i'm being random lol

ok but aaron dingle is literal husband of the year and i love how supportive he’s being (when he has every right *not* to be)

all i want out of this and aarons pushing robert to talk is a scene where robert just breaks and spills all his feelings and #angst and aaron just listens like the gem he is

twitter & g+

continuing with my username cleanup i have moved my official twitter to lenyan_art

additionally, i have opened a g+ account

both accounts are still pretty much empty.. it will take me a while to fill those with content but if for some strange reason you’d like another form of update on my work please feel free to follow me there^^

of course these changes will have no negative impact on the activity status of my tumblr - this account will remain properly updated

*suddenly gets very afraid of being alone again* oh no

anonymous asked:

"why are you (under the desk/in your closet/hiding under the bed/blockaded into a corner of the room/other small forbidden place)?" ah yes well I suppose I'm just... under here... I'm just extremely Random and a troublemaker... just being funny I guess lol having a good time "you have to come out it's (dirty/a fire code violation/annoying/the middle of class)" ok w ait no if I come out I'll die oh my god please no