i'm bored and he's so cute

Headcannon that at least some of Yuuri’s fans have always found his awkwardness endearing

“It was so cute, I walked up an said he was my fave and he immediately looked over his shoulder like I couldn’t be talking to him, then pointed to himself like, ‘Me?’” #ProtectKatsukiYuuri

“As he skated by during warmups, I held up my sign and yelled as loud as I could, ‘I LOVE YOU YUURI!!!’ and GUYS I SCARED HIM HE ALMOST FELL because of me i felt bad but it was also the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen   (̂ ˃̥̥̥ ˑ̫ ˂̥̥̥ )̂ “

“Our awkward skating son”

“He’s like ten years older than you?”


“Katsuki Yuuri is too precious for this world”

“I want to bundle him in blankets and keep him safe forever”

@ v-nikiforov “Please tell us you bundle our precious boy up and protect him”

v-nikiforov - “Of course!!!!!” [Insert pic of Viktor holding a Disgruntled Katsuki Yuuri Burrito]

“Dear fans, please STOP GIVING HIM IDEAS”

Part 2

i have some thoughts about this photo that is apparently from josh’s twitter. these are my thoughts: hunk looks terrified, lance looks overjoyed, and keith just looks bored?? what is going ON in that movie

I got bored at work so I borrowed a pencil and did this. Side note: I felt like a creepy stalker/fangirl doodling my idol’s name in her notebook, @euclase I’m sorry I swear I don’t have three million photos of you on my wall or anything.

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hi there; can i request a 'studying with mx' scenario? i'm obsessed with your writing and you seem like the funniest, coolest person asdfhk thanks !!! ♡

aaa!!! i am so flattered thanks for the rq !!


• honestly he is completely lost but he tries to help u to the best of his ability
• “um……shakespeare is trying to convey……sadness……through these 5 pieces of bread”
• will sit right next to u and ruffle ur hair whenever u get a problem right or if he just finds u cute bc ur so concentrated
• might get sleepy/bored since it’s so quiet so he might doze off on the desk
• u begin to make up a game and see how many pencils u can stick in his hair before he wakes up


• he will try to pull some freaky shit at first like he’ll know ur studying and walk into the room wearing a button up and glasses and he smirks “class just started. call me mr. shin”
• and ur like “hoseok please i have a big test tomorrow i really need to study”
• he then totally understands and comes over to sit next to u. he keeps his hand on ur lap while u pore over a massive textbook
• if he can see that the stress is taking a toll on u, he’ll make little drawings on the corner of ur paper
• it’s all bunnies that have speech bubbles that say “u can do it (y/n)!!”


• tries to help u when u need it but really? he’s a distraction LMAO
• keeps talking about stuff unrelated to the subject ur studying
• “hm that diagram of a building reminds me of this one video i saw of this dude who spat-”
• “i don’t wanna know the end of this video minhyuk”
• attempts to balance a pencil on his nose while u look through ur physics notes
• “(y/n) look!! (Y/N) LOOK BEFORE IT FALLS”
• “minhyuk i love u but for the love of-”
• u have to kick him out and he’ll pout as he has to go entertain himself


• says to call him if u need any help and leaves the room with a cute little “good luck!”
• comes back 5 minutes later with tea even though his name hasn’t left ur lips since he left. “i just thought u might need something to calm ur nerves” he says
• is really intelligent and can help u with most things, he just jokes around a lot and always does stuff like
• “if u get this problem right……u get a kiss”
• he cringes at himself and punches ur desk in embarrassment
• u have to get a new desk


• is actually really helpful when he’s awake
• knows a lot of random information that comes in handy when u have questions
• even if he doesn’t completely know the information he can draw a conclusion based off the context of the text this dude’s insightful
• has the most shocked reactions when he reads something mortifying in ur textbook
• “the egyptians pulled mummies’ brains through their noses???!!!”
• he just mindlessly skims through ur textbook with u while keeping his hand on top of urs
• yea he might doze off on top of ur papers and u just sigh and lay ur head next to his and take a power nap


• honestly does not want to study, he wants to go outside and have fun with u and go to the park with u or something
• watches u write notes furiously from a distance, giving u the puppy pout to tell u he wants u to hang out with him
• he tries to study with u, he really does
• but whenever he’s next to u he can’t stop giggling at whatever he finds amusing whether it’s ur messy hair or look of concentration or when he sees a funny word in ur textbook
• taps rhythms into the desk with his pencil, probably tries to make a song on the spot


• he’s a quiet studier, he’ll sit across from u in the library and actually do work
• u take a break and come over to his side to see how he’s doing
• he actually drew pupils on his eyelids and used the opportunity to take a nap
• “babe wake up the library’s about to close”
• he shoots up too fast and knocks books down from the desk
• following the unanimous “SHHH” he gives u a sheepish smile, picks up his psychology book, and leaves out the door with u

AU: Uni Shawn – The Hamster

A/n: Not requested, but if anyone was wondering what I was doing Friday night, here’s your answer. This is pretty close to exactly what happened with my best friend minus any romantic things and plus a mouse instead of a hamster. It didn’t come like I would have liked, but it took me a while to write so I’m just posting it anyway.

Your name: submit What is this?


Its Friday evening so you’re working on a paper that’s due at midnight because you had chosen not to start the paper until earlier this afternoon. You tend to do things like that no matter how much you end up hating yourself for it later. As you’re putting the finishing touches on the paper, your phone buzzes on your desk. It is, of course, your boyfriend texting you. His Men’s Chorale rehearsal had just finished so you’re not surprised at all to see the text from him. Wya? Is all it says, which is just short for where you at? 

So you immediately reply, Apt, just short for your apartment. 

His reply comes almost immediately; I wanna go get a guinea pig. 

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do you have any roy, jason and kori taking care of lian headcanons? i'm having joyfire parental figure feelings and even fanfics aren't helping enough :')


• Jason is Lian’s honorary uncle because he’s so good with her and she loves him so much, so he’s always in charge whenever they babysit 

• He and Roy oddly love all of Lian’s cute princess and animal coloring books, so sometimes they’ll be coloring with her on the floor but she gets bored and leaves, but Jay and Roy are still sprawled out on the floor coloring, surrounded with crayons and paper  

• You know who is the best at lullabies? Kori. You know how many soothing lullabies she learned on Tamaran and sings in her native language turn out to be some song about death or war? Pretty much all of them. But Lian doesn’t know the difference, so they let it slide 

• Roy can never say no to his daughter, so sometimes he’ll be walking around the house with makeup or paint on his face, and Lian was so proud that he just doesn’t have the heart to wash it off  

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I got some headcannons that kinda connect together cuz I'm bored: Aaron owns a YT channel, and he occasionally posts ASMR videos of him cooking, he refuses to speak, though. Aphmau occasionally makes Mukbang/Eating Show videos with the cooking Aaron makes on her own channel. There was also a collab they did where they ate super spicy noodles, and Aaron secretly can't handle spicy food, so he couldn't make it through without milk. I got bored so I came up with this XD

Haha cute

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Oooooooooooooh Tae who's your boyfriend?? He looks so cute!! ^^ I hope you take good care of him~

Tae: My Boyfriend is the dear Jeon Jungkook and yea i agree he’s the cutest

Jungkook: I-I’m not cute

Yoongi: It’s more Kook who takes care of Tae tho

Tae: I take care of him too *pouts*

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What if you get bored one day and end up putting vday themed knickknacks and decorations around the house? You bought flowers and string lights, and it just brightens the home a bit, and you love it. So, you call H to show him but he's all grumpy like, "Wha is it, love? Y'know I'm writing, I don 'ave much time." And you're like, just take a look and he actually loves it and it makes him happy and he tackles you to the couch for a cuddle.

😂  😂   So maybe late night amazon prime shopping wasn’t like the BEST idea…seeing as these cute pink and red decorations will only be used for one day…but…you’ve already clicked on checkout before thinking about any of that. the cutout hangable hearts, the pretty confetti, fairy lights and flowers you’ve picked up just this morning make you feel (and look) silly but they were absolutely necessary. 

And when you call him to come see your day’s work he doesn’t even hear you. He’s much too invested, concentrated on the task at hand that literally has him up at night. Putting and sorting words together. So you call him a second time and only then does he stop twirling his pen anxiously between his fingers. 

‘Come see.’ You call from upstairs. 

‘In a minute love,’ he sighs scratching something in his journal. 

‘No, I did not hang about thirty fuckin paper mâché hearts for you to-’

He chuckles to himself, ‘who said you had to hang about thirty fuckin-’

‘M’just being festive!’ you glare even though he can’t see. ‘Wonder if there’s a grinch type of character but for Valentine’s Day….think I found him…’ 

He groans theatrically before getting up from the couch in the living room, walking towards the steps before the poor things gets doused with pink confetti and red glitter. He looks up to see you, completley satisfied and much too smug. ‘It’s festive!’ 

Harry just nods slowly, shaking the confetti out of his hair and out of the hood of his grey hoodie. ‘M’gonna give you about five seconds for a head start to find a clever hiding place-’ 

‘Was just being festive!’ You yell running through the hallway of the house. ‘You needed a bit of giggles, you’ve been much too serious as of late!’ 

You can’t see, but he is smiling and chuckling to himself as he races up the steps to catch up to you.