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Title: To Him Who in the Love of Nature

Rating: Mature

Ships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Word Count: 71k

Artist: my beloved zoe dunshine​ 


“Enjoy your stay in Svalbard?” the cab driver asked over his shoulder.
“Amazing,” Harry answered for Louis, flashing his signature smile.
“Good,” the man nodded in approval. “Everyone is lucky in Svalbard. You’re lucky, too.”

Or, after Louis’ delicate world comes crashing down upon him, he takes off for the loneliest place he can think of. But in the midst of the whirling snow, there’s always a warm fireplace to come home to.

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i wonder how pb is gonna react to having basically magic powers now? she’s always been so against calling stuff ‘magic’ because it’s an irresponsible attitude to have, you should recognise it as science and quantify it and understand it cause otherwise you’re being reckless. a lot of pb’s arc is motivated by understanding and controlling and labeling something as ‘magic’ means relinquishing your control.

now serious scientist pb can shoot candy out of her hand while making fart noises. i’d say she’s going to be tinkering and analysing and experimenting until she has the whole thing figured out and can not only control it but also explain it. she won’t rest with the explanation that ‘there have just always been elementals, this is just A Thing to accept’. and honestly i dunno what she’s gonna find, if there IS a root cause for elementals or what. and if she goes tinkering too much she might lose the power or break it in some way, which could upset whatever balance we currently have. it’s exciting!!

by the end of wizards only fools, pb is genuinely amazed by the cold spell and it looks like she doesn’t know how to explain it with science. the show itself seems to take the angle that sometimes there ARE just fantastic magical things you can’t explain away with science. if the show is taking that stance and pb is gonna go experimenting with the elemental powers trying to understand it (since there’s no way she’d let something this powerful and important and unknowable INSIDE HERSELF go unexamined), i think she’ll end up messing with forces she shouldn’t and it’ll end badly. IT’S EXCITING this is all exciting i luv it

Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - The shoes photo from The Idiot’s Lantern isn’t David & Billie (or is it?)

The Photo in question:

Source of the myth:  I’ve posted the photo as part of a behind-the-scenes photoset, and many other people have posted the photo (and artistic variations thereof) as well, yet almost every time I see comments/tags from others who suggest that it’s not actually David Tennant and Billie Piper in the photo. Most of the time people suggest that these are cosplayers, not the real deal.

Breaking down the myth:  The main argument I see (aside from the fact that you cannot see their faces) is that Billie’s dress isn’t blue in the episode, it’s pink, thus this has to be cosplay – however on set Billie often wore a blue cover over her dress to keep the pink skirt pristine for filming, as seen below:

Mystery Revealed:  The fact is, back when Season Two aired, the official Doctor Who site would release a series of behind-the-scenes photos for each new episode, and the shoes photo was one of the official photos released as part of the promo materials for The Idiot’s Lantern.  The caption for the photo on the old official site reads “Fancy footwork from David and Billie” – so the photo is, in fact, David and Billie.

You can view the photo on an archived version of one of the old official BBC Doctor Who sites here.  A screen cap from the site is also available below:

So there you have it - it is indeed David and Billie. 

Disclaimer:  I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I am happy to share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims.  I’m always open to other evidence that can shed light on the matter.

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Scenes From a Relationship - Remote Control Control

This is a short little ditty that fits into my “Scenes from a Relationship” ficlet series. I BARELY made in time, but it was written as a White Elephant gift for the lovely @susiee-l​ - Susie, I don’t know how you like your RPF, or if you even do, but writing’s more my wheelhouse than images so hopefully this silly bit of fluff will make you smile. I have another one coming in the next day or so if it doesn’t ;)

Scenes From a Relationship - Remote Control Control
Rating: PG-13 (merely for language)

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My hair is not being polite today so you get a photo of my new fake flowers for my desk. Daisies are my favorite.

• My friend Caroline (aka mostlypoptarts) has started a blog about fandoms and different internet communities. She’s been interviewing different people who are involved in different parts of the internet world. Fun fact: she and I met via the Internet. Fun fact # 2: she interviewed me and the interview is up! I talk about everything from Fitblr, online dating, fan fiction, and meeting Kev & my best friends on the Internet. If you wanna read it’s over at fandomchampion!

• My new nephew could come into the world any day now!! I’m so excited.

• Since I’ve started working out later again my body is definitely readjusting. I haven’t been able to get to sleep until Midnight this week! I’m hoping to be back to my sleepy at 10pm self soon.

• Watermelon is getting so close to being in season and that’s basically the best time of the year!