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Never Have I Ever

A/N: Ok so y'all this isn’t edited and i’m on vacay so i might not be able to edit this anytime soon but enjoy nonetheless i guess?? lol
“Shawn wow it’s been a long time how are you? It’s good to have you back!” Ellen said

“I’m good I’m good, glad to be back!” Shawn replied

“How long has it been since you’ve last been here?” She asked

“It’s been a long time that’s for sure.” he said making her laugh

“Ok before we start I just wanted to say congratulations on launching your third album!” She said making the audience cheer

“Thank you.” Shawn said fiddling with the ring on his finger

“Ok so one of these songs is about your girlfriend, Y/N right?” She said making the audience scream and Shawn hiding his face in his hand mumbling an ‘oh god’

“A few of them are about her yeah.” He chuckled

“And does she know?” she asked

“Well she does now.” Shawn laughed

“How do you think her reaction is right now?” Ellen asked making Shawn shrug

“Why don’t you see for yourself.” Ellen said making Shawn frown in confusion as you scared him from behind making him jump out of his seat and clutching his heart as you high fived Ellen

“You scared me!” he said hugging you

“That’s kind of the point.” you said hugging the tree in front of you

“I’m honored by the way.” You whispered in his ear making him smile and rub your back.
You soon pulled away and greeted Ellen properly and went to sit by Shawn

“This is your first time on the show right?” Ellen asked you as they gave you a mic

“Yes it is.” you smiled

“And I’m gonna make sure to give you the perfect and best first time on Ellen. Let’s play: Never Have I Ever.” She said making you bury your face in Shawn’s chest

“Karma sucks doesn’t it?” Shawn whispered teasingly in your ear making you smack his chest

“Here are two paddles and this is how the game works: For example I’m gonna say never have I ever gone skinny dipping and if you have you’ll show the ‘I have’ side on your paddle and if you haven’t well you’ll know what to do.” She said making you laugh

“Ok let’s start: Never have I ever gotten a tattoo I regret.” Ellen said making you and Shawn show the ‘I have never.’ side of the paddle

“You sure Shawn?” Ellen teased making you laugh again and Shawn’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink

“Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.” She said making you raise the 'I have never’ and Shawn hiding behind the 'I have’ paddle making you laugh

“Just keep going.” Shawn said trying to hide his red face

“No who did you send it to?” You asked trying to breathe after the laughing fest you just had


“Who?!” You and Ellen asked

“My younger sister, Aaliyah.” Shawn mumbled making you wheeze for air

“Ok next one: Never have I ever told a girl or guy how I feel about them through song.” Ellen said making Shawn reveal the 'I have’ paddle and you reveal the 'I have never’ paddle

“We kinda all already knew the answer.” Ellen said making you laugh and place the paddle down on the table and Ellen went to commercial and Shawn was supposed to get ready for his performance

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Shawn said lifting you in the air then giving you nose kisses

“Well here I am.” You said giggling

“Thank you.” he said

“For what?” You asked confused

“For always being there for me.” He replied kissing your knuckles

“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I wasn’t?” you chuckled

“Also, thank you Shawn.” you said and it was his turn to be confused

“For what?” he asked and you turned to meet his gaze

“For being the best boyfriend ever.” You said kissing him

“Now go get ready!” You said as he left to get ready.

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Hi! Could you help me to understand the whole GoT petyr/sansa situation? Because after reading Aidan's new interview I feel I should give up. It says: As for Petyr's affection for Sansa Stark, Gillen cleared the air."I’m not really playing a romantic interest there. I know that’s how it appears, but it’s something slightly different," Being romantic with Sansa in unintentional. I'm a huge fan of Jane Austin books and so on, therefore I was sure he feels for her. But aidan keeps denying it. Thx

I think dude’s getting tired of trying to explain the twisted little intricacies of this extreme mess of a relationship, anon. And it’s not like the show itself cares anymore, so why should he do the heavy lifting off-screen? Now he’s sticking to “mentoring” - it’s easy, digestible, simple, safe. If you look at older interviews, he goes into more detail, talks about genuine feelings and shades of twisted romance, survival, and past traumas influencing this current dynamic. I, for one, have 0 issue w/ him resisting any clearcut romance label. It would be v irresponsible and misguided to reduce PXS to that. It’s a tale but of the cautionary and not of the fairy variety.

I’m also a firm believer in the other thing he keeps repeating:

“There’s a certain lack of clarity in what he’s after, and I think that’s the way it should be. I don’t think I should have to say anything about it.”

Amen. (btw GRRM takes a similar stance about his writing in general - the cracks among canon facts are yours to interpret)

That “lack of clarity” is where the highest fun-potential tends to reside, anon, and we are encouraged to make what we want of it. I do not believe you should give anything up just because it is not pure, 100% vetted & verified canon. I know this is the big trend these days - obsessively seeking off-screen/off-page validation/confirmation before we give ourselves (and worse, others) permission to enjoy sth - but it’s also the biggest collective fandom bullshit ever produced.

PXS lends itself to several possible interpretations, all of which you’re allowed to toy with, and there’s room in it for dark romance, the idea of which you are allowed to enjoy whether its seeds bloom into canon or not. At the end of the day stuff in the show or the books is not any more real.

I believe fans should be interpreters of fiction, not slaves of it, so bottom line here is: you can keep enjoying it bc despite the worst reductive efforts of the show, there is plenty to enjoy and explore. imo, ofc

“Not all who wander are lost.” || #ChoicesCreates Round 12, hosted by @hollyashton . Inspired by both the prompt and Pride Month.

This is the first time when Zig thinks back on all the emotional anguish of discovering his sexuality, and he feels relieved instead of sick to his stomach. It had been hell but here he is now, standing tall and unafraid, more sure of himself than he’s ever been before. All that time he’d felt so isolated, and now it turns out that he’d never been lost, just on the path of learning who he truly is. He touches his fingers gently to the dried paint smeared across his cheek, the distinct colors reminding him that he isn’t alone anymore. He doesn’t have to be.

Nearby Zack’s waving around a rainbow flag bigger than he is, and beside him Kaitlyn’s wearing one that’s various shades of pink as a cape. Zig watches as the girl lifts her hands into the air, aimlessly shouting nonsense into the chaos like so many others around them. He laughs, then glances over his shoulder to see the waves of people who look just as happy as he feels. A soft look crosses his face, and for just a moment, the noise and the hype all fade into a gentle buzz like you see in the movies.

All the struggling, all the fighting with himself… It was all worth it to feel this… this…

“Free?” He looks over to his left and Kaitlyn’s smiling up at him with shining eyes. “That’s what you’re feeling, isn’t it?”

He tilts his head, but slowly nods. “Yeah… How’d you know?”

She laughs merrily, gesturing around them with a sweeping motion. “It’s our first pride parade! I feel it too!”

He grins brightly, throwing his arm over her shoulders and doing the same to Zack once he’s in range. Zack lifts his flag higher in response, throwing his head back and yelling into the air: “I love being gaaaaay!!”

Some nearby people cheer before copying him, and Zig just laughs, looking at the seemingly endless crowd ahead of them. “I’m proud to be me,” he says, but nobody else hears him. But that’s not important. What’s important is that it’s the first time he’s ever felt pride and damn… It’s years and years overdue.

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maybe some underswap Napstaton and regular napstabloo headcannons for a short s/o? please and thank you, love your writings btw


- They kind of like that you’re short. They can hover over you. & you look…so cute…close up & from a distance.

- If they could they would pick you up…maybe carry you. If you wanted. But probably not. Their headphones would get in the way, wouldn’t they? Oh…yeah.


- Shortstack! M&M Mini’s! Bitty Baby!! You get a lot of sometimes cute, sometimes irritating nicknames. He’s just…trying to compliment you. Maybe. Or maybe he’s just doing it because he loves how cute your pout looks.

- Prepare to be lifted, constantly. You’re on his shoulder, being thrown through the air, being balanced on one hand while he plays his records with the other. It’s wild, hope you’ve got health insurance.

good afternoon!! victor nikiforov regularly accosts yuuri in any and every place with a countertop, table, or wall with the hope in his gay lil heart that yuuri will lift him into the air while they’re making out. have a great day!!

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(Prompt anon here!!!) oh yes this Halloween prompt would work perfectly in an AU universe! I was thinking about a story where Kala is all excited about Halloween and Wolfie isn’t so she decides to go out alone with the squad because he doesn’t want to dress up but then he regrets it and surprises her! I must admit that I love when they’re partying in a club! and if you want to add some smut then that’s like.... completely alright believe me ahah even better! Thank you dear!

A/N: I’m so sorry for this being so late darling! I hope you enjoy reading xx

Here is the ao3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12588944


Felix blanched at his words, eyes widening and his eyebrows shooting up in surprise. Wolfgang resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Instead, he raised a challenging eyebrow in response, kept his face stoic and calm. He appraised the scene in front of him: Felix, donned in a faded black muscle tank that was frayed around the edges, his black jeans stuffed into fleece-lined black boots, fanny pack loose around his waist and resting over his stomach from sitting down. The horned helmet on his head was lopsided from his constant tugging, making his actual hair stick out from under the wig attached to it. He had a plastic sword dumped somewhere in the living room. (It’s Conan the Barbarian, Berner style, Felix described it. Fucking sad was how Wolfgang saw it.)

Will, on the other hand, was dressed in his Chicago Police Department uniform, leaving out his 9mm handgun but kept the department issued handcuffs in case of any trouble during their night. (That’s not very creative, Felix drawled when Will stepped through the door half an hour ago. At least I’m recognisable. What even are you? Will chuckled, heading straight for the refrigerator and opening a bottle of beer.)

They were at the outdoor balcony of his and Kala’s apartment, drinking, talking, and having the occasional cigarette, while everyone else was busy getting ready for the Halloween themed dinner and pub crawl later that night. The sky was dimming to a darker and darker shade as time passed by, pushing away the faint blues and pale pinks of the day. The streets and buildings that surrounded the apartment slowly illuminated in its place, and the relaxed ambiance of it all made Wolfgang feel like it was well into the night of a long weekend, although the bustle of the traffic below indicated it wasn’t even six o'clock on a Monday evening. Granted, he was on paid leave for the next few days, but it didn’t take away from the fact that he was tired of getting bombarded with demands to go out with everyone.

He ticked his jaw in mild irritation as he repeated, “No.”

Felix opened his mouth to retort, but closed it just as quick. He seemed to have difficulty finding his words, probably didn’t expect such an outright decline to the invitation. Wolfgang wanted to bark out a laugh. After all this time, the bastard still hadn’t given up on convincing him to partake in this Halloween bullshit.

“You’re serious?” He finally managed to get out.

Wolfgang nodded. “Yes.”

“Yes as in you’re going? Or yes as in you’re serious about not going?” Felix held out both his palms and gestured with each as a choice for Wolfgang to clarify his decision. He waved his left hand, nodding with exaggeration to sway him to agree with the first choice.

Wolfgang stared back pointedly, sighing deeply after a solid ten seconds of silence. “I’m not going, Felix.” He looked to Will, who was hiding a grin from behind the lip of his beer bottle, and who still hadn’t said a word this whole time.

Felix slapped the table in defeat. “Come on, Wolfie. It’s fucking Halloween.”

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I LOVED the prompts about Anakin saying he wished that Obi-Wan had died on Naboo instead of Qui-Gon, and then Obi-Wan getting caught in the bombing.I humbly request a continuation of those. It would be awesome if Obi could come really close to death/maybe even die for a little bit. Maybe Obi-wan also apologizes for living while he's delirious (I'm sorry I didn't die, I'm sorry I failed you, I'm sorry I failed Qui-Gon). You're awesome! <3

His heart had given out.

Anakin had felt it, like a flash of pain through his whole body when it happened until the Healer had forced him back, like a fizzle of electric current through the air with his hands on Obi-Wan’s chest.

Obi-Wan’s entire body had lifted of the bed for a second and then thumped back down but he was breathing again. Anakin clenched his hands, desperately wishing he could help and only Snips hand on his waist kept him from being in the way.

He looked at her, meeting the Togruta’s blue eyes with his own. They looked frightened.

“Its okay Snips, its okay.” He wrapped her in his arms, pulling her to his chest as he watched the healers, stroking over her monterals slowly with his mecha hand. “He’s going to be alright, we got him to the healers, to the temple.” He whispered as much for his own benefit as hers.

He needed Obi-Wan to be alright. If he lost Obi-Wan…

There were so few things really keeping him to the Order as it was. If Obi-Wan really died…

He clung to Ahsoka.


A fleeting brush against his mind and the young knight jerked his head up to stare at Obi-Wan, still on the healer’s table, being worked over with the Force. 'Obi-Wan, oh thank the Force. Obi-Wan you need to fight!’

'Why? Should have died…sorry didn’t die. Always fail everyone. Always failing. I’m sorry.’ Obi-Wan’s weak, fluttering voice returned.

Anakin’s nails dug a bit into Ahsoka’s arms on accident. 'Master no. No I didn’t mean it. You need to come back. You were always my master, you taught me, you explained to me, you were always patient with me. Master please don’t leave me. Without you…I won’t know what to do Obi-Wan.’

'But…you said…’

'I was angry Obi-Wan. You know me. I’m to emotional. I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t thinking. I miss Qui-Gon, I always will but he wasn’t suppose to be my Master. You were. Always you Obi-Wan. My master, my friend and my brother in all the ways that matter. Please don’t leave me!’

Anakin wondered for a moment if he had reached through to the man when suddenly the healer exclaimed. “He’s gone into a healing trance on his own! Thank the Force! That’s it Kenobi you sonofabitch. Heal!”

Anakin could have started to cry. Obi-Wan wasn’t going to leave him after all.

He buried his face in the monterals of his padawan and clung to the teenager in his arms, feeling how she went boneless against him in similar relief.

Obi-Wan was fighting to live, for them. For Anakin.

i’ve been listening to disney music all evening so now this is happening. (also some credit to my lovely pal and partner in all meme crimes; karlee @simonsnoe for yelling with me about this beautiful hc)

snowbaz + disney 

  • simon would literally know the lyrics to all disney songs
  • and like, i love the hc that simon can sing. so yes. simon can sing and it’s beautiful and baz is all hearteyes. 
  • simon would have disney music playlist because he loves disney music and it just makes him happy. and he loves singing the songs around the flat whenever he gets the chance really
  • sometimes penny joins but penny isn’t a hardcore disney fan. she likes it but eh. 
  • (fine penny)
  • (they love to do bear necessities together tho)(cuties)
  • simon and baz watch a lot of disney movies together because they love having movie night ((bc lbr they would cuddle up together on the couch with blankets and everything because they’re two cuddly lil shits like that geT THEM AWAY FROM ME))((them having a movie night is a whole hc in itself))
  • and so whenever it’s simon’s turn to pick a movie for movie night he’ll pick a disney move 99% of the time. 
  • he particularly loves the old classics like cinderella and sleeping beauty because “they’re just wonderful baz”
  • the classics just feel the most magical to simon and we all know how much simon loves ~magical~
  • even though his never ending love for the old classics, simon’s also a big fan of tangled
  • “you just like tangled bc u think the girl’s cute, snow”
  • “well, she is cute, but it’s also just really good fuck off baz”
  • baz doesn’t really like tangled
  • not because simon thinks rapunzel is cute but because mother gothel and the way she abuses rapunzel reminds baz of the way the mage abused simon
  • simon is low-key convinced baz isn’t the biggest fan of either disney movies and songs
  • i mean, yes he watches all the movies with simon and all but he never really sings along or shares simon’s excitement for them. 
  • uNTIL
  • one day simon hears someone singing in the shower
  • baz. baz is singing in the shower
  • simon dies
  • three times
  • from that moment simon makes baz sing duets with him
  • ofc he makes them sing ‘love is an open door’ from frozen and they’re just so cute!!!!
  • one day they’re watching aladdin and simon is swooning because aladdin looks like baz and wowow *hEARTEYES*
  • “bAz hE LOoKs liKE yOu” 
  • ((aladdin and baz both come from middle-eastern families))
  • ((also the hair)) ((and the nose)) 
  • “BAz yOu’RE FlyiNg oN A cARpEt”
  • this gives baz an idea
  • next day simon comes home to the flat and baz is sitting on a carpet in the living room??
  • and simon’s like ‘v funny baz, u cute idiot’
  • IT’S FLYING???
  • (baz spelled the carpet this enormous sap)
  • they basically re-an-act ‘a whole new world’ and it’s the cheesiest shit you’ll ever know
  • or what about them watching mulan and the song ‘a girl worth fighting for’ is on
  • and baz is watching mulan/ping just being awkward in that whole song (bc she/he doesn’t like girls)
  • and baz is just like ‘same’
  • simon snorts
  • okay but then bUT THEN
  • the lion king the musical is in theaters in london ((it actually is right now))
  • simon needs to go.
  • both simon and baz really love the lion king movie
  • (fact: baz cried watching the movie)
  • so baz get’s tickets for the trio (penny is coming along as well because this seems like good shit) (+ she’s a big supporter of poc casted musicals WOO)
  • they all cry in the theather
  • it’s beautiful
  • when they get home they’re all hyped up and they make their oWN ROUTINE TO CIRCLE OF LIFE
  • just close your eyes and imagine them doing the intro of that song, none of them really knowing what the words are because ??? “aaaaaah zimbjakabefjehwe”
  • oR BAZ LIFTING SIMON IN THE AIR. SIMBA STYLE. (someone draw this pls)
  • *penny majestically dancing around them*
  • bless them
  • okay, one last thing
  • one day baz and simon are just being cheesy and baz ends up calling simon ‘prince charming’
  • and simon knows baz said it in a teasing/joking way
  • but simon is blushing
  • !!!
  • just snowbaz + disney is the most adorable thing don’t even fight me on this. 

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Hi I really love your reactions ❤. Gif reaction calling them daddy?

/Admin DiNa/ hereeeee~

Thank you so muuuuuch! I seriously laughed at your question for five minutes haha I’ll try to make this as entertaining as possible XD

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