i'm bored and bored

I am 90% sure that Markiplier has driven me insane.

Anyway, rewatched the BarrelVan Vlogs, where I had somehow forgotten that we fiddle with the TV that turns on in “Don’t Remember”.

I’m old enough to remember using these kinds of big honking things, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember if this was a legitimate thing they did, or if this is edited. I know they had the flickering bars that sometimes moved up and down, but still, this……this feels……off. That coloring feels too intentional. And it’s always Blue on top, Red on bottom of all the flickers in this scene.

The TV does switch to a darker static towards the end, and I slowed the video down and tried to see if there was anything hidden, but I couldn’t find anything. The sounds playing sounded an awful lot like some Slender noises. So perhaps I’m reading too far into things and it’s probably just a short little scare for when Mark returns suddenly.

But then why, why, would there be this 13 second scene focusing on this TV? This TV that becomes part of a Darkiplier implication later? With THAT specific coloring?

This doesn’t seem quite right.

Someone tell me I’m crazy. That I’m an idiot. Tell me to shut up.


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jmeelee  asked:

Hey Claudia I know you don’t read a lot of fic BUT do you happen to have any Reylo recs?


Some older ones: 

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Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops


Common Desk Supplies in Witchcraft

📎 Paper clips - Paper clips are made of steel, which is mostly iron, so it can be used as a substitute for iron or iron shavings. Cut one up and put it in a protection powder. Or, you can bend it into a shape (like a sigil) for a simple window protection spell. Paper clips are known for their elasticity and tension, making them great for change spells, friendship spells, or even curses. They can also connect certain things, or make chains. On a practical note, paper clips can be bent into mini candle holders.

💌 Tape - Tape can obviously be used for bindings. It can also be used for invisibility spells or glamors, if you cover a certain word or object with tape. Using tape on a poppet may help protection or healing, but only for a little while.

✏️ Pencils/Pens - These uses change based on color. However, all of them can be used as wands, or to amplify a spell. You may bless or enhance a pen by washing it with a soap or tea, or cleansing it in incense smoke.

📑  Staples - Also made of steel, staples can be used for wards and bindings. Any spell involving pain can include staples. When you staple, you instill pain; when you remove a staple, you heal. They can also connect certain things, and are good for knowledge or love spells. 

📌  Thumbtacks - These are great for protection jars, banishing spirits and, of course, curses. To see through certain situations, you may use a thumbtack to poke through a paper or bag, representing clarity. However, be aware that clarity obtained this way may not come pleasantly.

📝 Sticky notes - Sticky notes have more flexibility than regular paper, in that you can attach them. Use sticky notes for sigils on the go, or stick several sheets of sticky notes together in order to represent layers. If you would like to expand your knowledge, reveal a secret, or even divine, you can write on the top sticky note with a colored pen that matches the intent. Then place a drop of essential oil or moon water on the top note, and see what shapes it forms in the bottom notes.

✒️ Highlighters - Highlighters can be used similarly to pens. They also add extra light and glow to a design, which amplifies a spell’s power.

🔗 Rubber bands - You’ve probably used rubber bands before to wrap up baggies and such. In magic, they can represent tension, flexibility, binding, or releasing emotions. Stretch a rubber band between two poppets (or other symbols of people, like apples) to represent tension between two persons. In the same way, you can also use rubber bands for love, passion and lust spells.

✉️  Envelopes - Envelopes represent anything that encompasses, compresses, or confuses a person. Open envelops or write inside of them for inner clarity. Seal the envelope for anything you want to forget, trap, or hide. You can also use envelopes to hold herbs as a discreet form of witchcraft.

❌ Erasers - Obviously, erasers can help banish or hide things. They also work for invisibility spells, and release a ton of energy through friction. You may want to consider writing a sigil on an eraser, and then erasing it until the sigil wears off. 

✂️ Scissors - Scissors can act as a magical knife for those who do not yet have one. Scissors can disconnect and cut off regrets, guilt, persons or memories. Scissors can also be used to carve into candles.

📏 Rulers - If you’re into number magic, a ruler is the tool for you. Imagine drawing a symbol in the exact dimensions of a number that corresponds to your intent! 

Feel free to add! .+(´^ω^`)+.