i'm bored!!!!!!!!!

keep me entertained??

i’m drinking alone and i’m bored so yeah :)

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Just a thought

Some time ago I was scrolling through the French forum, and a Guardian (whose name escaped me) noticed that “Nevra” is the anagram of “Raven”.

At first I was like WHAAAT ‘cause, you know, RAVEN, it’s so cliché ! öHö But I’ve been thinking about it recently, and an idea came to my mind ;

In fact, I made the link between “Raven” and “Ruthven”. But who the heck is that boy ?? Well, Lord Ruthven is a suave vampire, main character of Polidori’s novel “The Vampyre” !

Heh, I know it’s a really dumb theory, but maybe Chino named our Sparkle Sparkle Daddy after him as a nod to the story that popularised vampires in gothic literature ! =w=

even though my activity has been pretty sporadic already, with breath of the wild on friday and the fact my manager made me pull my back out at work has literally kept me in bed every day after work, drafts might slow down??? i usually push 2-3 a day but idk gonna have to see. stay sweet!