i'm being a baby i know


  Bay and Mist tried to not look curious when River’s bedroom door slammed suddenly and Oli stormed past. A few moments later, the door reopened and River emerged, but it was too late; downstairs, the front door slammed too.
  “Shit,” River muttered under his breath.
  “Trouble?” Bay asked nonchalantly, keeping his eyes on the foosball table.
  “All I said was he couldn’t stay,” River sighed. “I don’t get the big deal.”
  “Really?” Bay asked incredulously, turning to look at him with a brow raised.
  “You told him that right after sex-”
  “Ew,” Mist cringed. “Didn’t need to know that, thanks,” she grumbled quietly to herself.
  “-and expected him to be, what, happy?”
  “Er, when you put it like that…” River mumbled. Bay squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his forehead at his brother’s sheer stupidity.
  “Sometimes, River, you’re an idiot.”
  “Sometimes?” Mist chuckled.
  “Who asked you?” River snarled at her.
  “Oi!” Bay interjected sternly, stepping between the two as Mist poked her tongue out behind him. “Just apologise to your boyfriend. I swear, one day you’re gonna push that boy too far.” He shook his head, and turned back to the foosball table and his sister, who was smiling sweetly at their brother. River stood there for a moment, not saying anything, before going back to his room.

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i know it took me a while but i'm beginning to understand now why louis fans are so protective over him seeing the things happen today. i used to follow the wrong people who would get mad when ppl spoke up about him being treated wrongly but now i get why

After this mess i dont want a. single. person. moan and whine about us treating him “"like a baby”“”. NOT A SINGLE PERSON. If it was their fave they’d be breaking down by now. We had to see him being treated like shit for 6 fucking years while helplessly watching it all happen before our eyes. His own “team” treats him like a punching bag, promoting and protecting literally everyone EXCEPT for him, throwing him to the wolves. His own “team” single handedly is responsible for each and every shit he has had to endure for so long. He hasnt had a rest since this band was formed. There is a reason why we are so fiercely protective of him and if people took 5 mins of their time they’d know that reason. Instead they hide behind false pretends waiting till some shit happen so they can look for reasons to hate him and bring him down and attack those who defend him. Fuck that, fuck them.

Daddies Get Insecure Too
  • Daddy: Hey baby? I'm sorry I haven't been the best lately.
  • Baby: Whaddya mean daddy?
  • Daddy: I haven't really been there for you. I know you've needed me and you've been really upset with me. I'm not doing good and I wish I could do better for you. You deserve so much better.
  • Baby: ...
  • Daddy: You're probably mad at me and you have every right to be. I want to be the best I can be for you and I'm failing at being your daddy.
  • Baby: ...
  • Daddy: Baby?
  • Baby: *hugs* I love you.
  • Daddy: I love you too. I'm so scared of you leaving. I know I can do better but I--
  • Baby: Shh. I love you. You're the best daddy I can ask for. I can't expect you to always be there for me because I know you get busy. It's my fault for always getting upset when you can't be there. I just really miss you is all. There may be people better than you but I don't want them. I want you. I love you more than anyone else in the world, flaws and all.
  • Daddy: *sniffling* I love you too princess.



Spider-Man: Homecoming script leaked!

*tom holland voice* hey, my name’s peter..and i’m…not like those other guys. oh no, i’m not a jock, or a goth… or a regular human being, actually. i’m just…. peter *camera pans to zendaya* that’s mary jane. she is sooo hot. how does one describe the level of hotness of the great mary jane watson? she’s like if rihanna and black widow had a baby *pans back to him* but i'm…just peter. and this is my story. *plays left hand free by alt-j*

baby: c- C-

parents: cat? cake?

baby: C- Cross Gene works just as hard as any other group and they have amazing vocals and choreo and I know they have a lot of fans so the fact that they haven’t gotten their first win despite being an older band is quite frankly bullshit

parents: *wiping away their tears* you’re right

Unusual Song Lyrics for the Signs
  • Aries: "Show me someone who says they've got no baggage, I'll show you somebody whose got no story, nothing gory means no glory but baby please don't bore me" (Sloppy Seconds, Watsky)
  • Taurus: "I'm a princess, cut from marble smoother than stone, and the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold" (Yellow Flicker Beat, Lorde)
  • Gemini: "One more sad movie star divorce, three hundred died in an airplane wreck and you think of all the people suffering and you bury that pain, but you can tell me everything, and we’ll ride on that wave" (King of the world, Weezer)
  • Cancer: "And I know what it feels like, what it feels like being alone. You let them take, you let them take you home, and I know what it feels like to wanna be held, you get so tired, you get so tired of being cold" (Fragile, Rozes)
  • Leo: "This chest is full of memories of gold and silver tears. I'll give you more to own than all of this, I'll give you more than years" (Slow Your Breath Down, Future of Forestry)
  • Virgo: "So what are you waiting for, cuz someone could love you more, I'm just a lost boy" (Lost Boy, Troye Sivan)
  • Libra: "When I wake up, the dream isn't done. I wanna see your face and know I've made it home" (Painting Flowers, All Time Low)
  • Scorpio: "I feel like I could die beside you, with anyone else it's not the same. And I would do anything to last, when you undo my belt, I melt" (Melt, Heyrocco)
  • Sagittarius: "I can't keep my feet up off the edge, I kinda like the feeling of standing close to death, like when you're driving me crazy" (After Midnight, Blink 182)
  • Capricorn: "Gave you a minute when you needed an hour. Chose to push it aside instead of leaving behind you. If any word that I said could've made you forget I would have given you them all, but it was all in your head" (Bridges, Broods)
  • Aquarius: "Give me a pen, call me Mr. Benzedrine, but don't call the doctor, I wanna blow off steam" (20 Dollar Nose Bleed, Fall Out Boy)
  • Pisces: "Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man, these lyrics aren't for everyone only if you understand" (Message Man, twenty one pilots)
pretty sure this is how rey's "training" will go
  • luke: [sitting on a rock, gazing at the ocean dramatically]
  • [a lightsaber floats past his face]
  • rey: [from behind the rock] ooOOOOOooooOOoo
  • luke: rey i know it's you
  • rey: nooOOooo
  • rey: i'm the ghost of obi-wan kenobiiiiii
  • rey: stop being a baby and go apologize to your sisteeeerrrrrr
  • rey: oooOOOOOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOOOOOoo

I promise I’ll stop talking but I was thinking about this : Joyce and Jonathan are going to have the biggest argument of all time when Jonathan gets accepted to NYU and he then says he doesn’t want to go because it costs to much money and he couldn’t leave her and will behind. I can see her packing up his bags and loading them in the car and saying you’re going Jonathan you’ve wanted to go since you were six years old, will and I can take care of ourselves. Joyce knows it will be hard without Jonathan she knows that but she also knows her baby boy (who isn’t much of a baby anymore but grew up into more of a man than Lonnie could ever dream of being) deserves the best. So yes she will struggle because Jonathan deserves everything this life has to offer

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 147: The Unleashed Dragons

Alternate Titles:

  • Yuya Tells The Dragons They’re Amazing Just the Way They Are
  • Crow-sama, Shun, Asuka, and Sora: Poster Children of Interdimensional Friendship
  • 5D’s Fortune Cup Finale 2.0 minus Jack Falling Off Wheel of Fortune
  • The Arc V Staff Remembers The Bird Bro Fist
  • Jack Stares at Teenagers to Fire Up Their Souls. Or Something.
  • “How I Became Better Animated with Each Yuya Win” - an audio book by baby Reira
  • Reiji Brings Pre-JYC Nostalgia with Him
  • Yuuri: “Yuya used my Fusion Summon pose again. You’re welcome.” 
  • “Why use heelys when you got dragons?”
  • The Dragons Give Yuya a Piggy-Back Ride: the episode
  • Odd-Eyes Being Jealous of Dark Rebellion Confirmed
  • “Time to be nostalgic about the previous four series.”
  • The Real Plot of Arc V Revealed: Make Akaba Reiji Laugh

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I see Padme trying to gently broach the topic of boundaries and instead of taking it badly, Anakin goes completely in the other direction, asking her about everything before he does it and cutting off his own crusts! and reading up on being a father to the point Padme wants to scream just at the sight of a parenting book because the biggest thing Anakin lacks is a sense of proportion? (Obi Wan is the one who has a hissy fit about just trying to show Satine he cares!)

Oh dear Lord, the idea of Obi-Wan having a hissy fit about anything, let alone it being because he’s like “FOR FORCE’S SAKE SATINE JUST LET ME HELP YOU TIE YOUR SHOES I NEED TO BE NEEDED OK” is killing me. 

I too feel like Anakin’s going to overdo it, quickly: he’s so drunk on his own power when he cuts his own crusts (!!!!) that he starts trying to do stuff he has no business attempting on his own until Padme has to get him to chill out, because Anakin is going to get himself or someone else killed. (”Anakin, you are not going to deliver our baby yourself. That’s final.”)

(Also Obi-Wan comes over and all of a sudden Anakin is like “how does a can opener work again? I don’t want to hurt myself, Obi-Wan, you do it for me”. Because we all know that Anakin is ultimately going to take being spoiled wherever he can get it and Obi-Wan is the easiest mark in the universe in this regard and also Obi-Wan is maybe going to have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t get to feel needed again soon.)

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*Eleanor on her 4th pack of cigarettes that day, glass of Pinot Grigio in hand* "I'm not being a step-mum to the baby that's a result of your cheating if you don't even know he's yours. Get a pat test. And copyright this conversation it'll make a great Wattpad fic."

Its the kind of convo that Dan Fuckton could only hope to write. And i hope to be reading with my own glass of wine in the coming weeks.

  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun? Could you put that Susanoo down please?
  • Sasuke: No.
  • Sakura: What's the matter? I'm only breastfeeding and there is no-one besides us in a ten mile radius.
  • Sasuke: You're vulnerable.
  • Sakura: Excuse me? I-
  • Sasuke: Besides, I'm protecting Sarada as well. Enemy can ambush us and I'm not taking chances.
  • Sakura: It's sweet that you are so considerate darling, but I'm going to be honest with you. This purple chakra thing scares the crap out of our baby and everytime you summon it when I'm feeding her, she starts biting instead of sucking. It hurts like hell. I like my boobs, plus I know you like them too. So do them a favour. Put. That. Thing. Down.
  • Sasuke: ... (does as he's told)
  • Sakura: Thank you... Wait, what are you..?
  • Sasuke: (gently cupping Sakura's non-occupied breast and giving it a soft squeeze) I'm sorry buddy.
  • Sakura: ... omg why
“He and Harry would come around”

This is James talking about knowing Johannah and Louis long before the X-Factor. He talks about how “Him and Harry would come around” and corrects himself, then “the other boys” would come over as well. 

As much as I’d like to dwell on James confirming Larry being his guests and hanging out with him, my attention is caught up by his sweater.

Now, that doesn’t tell us much by itself, but I was interested because I remember that “blind for love”. Do you know how does it translate in french? 

L’aveugle par amour
That’s right. Do you know who wore that? 

This little one. 
Blind for love. Tiger
L’aveugle par l’amour. Bee

Same clothing line, same message. That’s Gucci. 

You know who usually wears Gucci? Harry Styles. 
Do you know someone who has a Tiger tattooed on his thigh?
And now, years later, has a Bee on his arm? Still Harry Styles.

I know maybe it’s nothing new and people already knew that, but I’m doing the math right now and I’m discovering this all by myself, so. Merry Christmas. 

Today is a good day, larrie people. ♥

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I'm a Pisces and I hate myself tbh.. I've gone through such evil traumatic things.. my friends and family have.. the world has. I see all the evil and I know it so deeply and yet I still am naive like a new born child.. I still trust foolishly and I literally haven't learned yet how to not. And then I'm just mean and hard to compensate. I'm really sad tonight sorry if this is annoying. Do Pisces ever learn? All the older ones I know are so sad... since I was a baby I've felt too weak for life

Nah…. you aren’t annoying and I can empathize with you quite well. And I think Pisceans do learn a lot from life, they endure the most pain out of all the signs, they are each of the signs combined into one, you should feel good to be a Pisces. Being ruled by Jupiter and Neptune (which is the higher octave of Venus) is such a unique combination. Pisceans are too forgiving because they are kind, they want to believe that goodness exists, they want to believe that people are wholeheartedly caring. But then the world comes crashing down on them like a ton of bricks. Not everything is a walk through the park, and I think that is the harshest lesson that Pisces will learn about life. They are highly idealistic and want essentially a perfect world, one that is free of anything harmful or unpleasant. Of course, such desires are unattainable. And that may pain Pisceans greatly, as well as their realizations that human beings can be so cruel.

The older Pisceans I know are by far some of the wisest people I’ve met. I had a Ceramics teacher last year in high school who is a Pisces, and she was the sweetest person ever. Seriously, she spoke to EVERYONE in the class and was genuinely interested in what we had to say. When the students would be working on their ceramic projects, she would sit next to them and ask them how they’ve been, and students would give her recommendations for films/music and she would grab her notebook to write it down, she was so interested, it was so real. She had a soothing presence and could never be mean even if she tried. She loved me a lot because she knew my sister from previous years and liked her too, and so she would always engage in conversation with me, and even told me that I remind her of a deer (lmao). I don’t know though, she had such fascinating things to say and she was so open-minded, almost like a hippie, she was accepting of all kinds of people. And had a care-free approach to life, while still remaining kind. She might be my favorite Pisces that I know personally. She photographed me at my graduation as well, I didn’t ask her to or anything, she did it herself. One of my favorite Pisceans, Lou Reed, singer/songwriter of The Velvet Underground, is super wise too. He’s sarcastically wise though. He is both serious and not serious at the same time. But that is where his genius stems from. I like Lou Reed’s views of the world, you should check him out if you ever have the chance. Pisceans have the ability to become compassionate individuals with an understanding of life that is refreshing and relaxing.

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so today to make a long story short my dog bit me and i had to go to the urgent care and everything and my mom wants to put him down. my dogs a english mastiff boxer mix and he's a baby and the loml!! he's very protective and barks at almost everyone but my family and i. just the thought of him being put down tugs on my heart so much. idrk if i'm asking for advice or what but more to let it out. Ill update later when something happens but hopefully he stays.

I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through this. It is important to know that dogs do not bite out of nowhere, or for no reason. You need to figure out why your dog bit you and what you can do to prevent that from happening again. Perhaps if you identify what went wrong, you can convince your mom that it won’t happen again.

Dogs have several subtle hints that they give you before they are about to bite. So while it may seem like a dog does something spontaneously, they’ve actually already given much of a warning.

Some dogs, however, can be discouraged from warning you before they are about to bite. For example, if you ever scold your dog for growling. Growling is and acceptable form of communication and should never be discouraged. Growling is a healthy way to warn someone that they are going to bite. If you punish a growl, you are taking away the dog’s warning signal.

There are plenty of other signals that you can look for, but none are as apparent as a growl. Ears back, stiff body, closed mouth, whale eyes… etc.

Transformers Fanfic Terms 101

So @novelty-spark was asking about a masterpost for those sorts of things, I thought I’d throw down the terms i’ve used in my seasoned time as a TF fic writer. Shoutout to my bae @guttermech for helping with some of these tooooo

So for those who don’t know there’s actually a ton of strange inner-fandom terms and shorthand that’s used in fanfic/general discussions, and can also be used for tags on art. 

First off there’s the different types of TF porn/fic. 

Sticky and PnP/Wireplay are the most common, less common is Sparkplay/Sparkbonding There’s also a now-unheard of fourth type called Tactile/EM fieldplay.

Sticky: Sticky is organic-based sexual organs, with organic genitals. Usually it’s a set of a penis/vagina combo, but there’s lots of different versions. One thing is for sure; it’s messy, it’s slippery, and it’s the most common type of TF porn you’ll find. 

PnP: Short for Plug-N-Play, it’s also sometimes called wireplay, is the counter to Sticky. It’s more based on the passing of electrical currents and information between two cybertronians to bring pleasure to both parties. The fact that it’s also a common phrase for electronics is a hilarious bonus for when you find that shit in public and can laugh about it. 

Sparksex/Sparkplay/Sparkbonding: This is a fairly well recognized but not always utilized form of cybertronian coupling that involves direct interaction between two or more party’s sparks. It’s usually coupled with them becoming bondmates which is a term i’ll cover below in more detail. 

Tactile/EMfieldplay: This is from the olden days, I’ve not seen any content made of this forgotten type in years and years, but now’s a good a time as any for a resurgance. EMfield stands for Electromagnetic Field, which is the sensory net that surrounds a cybertronian. Long ago [before time began…] it was very common for fics to include the fields as a form of close-contact, a field that would become meshed with others when cybertronians were near each other. This type of porn was more closely related to foreplay, though climax could easily be reached by the two [or more!] fields interacting. This one’s pretty complex to explain here, but I think I’ve got the gist of it down. 

Here’s a list of some terms, not all are inherently sexual but are useful to know for the flow of things/knowing the name of some parts of the anatomy and terms: 

Interfacing is sex. It’s just what sex is called, pretty basic. 

cable/cord/plug are the words for a robot penis, however a lot of people call them ‘spikes’ too, which is uncomfortable sounding as hell! Let’s normalize cord/cable/plug =u= I’ve also seen 

Valve is the term used for a penetrable hole, a vagina or butthole or whateverthefuck, it’s also sometimes called a port. 

Anterior/Outernode is a term used for a clitoris, and 

Calipers are the internal structure of a valve/port, similar to the muscle structure inside organic holes to clench/cause a milking action. 

Overload is what an orgasm is called. 

Transfluid is cybertronian ejaculate/jizz. Most artistic renderings have it be glowing like Energon but it can be just about anything you want, I used to write it as silver or different colors, they’re robots, go wild. Glowy jizz or metallic jizz or black inky jizz or just white jizz, who cares! It’s jizz! Have fun! 

CNA  is sometimes used as a version of DNA, often used for when baby Cybertronians are talked about being made through sexual reproduction. On that note- 

Sparklings, are baby cybertronians. Sometimes they’re also called protoforms but more often than not Sparklings is the most accurate way to get it. Protoforms are also a canon material so I don’t know if anyone uses it anymore. I'm not going over different methods of sexual and asexual cybertronian reproduction because that honestly deserves a post all it’s own. 

Glossa is what tongues are called, while 

Coolant is often used as their version of saliva 

servo is used interchangeably for any moving part w/ a joint- legs, arms, fingers, etc [for fingers i would suggest 'digits’ too ] 

Vents are used to describe air flow and to emulate panting/heavy breathing, often used for when a cybertronian starts to get heated and their vents will turn on, expelling hot air. 

Pedes are words used instead of 'feet’

Chevron is the shape that’s on many Cybertronian’s heads, [examples: prowl, ratchet] 

Headfins are another helmet shape, often described as sensitive or an erogenous zone. [examples: sunstreaker, fort max]

Kibble is the name of anything that is not a vital part of the cybertronian’s anatomy but is needed in order to form their alt mode. Examples include tires, headlights, car doors on arms/back. 

Door-wings are pretty self-explanatory, but they are a specific anatomy belonging to the likes of Prowl, Jazz, TFP/Bayverse/RID2015 Bumblebee; they are the doors for their car mode that are perched between the shoulders like wings. 

Audials are used instead of 'ears’, while 

Finials describe a more protruding shape of 'ears’, such as those on Shockwave, Drift, and Wing. 

And as a special added note, here are some Cybertronian curse words often used in fics:

Dross [Damn]

Frag [fuck] fragger, fragging, etc

Scrap [shit]

Slag[aggressive derogatory term, means to call someone scum or garbage]

Feel free to add things! I hope this helps! 8U