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Dean doesnt give any look to cas

Oh my Chuck!! you are right my friend. 

I can’t believe I even dedicate a blog to this lie.
Thank you very much, now I see the light. 
I will now close my account and burn all the material I was reblogging the last months to stop spreading its false message. 

Please join me in the burning of false propaganda and how my twisted imagination can make or ship anything like Destiel from them.
But thanks to your mighty intervention I see the light brother.
Let’s burn this misleading and false idolatry Imaginary (arranged in an random order, not of my creation, and taken from various sources that I hope don’t mind, or can please send me their inks so I can identify every one of them) of the poisonous cult of Destiel.


My dear Ali, @lithialetheia, I heard you had visited Ge’els for some evening supper and… tea? 

How did it go? Did you meet someone interesting? I heard you behaved exemplary, sometimes too afraid to speak even. And that Ge’els insisted he’d paint you for your extraordinary beauty. 

Much much love ♡♡♡


West won Madeleine a teddy bear at the claw machine. She told him that she wants to give it to the baby when it’s old enough, at which point Westley got this shy, awkward grin on his face and mumbled something about being happy to buy the kid a “real” toy instead. However, Maddie just smiled and shook her head, insisting that she “adores it” and knows “for a fact” that the baby will too.


115 days.
↳115 days of smiles, tears and laughter. we made beautiful memories together. the huge amount of hard work you guys put in and love you show for us, igot7s return the same amount of love and support. let’s fly higher through the days with each other. thank you for your hard work, got7.

Last night, we went to see one of our favorite plays in celebration of our anniversary. Not only was last night one of my favorite shows in the ten or so years we’ve been going, but I noticed this sign on the bathrooms as we were leaving. My love for the Neo-Futurists grows a little with every visit we make.


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Haha! Bridges!

What is this sparkling thingy Archie just got?! I wonder as much as they all do!! Stay tuned to discover what Alola has in store for our criminals! I mean, heroes!

Now some may be saying “Hey that’s just one stone and these are two guys! Maxie won’t get a Sparkling Stone too?”, well Maxie is more of a Mega Evolution guy. And his time to shine is not yet here.

imagine sky high above in caribbean blue

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 3: a graphic using light textures

Screenshot from “Checking Our Privilege: the Drinking Game”. Dylan says, “I am not overweight or obese”, and only he and Cecil drink. From the NerdCon edition of “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”, see this video. (Pictured from left to right: Kate Jones, Desiree Burch, Cecil Baldwin, Jeffrey Cranor, Meg Bashwiner, Dylan Marron, Kevin R. Free) 

This is probably the first time the phrase “overweight or obese” has made me feel happy and included. Usually, when these words are used, people like me are being described as a problem. That makes me feel alienated and judged. 

The difference here is that “overweight or obese” is mentioned in a way that is not negative. In fact, it’s not commented on at all. It’s not a flaw, just a quality many of these people have. It doesn’t define them, but much like being non-white or non-heterosexual or transgender, it’s a quality some people will judge them for. 

The overweight or obese cast members are standing there, not being ridiculed or shamed. They have their own complex relationship with their bodies, and this play allows for that. They’re allowed dignity.

It makes me feel like I’m standing there with them and being acknowledged. Not seen as a problem, just as a human being who is, among other things, fat. (I’m only using this word to describe my own body, not the cast members. How they define their bodies is up to them.) 

As thin men, Cecil and Dylan do get comments about their bodies. But those comments are not as vicious as the ones I get about my body. Thin people are not judged in the same way. It means so much to me that Cecil and Dylan understand this. 

I cannot describe how much this means to me. I’m not used to being acknowledged and included. Often even the most forward-thinking people don’t really get weight stigma. 

My favorite thing about the Neo-Futurists is that they are open to people. They invite people’s stories and voices, especially ones that are not usually heard. This openness allows for them to not categorize people. There’s room for different personalities and experiences. There’s room to be seen, not as something you represent, but by being here as you are.