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Let us not forget, Anakin, that you rescued me from the buzz droids. And you killed Count Dooku, and you rescued the chancellor… carrying me unconscious on your back.

Dean saw Cas’ wings when it was whole, years later he saw it on the ground, burnt, broken, almost featherless. And a thought came to his mind:

“I did it all for you.”

“Don’t lose it over one human.”

More than anything, he’s the one who broke Cas, cause all of this to happen. He led an angel to fall from grace, and never did once tell said angel how really grateful he is. He never really told him what he feel.

“I love you.”

He looks up to the sky as he remembers this, he slowly realize that his feelings for the angel are more than what he thought they are.

And now he prays to Chuck, mind spinning countless words and not stringing them into coherent sentences.

He just wants Cas back.

But heaven is silent, and he sees the broken wings once again. He traces the lines on the ground, it occurred to him that he never once asked Cas about his wings, of what would it be like to touch them. 

He’d lost the chance to annoy Cas about this, it would have been funny to run around the bunker following Cas and grabbing the back of that stupid coat, stubbornly telling the angel he wants to see the wings.

He’d lost the chance to tell Cas that he loves those wings even at their current state. He loves them as much as he loves Cas.

He’d lost the chance to return that “I love you” in words.

He looks at the burnt wings because he can’t look at Cas. He looks at the charred remains of Cas’ wings as a reminder of how broken he is right now.

Summer love asks™
  • Lemon: How many children do you want to have? Which genders? What would you name them?
  • Peach: Is there a girl/boy in your live atm?
  • Grass: Favorite historical figure?
  • Lake: Where do you want to go this summer?
  • Blue: How do you want to marry the love of your life?
  • Yellow: Ever had a summer romance?
  • Ice tea: Initials of your crush?
  • Apricot: Describe the person you're in love with?
  • Lime: Your book recommendation for the summer?
  • Water: Which song have you got stuck in your head at the moment?
  • Clouds: How was your forst kiss?
  • Sunflower: What will you do this summer?
  • Iced coffee: Favorite TV show atm?
  • Pear: Your song for the summer?
  • Smoothies: Any festivals you will attend this summer?
  • Strawberry: Favorite drink?
  • Lemonade: What/whom do you miss right now?
  • Cherry: Your favorite thing to do in summer?
  • Bonfire: Any parties you'll attend?
  • Palm trees: How are the summers in your country?

Hux: Kylo, why do I have to meet your mum?

Kylo: Because I said so, Hux. We’ve been together for a while now, I’d like you to meet her.

Hux: But I…

Kylo: Oh, shut up.

Hux: She won’t like me, I’m sure.

Kylo: I said shut up.

Hux: I’m so nervous I’m gonna throw up

Hux: She knows I blew up her New Republic planets, DAMN SHE’LL HATE ME

Hux: Omg wtf she’s doing

Hux: No don’t touch my face please

Hux: What

Hux: …Oh

Hux: She just said… she likes me. 



Leia: So, when is the wedding?


Hux: no what

Hux: NO

Hux: NO 



when someone asks me why i don’t wanna have kids the short answer will always be ‘cause i don’t like them’ but in reality, if you put me in a room with 20 adults and one kid i will always end up socializing or trying to entertain the child.so it seems that i do in fact like children, they’re honest and genuinely funny and light-hearted, i just don’t want any for myself

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Okay skam is my life - my life is skam
so like? most of these songs are skam related somehow haha

  • Gabrielle - Nattegal
  • Astrid S - Vi er perfekt men verden er ikke det
  • Cezinando - Vi er perfekt men verden er ikke det
  • Cezinando - €PA 
  • Cezinando - Håper du har plass
  • Sigrid - Don’t kill my vibe
  • Gabrielle - September 
  • The Weeknd - Die for you
  • Frank Ocean - Super rich kids
  • Rocket - Miriam Bryant 

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