i'm bored : )

Do yall also have these mutuals that you just??? Grew really fond of?? Like, you never properly talk to them and all you do is like each other’s posts but whenever you see them on your dash you’re like “hello sunshine, I hope you’re drinking lots of water and being happy your health and wellbeing is so important to me” and I hope that’s not weird because honestly that’s me all the time


operation love 💘 episode 6 

brendon urie was the kind of person who would bring a pack of gum to school and keep it in his locker only to face constant harassment from people asking for gum yet he was too innocent and kind to tell them no so he’d run through a pack a day just giving pieces out until eventually he earned the reputation as the gum plug of the school and would start running a black market gum cartel from his high school locker

Apparently this is how I cope with my fave characters being killed…

Based on this