i'm being lifted into the air

Nerd!Holtzmann headcanons

• Convincing Patty to give her piggyback rides around the firehouse whilst she pretends to be Yoda because ‘you always complain about the weight of the proton packs, this will help’.
• Being handed a baby by one of their fans and immediately lifting it in the air Lion King style.
• Finding ghostbusters boxers on the Internet and refusing to wear any other form of underwear.
• Explaining her feelings using complicated physics metaphors that Erin and Abby have to then explain to Patty who has no idea what Holtz is talking about.
• Giving each of the ghostbusters and Kevin mix tapes (on actual cassettes) for Christmas that are specifically tailored to each person’s taste.
• Running around the firehouse with a pride flag wrapped around her shoulders as a cape.
• Subsequently forgetting that she’s wearing a cape whilst she works and accidentally setting it on fire.
• She has a Dexter’s Laboratory tattoo.
• Getting so distracted dancing and singing along to 80s music in the Ecto-1 while she’s driving that Abby has to remind her to watch the road every five minutes.

daemonizing  asked:

[ offers initial glass slipper to your right foot ] " i do believe these will suit you well , tia --- "


—- Afternoon sun beamed through transparent mirrors of balcony doors - it blessed the landscape during the day with kindness, underlining fresh air’s murmurs. Midst warmed room stood a black chair, crested by ornamental themes; and supported this dame’s weight effortlessly. They designed their Lucian fashion always rather sombre, so harsh contrast to the otherworldly fading nuances of her being. Yet found she rather comfort within this scenery, enough to read pages filled with poetry. Thighs lifted, knees angled crossing one another and toes twitched. Someone would call a position like such ‘provoking’. Perhaps that was her intention: to rile the next whose planned to enter this chamber and interrupted her time alone. And exactly could this goddess tell WHOM might become the riled.

       And her hypothesis transformed into a fact. The mischievously smiling Healer opened the door - his hands hid indefinite objects, yet they were gleaming like diamonds betwixt gabs of fingers. Oh, had he brought a present? – – surely one related to a discussion they recently held, about her preference to walk with bare feet. Already had she accepted the etiquette of wearing less light clothing, and more of the covering kind - but never had shoes passed the joints of her toes - ever. A change of habit would he request, at least within this cathedral, but you could not tame this goddess like you could not capture the entire ocean in one bottle.

      Silver line of a brow had arisen whilst he drew one stool close to hers, to have a seat nearby. She felt male fingertips on her right foot, as he offered a piece of heeled glass. Unlike any other. They were not ordinary - with all those that her irises could spot in the past, have they never seen shoes made with crystalline structure.

     I do believe these will suit you well, Tia — “ he said, and she flinched with caution.
       There it was again. Tia. One believed this name to be routine by now.
       Which’s been the surreal truth

       Shoulders had come to roll lightly upwards in the moment this book was put down. Grey hues examined one of the glassed pair, glance wandered along light reflections which broke its spectrum within their scales. Quite interesting did they appear, she had to admit. Eventually one time to try could be granted at least. Slowly occurred the motion of pale colors ( the contrast of both tones… notice how dwindling she looked in his hands ) entered the opening gingerly – after all, this thing was to shatter with almost ridiculous easiness. Surprisingly, matched it perfectly, as if they were made just for her… but they weren’t, right?

       One way finished, another to go, but not with her permission. She’d never agreed in wearing the other. - REBELLIOUS, was she not? Just how you’d like it. Opposing leg lifted in a pace that was neither slow nor rushed, and stretched then out towards him, ankles connected with the Savior’s cheek.  

       “This foot will not touch any glass – but thy face.”

Brutasha & Faithfulness

Am I the only on who doesn’t think that Natasha “betrayed” Bruce when she pushed him into the hole. It’s not as black and white as that. Sokovia was being lifted into the air, they were severely outgunned, there were a ton of defenseless civilians, and here was Bruce Banner, the shaky, reluctant, scientist scared of his own shadow, who courageously chooses against his previous determination to avoid conflict and hide, to ditch his comfort zone and risk transformation so that he can save his dear friend who he loves.

I can’t help but think that when he actively chose to rejoin the team temporarily and leave Avenger’s tower with them he was still very torn between transforming in anger at Nat’s absence when he needed her the most and to use his strength to defeat Ultron and help the cause but there was still that part of him that doesn’t trust the Hulk around civilians that was amplified by the public’s judgement and terror, in Johannesburg. In the quinjet, you can see his raw, rage and protectiveness of Natasha, who has become even more important than himself and his constant need to control his monster. They say you never know what you have until you lose it.

He could have ran away and disappeared long before the team went out to confront Ultron, but he doesn’t because he waits for Nat and in this moment, he doesn’t clearly doesn’t give two shits about rejoining the game as long as he gets his girl back. Yeah, he probably also knows that there’s a possibility that he’ll hulk out in the midst of the chaos but he also knows that he’s the best chance they have. I think this small scene is commonly overlooked even though it reveals the depths of his feelings for Natasha, which he always pushes away, but this time, he fights for her.

On the other hand, Nat still held onto the hope that they would run away together or at least be together, until the very end when he leaves her. This is seen as she tries to coax him into returning to her in the quinjet, telling him that the job’s done and their fight is basically over. Also, before she pushes him, she sees that he truly loves her and wants to be with her, (she is his reason not to lose hope in himself and his future). Despite, Bruce’s tendency to shy away from his feelings and confrontations, he admits his feelings for her for the first time and confidently engages with her, giving her confidence that even if she brings out his monster, to save the world, he’ll understand why she did it.

And despite people’s common interpretation that Bruce Banner ditches her for betraying his trust and freedom, this is the exact opposite.

She knows and understands every dimension of Bruce so well that she gives him a push in the right direction for the good of humanity and for himself, since she knows that he’s the kind of guy who under normal circumstances would never avoid saving as many innocent lives as he could.

Even if Bruce has lost hope in his righteousness, morality, and heroism, Natasha surely hasn’t and gives him another chance to prove this to the world and more importantly to himself since she knows he can’t run away from himself forever.

Actions speak louder than words and so instead of trying to persuade him to fight with her one last time, she proves her enduring trust in him and herself to bring him back (hence the lullaby), by triggering the other guy. This only happens after sincerely kissing him ofcourse to let him know, she loves and cares for him deeply and is always thinking of the best for him. The Hulk’s smile and willingness to join the battle and “go be a hero” confirms Bruce’s, subconscious desire to fight for the greater good despite his insecurities and past trauma that commonly dictate his actions as a human. The Hulk is a physical manifestation of Bruce’s repressed desires, emotions, weaknesses, and strengths that have accumulated since his traumatic childhood. Natasha knows this but he still clings to the idea that there are two separate beings that cannot be associated with each other, because he’s afraid of his power. One, day Bruce will finally accept himself completely and I think his temporary escape will have something to do with it.

So no, in my opinion, Bruce doesn’t ultimately feel betrayed by Natasha especially since it is clear in the movie that he is willing to be submissively transformed back by her tender touch during the almost-lullaby. Until, she is almost killed by Ultron risking her vulnerable life for Bruce’s humanity, which scares the hell out of him and that’s why he leaves. His main priority above anything is her safety but at the same time he needs to realize that she’s a hell of a fighter and doesn’t need saving. In fact, his presence in her life would truly free her.