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I dont like my friend anymore (lowkey serious/kidding) she txtd me "lol I was watching the vapp 2jae is dead,was it even alive? They dont even interact" I left her as read lol I was gonna send links to ur 2jae posts, but she doesnt deserve perfection

Hello, my dear!

Ahh, the true ender of friendships! Disbelief in 2jae! Ahaha, kidding, kidding~ Please don’t dislike your friend because of a disagreement in shipping!

Though… to be honest, I do understand the feeling! I certainly don’t expect everyone to ship 2jae, and it honestly still surprises me sometimes how many people do, but I still feel a pain in my heart when people deny the existence of 2jae! They might not share a romantic love outside of my imagination, but the love and connection that they share is still very real, and it does sadden me at times to see people acting like it doesn’t exist at all just because they aren’t as showy and extra about their affections and interactions as others are! Personally, I just don’t see how anyone can dismiss how much they care about one another…

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.. just because they aren’t always obvious. But at least we have each other for support and in order to share our love for these boys and their love together! My silly 2jae trash is FAR from perfection, but I’m glad that my posts allow us to appreciate 2jae together! 

2jae Trash Unite!

survivorguilt replied to your post: electiveamnesia replied to your post: …Are corpses upset about being dead? Yes, they are lived.survivorguilt replied to your post: ceocu replied to your post: …

I can never remember if all of Louis XVI’s relatives were guillotined too. Let’s not split heirs.

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A very rich and famous dwarf passed away recently. He was low dead.

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Are corpses upset about being dead? Yes, they are lived.

     “Round of applause for these. Personally, I like the corpse one the most.”

Dead Circus

Alois was bored. Or, as bored as one could be after watching a circus performance. Perhaps the dazzling costumes and dangerous stunts just didn’t interest him as much as it did commoners. That, or it was just because he was here to help solve multiple missing children cases.

Which, the Queen’s spider thought, was going absolutely nowhere. Actually, the whole night had been a bore so far. Claude was being an ass, per usual, and the people Alois was supposed to be helping hadn’t shown themselves to him yet. The Queen’s letter didn’t mention who he was supposed to be accompanying, just that they would approach him first.

“Well, they’re right asses, they are, for being late to their own case!” The blonde mumbled to himself as he stood outside of the main circus tent. Even he could see that this was going nowhere, fast.