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(1) Hi! Okey... that will be weird question.. but i am so confused right now, so many weird things in my head.. i can't got answer to all questions what i have in my head.. i feel really weird after i watched that V live where "Jimin hiding in Jungkook hotel room" Actually i am realistic person and i have been in Kpop about 10 years... so i know really well about those fan service things. I never shipped anyone.

(2) But Jikook i another story:) I am army since Dope era. First when i saw all those posts in my IG of Jikook i was thinking “another shipping shit” but then i saw a lot videos of them and i was kinda in shocked because they really seemed like they have thing to each other. I have been many times in relationship sooo there is things that i can see, but of course i wasn’t 100% 

(3) And now i ship them so badly, they seems so in love and so real, but today i watches that V live where “Jimin hiding in Jungkooks room” i saw a lot posts about that V live and analys was kinda thinking “ ou really, if he is hiding there that mean that they really have something, because just friends will not hiding in room” and today i saw post in your profile where anon i telling that Kookie is actually saying “Jim” so i was so happy and i watched that video first time

(4) when V left Jungkooks room i clearly heard girls voice not Jimins and i was like"… maybe i heard wrong" then when someone came of room and whispered V to turn off. First i thought that it was girls voice but after i replayed it 1000 times it sounded like Kookie and when V was turning off i CLEARLY heard girls voice saying “Jimin” and at that moment i just fucked up😂

(5) i thought about it some much and only think which came to my head was that Jimin was with girl in his room, and Kookie also was with girl in his room because clearly in Kookies room was someone, it make sense and at the same time it don’t make sense because i don’t think that V did not knew that they was with girls and even if he did not knew after he went to room of course he understands that there is girl and i don’t think that they will risk so much. Sorry for my English🙂

first of all Taehyung didn’t end up going to jimin’s room , he went back to his own room.. he actually locked himself out. so people claiming that they could hear a “girl” screaming jimin is not only “irrational” because first of all i hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work like that in real life . people don’t just “scream” out loud as if they were some kind of animals when having sex, especially when the doors are in no mean soundproof, 

second of all taehyung wasn’t even standing in front of jimin’s door, he was literally standing in front of his own room that he locked himself out of .

so jimin having a girl in his room isn’t an option right now.

this whole thing actually brings us to actually ask ourselves why would taehyung bring up visiting jimin’s room when it wasn’t his intention to actually do it. maybe it has to with him trolling both jungkook and jimin who was hiding in the latter’s room. 

this makes sense, because at the end of the vlive you can hear two “dudes” sounding like they’re planning to kill a man . also the next day when they did a vlive they both weren’t taking non of taehyung’s shit. they were being lame with him with no apparent reason so there’s that.

also after taehyung brought up “visiting jimin’s room” ,it was clear that jungkook panicked , the poor guy was rooted to his place.

at exactly 14:00 after taehyung left jungkook’s room, you can literally hear jimin’s voice . put on headphones in order to really hear it )

so it was indeed jimin who was inside jungkook’s room. 

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OMFG😵😵 YOU ACTUALLY REPLIED. Sorry if I'm being super lame right now but you are my inspiration.You and the girls mean so much to me. I never expected you to reply and now I'm dead.Thank you so much for just being so funny. Sorry for writing twice and blowing up your tumblr, but you mean so much to me, so thank you. This didn't have a question, so I guess I have to ask one? What's your favorite color? Mines yellow.Thank you so much-Camila, yes that's my name.

You’re too cute!!! I’m sorry for not responding to this sooner, I don’t always answer my asks right away because I’m busy a lot and then I forget. 😂 Don’t worry about blowing up my ask box, and if you ever wanna chat, you can always dm me on my main, @grifinreyes.

My favorite color is definitely black 🖤

I very low key want to scream about this thing but I feel like it’s such a lame thing to scream about that I have no idea who to go to to scream about this

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I just wanna say thank you for your time to all of us! I don't have tumblr but come to your blog all the time ever since the doll house episodes. I will miss you when the show ends and just wanted to say thanks for being a great human

You are so welcome! I feel like I have a rehearsed answer for every message like this, but genuinely this is how I feel. This blog and talking to you all has absolutely made the show for me. If it wasn’t for this, I’d have given up watching long ago. I will miss having these discussions so much when the show ends, and I will miss having the time to dedicate to this blog, but I appreciate every minute I’ve had on here and all the friends I’ve made in you guys! Thank YOU for making this an experience for me! I don’t think anyone, unless in the same situation, can appreciate how great it is running a blog like this. I say the word “experience” quite literally. It isn’t just a show to me at all, and that probably sounds cheesy but it’s so true.

Anyone have any good cures for jetlag? I want to explore and get used to being here, and actually catch up on vlogs before my subscribers get pissed, but for some reason I’m just not settling into this timezone well. Like, what time is it right now anyways? I keep feeling like my phone is wrong.

Hey there! Just wanted to let my followers know that I really appreciate them.

23 followers yay!! I’m just so happy I made this blog! I’m being a bit lazy right now and a bit busy irl, and I know I said I’d post some more schoolboy!Arslan fanart buut… yah the ideas I had now look really lame.. so feel free to help me with these (like… please??) I Will Totally Draw It!! Asap! Aw and If you did read all this, how about I get to know you.. like literally where are you people from and like… your ages… and anything you want to tell me… like your fandoms… and… your ships… or idk… how annoying these commas are!!! Tellmeeeh!!
Ok bie

I will now go for a long walk

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What makes you think that skam could be paralleling the deilig er jorden from season 1?

Hi there! Hmm there really isn’t something concrete that points out to the plot being stirred towards that direction, but with all the miscommunication piling up from both sides and the tensions escalating I’m afraid we’re soon going to reach a point where something drastic will need to happen for the girls to notice and take action to support sana. Because we see again and again that after those few initial attempts by noora which were shut down, the girls haven’t reached out to her anymore, they haven’t made the connection between sana’s erratic behaviour and the fact that she is hurting and in an even more worrying development, they didn’t ask for the reason why she created saranors2 after she confessed. I also find the fact that sana did not explain why she did it in her apology a little worrisome as well because the friction between them is very high right now and this complicates things even further as far as misunderstandings go.

Moreover because after some of the things the girls have said and done, all  the little microaggressions the flinches, the words they didn’t even realise were ignorant and hurtful… it seems to me that there might be a need for something major to happen for them to shake this mentality away and realise how wrong they’ve been and Julie does love her parallels! But I also believe Julie is perfectly capable of resolving this through conversation alone, I still have faith in her! I guess I just feel like there is so much history especially between vilde and sana right now that a simple apology would be a bit underwhelming and I’d definitely love to see a reversal of the deilig er jorden scene with the girls taking care of sana for once, but we’ll see!

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It was rather surprising to see the android again after all this time. Chell couldn't help but wonder how he'd gotten here, but that was a question for another time. Right now was a time to decide whether to punch him right in the face, depending on what he was about to say. [ silencedxscience ] ((throws a lame starter at you because I'm trash))

“…. ‘ello, luv.” So far, so good. No punch to the face quite yet. He had a lot to explain, but he figured being polite always went a long way. Especially after trying to murder her.

“First of all: I’m sorry. I was bossy, and monstrous, and I am sorry. Honestly. Please don’t hurt me.”

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Hey Maya! You don't have to publish this if you don't want, maybe just answer in tags? But do you honestly think it's possible that Louis is going solo under syco? I love the idea of solo!louis but I'm sure he'd rather die than work with SC willingly

I don’t think so at all! If he really wanted to work close to Simon he would have accepted that XF offer they were dying for him to accept. He would partecipate actively on the girl band project, he would have given the chance to show his potential and work earlier this year, instead of being relegated in the dark, labelled as the lame one only minding about his son and gfs while everyone else was moving on.

I don’t know, maybe we’re all wrong, but this looks so positive to me right now. It tastes and smells and looks and sounds like he’ll pull a Niall. So he’ll probably pull a Niall.

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Hii ^^ so I was wondering, since you believe selu is real (me too bae me too), when do you think they got together (like before debut, mama era, wolf era, etc)? Ily btw ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

hi ^^ thank you, ily too <3 i also received this ask, which is roughly asking the same thing

i hope you know how hard this question is to answer but ofc it all goes back to pre-debut, if you think about it, Sehun was already a part of SM since 2008, and Luhan came around 2010, so before debut they had a good 2 years to establish their friendship (dont forget that Luhan said his first impression of Sehun was that of a little brother he wanted to take care of)

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You know, it's really quite funny when someone tries to plan a good night. Yes, it was last minute. I'm well aware it was. I don't know, I just didn't want it to be some lame Saturday night. A lot of the ZBZ girls right now are probably wishing I didn't exist. Which honestly, I don't know how to feel about that. I'm not some airhead like you all think. I'm not even, fully composed right now. I'm just trying to address that this was made much bigger than it should have been. I don't have anything to apologize for, so I won't. Some, if you ask will say they had a good night. Some others? Well, their cynical standards are far too high. I know i'm being made a mockery right now and I won't stand for it any longer. This is honestly ridiculous. What is this even about? How good a party was? Some call the party a middle school event. Hell, you're acting like a middle schooler yourself. I've had enough of this nonsense. Please knock it off.