outside and have fun with u and go to the park with u or something
• watches u write notes furiously from a distance, giving u the puppy pout to tell u he wants u to hang out with him
• he tries to study with u, he really does
• but whenever he’s next to u he can’t stop giggling at whatever he finds amusing whether it’s ur messy hair or look of concentration or when he sees a funny word in ur textbook
• taps rhythms into the desk with his pencil, probably tries to make a song on the spot


• he’s a quiet studier, he’ll sit across from u in the library and actually do work
• u take a break and come over to his side to see how he’s doing
• he actually drew pupils on his eyelids and used the opportunity to take a nap
• “babe wake up the library’s about to close”
• he shoots up too fast and knocks books down from the desk
• following the unanimous “SHHH” he gives u a sheepish smile, picks up his psychology book, and leaves out the door with u


Ichabbie AU: Crane cuts off all his hair throws out them God forsaken clothes he was buried and starts to dress more modern. Seeing as though every man he see Abbie talks to has regular clothes, hair is cut and they seem to make Abbie blush and laugh. So he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure he’s the only one making her blush and laugh even if that includes stepping out his comfort zone.

Just a random thought but...

I think it’s so cute that tom enjoys making z laugh! Like you can tell he always glances over to her when he says something funny or cracks a joke. I know they already give glances at each other 👀👀👀 but he gives her glances or looks to the side real quick at her (that’s something unnoticed in most of the interviews) Like he did his job….cause you know that’s something she likes 😏😏

AU: Uni Shawn – The Hamster

A/n: Not requested, but if anyone was wondering what I was doing Friday night, here’s your answer. This is pretty close to exactly what happened with my best friend minus any romantic things and plus a mouse instead of a hamster. It didn’t come like I would have liked, but it took me a while to write so I’m just posting it anyway.

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Its Friday evening so you’re working on a paper that’s due at midnight because you had chosen not to start the paper until earlier this afternoon. You tend to do things like that no matter how much you end up hating yourself for it later. As you’re putting the finishing touches on the paper, your phone buzzes on your desk. It is, of course, your boyfriend texting you. His Men’s Chorale rehearsal had just finished so you’re not surprised at all to see the text from him. Wya? Is all it says, which is just short for where you at? 

So you immediately reply, Apt, just short for your apartment. 

His reply comes almost immediately; I wanna go get a guinea pig. 

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In which Ace has a run in with Bonney.

“Oh. Now, this does take me back.” 

Riskua’s smiling, squatting down to his level and Ace folds his (too thin, too round and too weak) arms across his tiny chest. 

“S-shut up,” he grumbles, huffing furiously. 

But Riskua’s eyes are so bright as she looks at him, a wide grin on her face as she pokes him in the cheek. 

“Quit it!”

“But you’re so cute like this!”

Before Ace can protest, Riskua’s swept him up off his feet and he finds himself propped up on her hip as if he’s an actual toddler and not just in the body of one. 

“Ack! Put me down!” 

“Nope. With those short little legs we’ll never find anyone to fix this. Now come on, I think I know who’s at fault here.”

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So I'm currently talking to this really cute guy and basically all we do is send each other dog memes. Lately I've been feeling like he's starting to lose interest so I'm asking you: Can you please send your best, crispest Doge meme? I really want to impress him and i know some A+ memes are the only way to his heart (and in his pants lol) Doge is love, doge is life, peace out ✌🏼

Sure thing anon, be on the look out for some crispy doggo memes soon! Good luck with your guys troubles, I’m not sure how you can ever get bored of doggo memes.

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do you have any roy, jason and kori taking care of lian headcanons? i'm having joyfire parental figure feelings and even fanfics aren't helping enough :')


• Jason is Lian’s honorary uncle because he’s so good with her and she loves him so much, so he’s always in charge whenever they babysit 

• He and Roy oddly love all of Lian’s cute princess and animal coloring books, so sometimes they’ll be coloring with her on the floor but she gets bored and leaves, but Jay and Roy are still sprawled out on the floor coloring, surrounded with crayons and paper  

• You know who is the best at lullabies? Kori. You know how many soothing lullabies she learned on Tamaran and sings in her native language turn out to be some song about death or war? Pretty much all of them. But Lian doesn’t know the difference, so they let it slide 

• Roy can never say no to his daughter, so sometimes he’ll be walking around the house with makeup or paint on his face, and Lian was so proud that he just doesn’t have the heart to wash it off  

  • 8 30 A.M.
  • Me: I took a shower last night, so I can make some coffee and eat an apple before work.
  • Grief: It's been seven months dude.
  • 9 30 A.M.
  • Me: So lucky I made it as the doors were closing. Not gonna be late.
  • Grief: Do you remember when he used to live off the Myrtle-Wycoff, and you'd bump into each other in the morning?
  • 10 30 A.M.
  • Me: It's iced coffee which is like half a cup of coffee so I can totally have a second cup.
  • Grief: That photo of us from last year's party is still posted on the fridge. Does it help me or does it hurt me? Should I take it down? But look at him, how cute he was.
  • 11 30 A.M.
  • Me: This scene blows. So boring.
  • Grief: This would be the time when he would come back here and dance to a Madonna song. Fuck I miss him.
  • 12 30 P.M.
  • Me: I'm so broke. Just gonna eat tuna and canned veggies with mayo. Fuck it.
  • Grief: And I haven't gone to Dig Inn, Le Pain, Pret or Sweet Greens since he died. I'm afraid of what it will feel like to walk alone. We always walked together.
  • 1 30 P.M.
  • Me: Everyone's eating in the garden, but I'd rather watch another episode of Awkward.
  • Grief: And we would have lunch in the garden every day and I just can't-do it without him. I hate how the fucking chair he used to sit at is still there, but he's not. A fucking chair is here while he's gone.
  • 2 30 - 5 30 P.M.
  • Me: Ugh what am I doing with my life.
  • Grief: Breathing. He doesn't even get that. God, how the fuck did that happen. Seriously he'd eat salads and workout all the time. How the fuck do you get a stroke at 30.
  • 6 00 P.M.
  • Me: So glad to leave the office. My moods have been so low. I should go for a run.
  • Grief: Like he used to after work by the river. He was so handsome.
  • 7 00 P.M.
  • Me: When are these fucking endorphins gonna kick in?
  • Grief: When am I gonna start feeling like he really is dead?
  • 8 00 - 1 00 A.M.
  • Me: So mundane. Everything is so fucking mundane.
  • Grief: I don't wanna spend all my life grieving like this but why the fuck of all people he had to die? Again, seriously, first her and now him and I can't be mad at anyone so what do I do with all of this?! And I can't fucking sleep, and I'm losing my mind and when I sleep I dream about him and I'm trapped in this bubble, this loop where yes it is real but can't feel it yet and who the fuck will I be when I do? I'm so lost! What do I do? Where is he because I need him to tell me what to do about losing him because I don't know and he would know, but it's about him so what the fuck dude...

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Alright so I know this is a lot and you could cut out a couple characters if it's too much. Could you do Dai- Companions and Advisors with romances finding out the the inquisitor is a Selkie? (The kind from Celtic mythology) sorry I'm a dork and I think it's such a cute concept to play with and you're such a good writer I want to see your take on it....

🎶"I’m a little seal girl, living in the real world, and it’s so hard to get by~, cause seals can’t even cry~“ 🎶
Thank you! ☺️
Sera thinks it’s awesome. She’s glad the Inquisitor wasn’t another elf, or anything else boring. She’d never seen a Selkie before, and thinks they’re beautiful, despite the skin shedding thing.

Varric isn’t surprised anymore… or so he thought. Seeing the Inquisitor slink out of that skin made his own skin crawl. He would want to ask a lot of questions, but might be afraid of some of the answers.

Dorian would be intrigued with this new species, wondering how they could live in the sea just by putting a skin on. He’d find the selkie Inquisitor incredibly attractive, as they usually are.

Same with Bull. He’d be surprised to find out the Inquisitor isn’t a human, but wouldn’t care too much about it. So long as they were cool and did their job, he’d be alright with it. Writing back home about t might be difficult though.

Josephine suggests the Inquisitor come up front about it to the world about them not being human. Many people don’t know what a selkie is, or have never seen one. Sure, there may be an uproar about it, but at least they know. She also happens to fine the selkie Inquisitor to be very attractive.