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Damn it, @tyranttortoise ! You’ve turned me skelesexual and I don’t like it one bit (lies, I love it)! Though I’m not a very good artist, I figured I’d show my appreciation for your work in some way. I would like to take this moment to appreciate the hard work and effort you put into developing such an animated story with humorously dynamic characters. You never cease to amaze me.

One of my personal faves is Stretch btw :3 (And yes, the second pic is Grandpyrus. Granddaddy much?)

Once again, thank you and keep being awesome!!!

-Kat 💖👏👏✔🔥

the tortoise’s two cents:  YESSS, Skelesexual?  Excuse me while I use that forever because it’s perfect.  You’re too kind to me!  Thank you so much! <3  I love both of those drawings, and as far as I’m concerned, that second one is why Grandpa fits Stretch. xD  

Thank you so much, for both drawing my sweetheart and for your kindness!  <333  You’re so sweet!

You ever been in that weird situation where it’s been a while since youve done any typology related introspection that you have no clue why you said you are the type you are anymore?

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Could you help me with some diolouge options for this?: Why'd you help him? I'd really appreciate if you could. I'm in a bit of a writers block at the moment. If possible, would you also make them somewhat positive? I hope I'm not being too much of a bother.

Why’d you help him?

  • Wouldn’t you have done it too? I know what he did but that doesn’t mean we should let him fall like that.
  • Right, because I have no soul? Honestly, you shouldn’t be so surprised. 
  • Because I knew that’s what you wanted but I was afraid you would get hurt.
  • Did you see that face? How was I not going to help that face? 

I’m not really sure if that’s what you were looking for but hopefully that helps?

The hardest part of working at Taco Bell for me is the hairnets.
I am not kidding.
But really tho, I’m having fun! I have to work today, but it’s nice!

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Hello there! I just read your analysis of Nico and Will's relationship, and I wanted to know, based on your analyses, who would be a better match for Nico? Or at the very least, who'd be a better friend to him?

Let me tell you how excited I got when I saw this ask because, like, this is such a good question and I think it very much needs to be discussed!

Now, let’s take a look at platonic relationships first because that’s what Nico really needs. He doesn’t need a boyfriend. He needs a supportive group of friends who can help him feel better about himself and who he is. We can already see this group of friends starting to build in HoH and BoO with both Jason and Reyna. Reyna is especially good for Nico because she has no precedents for Nico and treats him as an equal. She doesn’t think of or care that he’s a son of Hades and, instead, cares for who he is as a person and his abilities in order to get their tasks done. Over the course of BoO they begin to bud into a great friendship that would remain important for Nico for a long time. Jason was the first out of the main 7 to befriend Nico. Not only was Jason the first person to hear about Nico’s sexuality (as if that’s not horrifying enough), but he brushed it off. He didn’t mind. Not only did Jason not mind, he told Nico that he was brave and offered Nico positive reinforcement for something traumatic and difficult for him to deal with. This is a great positive role model that Nico needs in his life to really feel self-positive.

Now, let’s not forget our lovely Hazel. While she’s a little different because she’s Nico’s half-sister, they have a very, very strong relationship with one another. While he doesn’t have Bianca anymore, Nico finally has a family member in his time who trusts him and even understands some of his problems (such as being ostracized for being a child of Hades/Pluto.) Hazel shows that she loves Nico and offers a positive shoulder for Nico to lean on. Much like Reyna and Jason, she needs to be an important, if not the most important, platonic relationship for Nico.

Will, too, could have been a great friendship for Nico as only the second person at Camp Halfblood (if you count Jason part of Camp Halfblood) to offer to befriend Nico. If we look at Will when he isn’t with Nico (since when he’s around Nico, he’s a completely different character,) you can see how kind and caring he is. Will really wants to help people the best to his abilities. Not only that, Will would be Nico’s only openly gay friend (if we’re assuming that Reyna/Jason/Hazel are heterosexual.) Will could have become a positive gay role model for Nico, and help him learn to accept himself.

If we’re looking at romantic relationships though, things become messy. In all honesty, Nico shouldn’t have a relationship this early in his own self actualization. He needs time and friends to help him love himself and look at himself positively. If we really have to pair Nico into a romantic relationship, he needs someone who is okay with Nico’s general introversion and distaste in his sexuality. He needs someone who is entirely comfortable with Nico’s discomfort for many things. The best fit for this is not Will. Since, as I have discussed in other post, does not respect Nico’s comfort zone or boundaries. If we look at other popular ships for Nico: We also have Percico (Percy and Nico), Jasico (Jason and Nico), and Valdangelo (Leo x Nico). Percabeth is never breaking up in canon, not to mention the amount of emotional resentment Nico has had toward Percy makes Percico a bad choice. Valdangelo could have been a great idea as both Nico and Leo deal with a similar issue: They both feel like they’re unloveable and they’ll never find anyone. They deal with it in different ways, though. However, because of how BoO and THO build Leo, this possibly amazing romantic relationship was completely disrupted.

That leaves Jasico. Yes, yes. I know. “You’re a Jasico shipper! Of course!” But let’s look at it shall we? Jason has CONSTANTLY respected Nico from when he knew him to the end of BoO. Jason took the time to get to trust Nico and trusted him, undoubtedly, until the end. Jason was the first person to hear about Nico’s sexuality and not only did Jason not mind, but Jason straight up told Nico that that’s the bravest thing he’s seen someone do. That sort of positive reinforcement adds so much self-love and acceptance. As someone who had to deal with the traumatizing event of having to be forced out, this sort of response when you’re so scared and so inflicted by self hatred honestly feels like heaven. All your fears, if only for a moment, start to fade away. Finally, you feel a little free.

Let’s not forget how Jason reads onto Nico’s touching discomfort and tries to avoid touching him at all costs unless he asks. In canon Jason respects Nico’s comfort zone and who he is as a person. Jason doesn’t care about Nico’s past or who Nico’s godly father is. He has the most amount of respect for Nico out of anyone except for Hazel and Reyna. Jason is genuinely the healthiest and best choice for Nico if we had to ship Nico with someone.

I apologize for how long winded this was, again. But I hope you got some insight into what I think! Thanks for the ask, seriously!

Protect the sinnamon roll!!!!

I can’t believe the first time i draw taylor’s characters and it’s as a freakin “draw the crew” meme. @zenwisterias

Also how adorable was Zero sort of stepping up to Jude to kiss him. Jude is a lil bit taller than him and it looks like he lifted up on the balls of his feet at first.


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I've been thinking a lot recently about "positive stereotypes" of Asians (ie all Asians are smart/hard working/etc) and why they bother me because people will say that I'm being too sensitive if I get offended by a positive stereotype. Being smart isn't a bad thing, so explaining why positive stereotypes are still offensive and harmful is difficult for me. Do you think you might be able to help me out? In terms of explaining why those stereotypes are still harmful, that is.

positive stereotyping is a misnomer; all stereotypes have negative effects. they essentialise an entire population and collectivise an individual trait, thus robbing people of their individuality.

in particular, the idea that asians are “smart” or “hardworking” not only factors into the erasure of the stress that people who are not conventionally “smart” may face because of the assumption that they are naturally (conventionally) smart, that they must be naturally (conventionally) smart, that they don’t need help in school, or even that school smarts are the only smarts

but it also undercuts the fact that even people who are conventionally “smart” work extremely hard for it, and undermining their personal ability by ascribing it to some kind of racial factor

and it also exerts tremendous pressure on all asian kids to live up to the expectation of smartness, to the point where it impacts people’s mental health and may lead them to do unhealthy things to themselves in order to conform to that standard. i remember talking to my friends in high school about how we needed to score 150~ points above our white peers in order to be considered for admittance to the same colleges they were applying to because of the idea that asians are naturally academically gifted.

and tbh as to “hardworking” – anything that was used as an excuse to hire chinese labourers at shockingly low wages during the construction of the transcontinental railroad is prolly not “positive” anyway

but this idea that asians are somehow naturally hard workers or enjoy working hard a) not only implies that there are ~certain ~people who are not hard workers (gee i wonder how the idea of “model minority” operates) but also b) has been used as an excuse to hire asian workers to do hard work at low costs because we’re “used to hard work anyway” or are naturally inclined to it & once again it furthermore fails to acknowledge the hard work of individuals by attributing it to their race