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Man, Genndy Tartakovsky really does know how to make an animated man attractive. I mean

take Samurai Jack for example (the best example in my opinion 👌👀 )  

he has a great body (drawn and animated very well), a cute face, and absolutely charming character and personality traits (plus good morals)

he’s funny, he’s awkward, he’s kind, he’s respectful, he’s handsome - all of his traits make him (according to me at least) one of the hottest animated guys out there. I’ve been in love with him since I was little lol.

Then there’s Lance from Sym-Bionic Titan

(I’ll admit he was a bit much with his shirt off but) Again, drawn and animated well, interesting personality and character (tho a little broody), and, because of this, also very attractive.

Hell, even Anakin freaking Skywalker is mildy attractive in Genndy’s show Star Wars: Clone Wars (well, maybe not his face, but)

and I’ve never found Anakin attractive in anything else!

lol The point is that, from an animation + personality trait standpoint, Genndy does a damn fine job of making fine men.

Fans of discontinued, underrated gem vs Networks
  • Network: We are putting this show back on the air now. If it gets more ratings and views, we'll make another season.
  • Fans: Yaaay! :D:D:D:D:D
  • Network: *Puts show on at hours where no reasonable human being will be able to watch it*
  • Fans: HEY! No fair!!
  • Network: *Maniacal laugh*
the signs as things heard at college
  • aries: "i've changed everyone's names in my phone to like 'bae', '#1 bae', 'side bae'..." "what am i?" "you're... harry."
  • taurus: "i'd have my nipples out if it was the egyptian era"
  • gemini: "i'm not calling him evil because he likes pistachio ice cream, because i like pistachio ice cream, i'm calling him evil because he's an immoral piece of shit"
  • cancer: "can you rip some of your boobs off and give it to me?"
  • leo: "why is there a 100 year old jelly baby in your violin case?" "it's rosin you fuck"
  • virgo: "i woke up this morning and i couldn't open my eyes!" "were you still asleep?"
  • libra: "i wanna hate him, y'know, but he's so attractive like his face is an excuse for anything"
  • scorpio: "whoever thought of the term necking is a poor judge of anatomy"
  • sagittarius: "she's a slut, but not like, a complete slut, because she won't have sex with him until after his chlamydia test"
  • capricorn: "if you're ever feeling lazy, just remember you're not as lazy as the person who invented the word fireplace"
  • aquarius: "i don't make mistakes, i make learning curves"
  • pisces: "did you want to see a picture of a bionic penis?!" "i'm not saying i WANTED to, i'm just saying there WASN'T one"

Christina Aguilera – “Monday Morning” (2010)


Here’s an idea whenever you’re bored, draw yourself in many different styles!!

these were the only style I could think of from the top of my head and that could fit onto one page. I got very lazy while drawing some of them (ex: su, kp, and p&f). I did this cause i wanted to see how well I’ll draw other cartoony and/or anime styles

enfrijoladasconqueso  asked:

Hank, I hope you can forgive me! I downloaded like 5 episodes of Crash Course so that I could listen/watch them during the cardio portion of my workout; hoping that time would, seemingly, pass quicker! (It did! (And I only watch one per workout! I'm not the Bionic Man.)

We’re actually trying to figure out how to make them downloadable (easily) for everyone so…NOT TO WORRY! There are some rights issues with us doing it to some of the newer ones, but our main concern is that lots of schools don’t allow YouTube (which is clearly nutso) so some students don’t have access.