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Companion piece to this! This time it’s the beta kids :’D Like Jake, I think Jade would be the one to be able to pick all her friends up with ease! (This was also me putting down similarities and contrasts I’ve already spotted between the Alpha and Beta children~)


- old style and song, inspired by so many people… thought i’d try my hand at it

Hey, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Pretty much all of the past year, actually, and I’m finally ready to talk about it. The “bi” label just hasn’t really felt right for me lately, and it’s something that I’ve been wondering about and struggling with, but which I think I’m ready to accept isn’t working for me anymore. I talked to some friends and I really talked to myself, and I’m pretty sure - more than pretty sure, but I hate being 100% on anything - that I’m a lesbian.

I know that probably doesn’t really sit well with some people. I’m hurting the bi community, or hurting the lesbian community, because I’m just trying things on to see what works, or I don’t act like the paradigm of this or that, blah blah blah. And guess what? Yeah, I don’t really know what works for me, and I’m still probably not gonna act like whatever gold-star lesbian I’m supposed to now. I’m gonna be messy and confused and flip-flop and talk about guys and probably sleep with them too, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of things, I’m still struggling with compulsory heterosexuality and - and I’ve thought long and hard about this, trust me - it’s really only a woman that I want, when it comes down to it, when I really think about it. Maybe that will change, who knows. Then I can change too. That’s the great thing about labels - you make them, they don’t make you. They’re only bad if you let them box you in too much, dictate who you become, and that’s the battle I’m fighting all of the time. Can I still be lesbian if I sleep with guys, if I want male celebrities that I can idealize but don’t have to have, if I’m confused about my feelings for men? Yes, I can. And I am. I’ve felt for a long time that I was stuck somewhere in between the boxes of “bi” and “lesbian,” and the only difference now is which way I lean - because I feel more comfortable here, and when I think hard about my future and who I want in it, it’s not a man no matter how much I don’t always feel that way in every moment, all the time, with everyone. I’m allowed to be conflicted. I’m allowed to not always be 100%. Society did that, not me.

Anyway, yeah. This doesn’t really change anything about past me, tbh, I was still bisexual for twenty or so years and I don’t intend to deny that. Sexuality being fluid means that I was just as valid then as I am now, and just as valid now as I will be in the future if I change my mind again. But for now? Yeah, I’m definitely a lesbian.

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in response to that preview on twitter: WOW. you're having an art block, probably caused by fear of failure/judgement etc, and at the same you churn out THIS, which even as a sketch is A+. how about you own up to your skill and/or the willingness to improve?

oh, you mean this one for The Human Game?? OH GOODNESS ANON, THANK YOU…and you are totally 1000% right, there! 

Honestly, just sitting back and looking over at this, there really is a kind of mental block on my original stuff! Fanworks I can sketch out any old day because there isn’t as much pressure to really perform (since I know people will like it regardless, and it’s fun, quick, and not so very challenging to do). But for original stuff, especially for The Human Game, which I’ve been waffling over months because of dumb, stupid reasons, it definitely SHOULDN’T be different! I’m a good artist who is striving to improve (my art has come SUCH a long way since a few years ago, and I can draw things quickly and easily which took me ages to do before), and I shouldn’t be so concerned over whether it’ll be perfect or not.

All in all, at the end of the day I am my worst critic, and I should tell myself that it doesn’t matter if I get things exactly right.

Me, first learning MBTI: I’m an INTP… huh. Okay. And my dominant function is introverted thinking. Wow, that sounds really serious and cool, like an old, contemplative sage, or something.

Me, now: INTPs are such lame fucking nerds why the hell did I ever get into this shit.

Bulma needs to buy lottery tickets??

Translation: The Monkey Princeling/Lollidrella
Art: Kuri


Barry’s first priority after waking up is Iris, and Cisco’s is Caitlin
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Some lyrics from Overnight (2013)

Remember this post going around about drawing your OCs in dorky 70s attire? Well, since I don’t have any cool OCs, and also because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I drew Geralt instead.

Serious. Artist.