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Clexa - Badass Power Couple

🔥🎶She sets the city on fire, burns like a million lighters.🎶 🔥

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To say the kitchen was covered in flour would be incorrect.

Technically speaking, the flour is only coating the entire island, and it’s doing that on purpose. He needs all the space to roll out cookies, so the surplus of flour is entirely justified.

He is not, however, rolling cookie dough in the flour powdered across his chest and stomach, nor the smudges on his cheek and nose. He pulled back his hair some time ago, but there’s little bits of white where he’s brushed loose strands behind his ears to make room for his determined expression as he presses hard on the rolling pin in his hands, smoothing the dough across the counter. When it’s flat, he uses a cookie cutter to remove little ridged circles and set them aside, then folds up the dough and re-rolls it and cuts, fold, roll, cut… Fold, roll, cut… All while quietly, the morning news trills away on the little kitchen radio he’s turned on to keep him company.

A little messy in the kitchen is all worth it for the look on his lover’s face when they wake up and see all the cookies he’s cutting by hand.

“Sugar cookies and buttercream icing… I guess doubling the recipe to make 60 cookies was overboard.”